How to find Chinese tablet firmware

As most of the tablet making companies are not manufacturing the motherboard of their own. They buy it from the china market which makes it cost effective and they come with their own logo. The different brand tablet with same motherboard has same firmware.


The basic problem which arise in front of china tablet user is of dead or hang.. If the problem is of dead then the solution for it is flash and if the problem is of hang then you should reset or flash it. Flashing is actually the android installation process. But for the Chinese tablet firmware is not easily available.

So to find the firmware  here we came with a solution-

1. Firstly take your tablet, open the back cover attached with your tablet .

2. After opening of your tablet cover, check for the motherboard id.

Tablet PC board id

3. After getting the motherboard id , check for the tablet firmware with board id on Google or you can also post the details at  our forum.  We will provide you the firmware and the tools required for installation.

After getting the firmware or flash file you can flash it .Here are some tools which will be used to install Android.

1.  Pheonix card software .
2-  Livesuit software .
3-  Rock chip tool .

For any other queries you can comment below :-

Allwinner A13 Firmware Download

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  • Ken French

    I need proscan firmware could you help me…The board is MID 1005 Main Ver 1.3

  • lorenzo I need help, I can not find any software to rekindle my tablet.

    Brand: TECLAST 98 new version (M1E9)
    Plate is: KT960A12_35_168_V1.0
    Memory: 2Gb RAM 32Gb ROM
    MT6753 processor
    Current Android V6.0.1 98_M1E9-Android6.0-V1.04-CDE2
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Sariak Hosseme

    firmware de cette tablette
    Model Number: YUNTAB
    Processor Type: QuadCore-A33
    Android-Version: 4.4.2
    Firmware Version: v2.0
    Kernel Version: eng06@phtaa-To-be-filled-by-O-E-M #3 Tue Dec 16 10:54:06 CST 2014
    Build Number: yuntab_V101_4.4.2_20150407

  • Sariak Hosseme

    Model Number: YUNTAB
    Processor Type: QuadCore-A33
    Android-Version: 4.4.2
    Firmware Version: v2.0
    Kernel Version: eng06@phtaa-To-be-filled-by-O-E-M #3 Tue Dec 16 10:54:06 CST 2014
    Build Number: yuntab_V101_4.4.2_20150407

  • Sariak Hosseme
  • Sariak Hosseme

    firmware svp tab marque yuntab v101h

  • ALI


  • N Raja Sekar


    My tablet Brand: generic
    Processor: mt6753
    RAM: 4 GB
    Storage: 64 GB
    Screen: 10.1″
    Resolution: 1920*1200
    GPU: Mali T720
    Board Id: KT960A12_35_168_V1.0

    Kindly find me a compatible firmware. Thanks

  • Bso Bishow

    i need firmware of call’touch tablet,cpu mtk6572a and i hv pics of when i try to hard reset.need help

  • Thisura Yapa

    Need a rom asap for Archos xenon colour

  • Hamza Aberda

    flash for tablete id:K7206C_MB_PCB_V1.0

  • rajaoui96

    flash for tablete id:K7206C_MB_PCB_V1.0

  • Chond

    looking for a malware free version of astar_y3-eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20160623 test keys

  • Praveen

    Hello Sir I have ICE Ultima 4G XT202 with MT8735v processor it has got bricked up and I am not getting its stock ROM sir please help…

  • Angel Padilla

    I am trying to find the flash rom for kitkat 4.4.2, corresponding to a motherboard of ALCATEL ONETOUCH, PIXI 3 (7″) wifi, model 8055. KR076AJ V4.1.0 B4.0.0.
    Other codes on the board, surrounding that number….such as COM1509034-1B and F2150929 VKEZ38. Not sure which of these I should be looking up the flash rom for.

  • At least, please give a download link for AllWinnerA31s img…

  • Hi, We need help. We have eSTAR MID 7818 mini and it is stuck on bootloop (it restarts all the time). Please help!!! We need an img file for:
    eSTAR Tablet PC mini, Android 4.1.1.
    CPU: AllWinnerA31s Quad core 1.2GHz Cortex A7
    GPU: PowerVR SGX544MP2 8core 1GB Ram DDR3
    ( Motherboard id: M784Q6_v1.2_13030600 )

  • Charan Raj

    Sir I need MV706ZD V2 H Firmware for swipe slash tab

  • sariak abdelhafid
  • ravi ravi tablet

    is a firmware available for wishtel ira tablet, the motherboard pic is attached. thanks in advance for your help

  • juha kallioharju

    Help please. Need firmware for a tablet with cortex a9 and board id is :Htc-c069_v1.0

  • Dear,

    Please help me with Shinco MID-7089D Dual Core 8GB Tablet Firmware and Flash Utilities. My mail is rainbow.sp.khl(at)gmail. Pleae please please

  • ayman nabieh

    I need help for getting firmware for my tablet
    model : mipad s7
    cpu : Samsung KLMAG2GE4A-A001
    motherboard : mv706zd v2 h
    7″ – 16 Gb Rom – 4.2.2

  • Junior335
  • mouad

    Hello dear GURU

    i have a big situation here

    iv lost my android on my tablet : smart tab 3 korean made

    i dont know how i can get the firmware

    i have the FCCID : A3LGTP 1000

    and i have the mother board id : A22-D_V3.1

    android was 4.2.2 jelly bean

    please help me

  • Tablet Problem


    I have a problem with my tablet android update or firmware I cannot find the resource for that kind of problem can you help me?

    The tablet model is ST E7218Q
    Many thanks
    With respect

  • Tablet Problem


    I have a problem with my tablet android update or firmware I cannot find the resource for that kind of problem can you help me?

    The tablet model is ST E7218Q
    Many thanks
    With respect

  • Srdjan Markovic

    hello i need firmware for estar grand hd quad core mid1128r can you help me please.

  • Matoo69

    hi i need help i have
    My Tab
    Cpu: ATM7021A

    • issue with the tablet???

      • Matoo69

        Apps crashinf all the time and after restore in settings still.


  • Athol

    i need firmware for mt8321 processor board id e234156 SL-M RU 94V-0

  • Srdjan Markovic

    Hello can enyone help me for firmware for tablet e star grand hd quad core
    CPU a33
    SDK : MB1019Q5-A33-V1 2 2015-04-24

  • manoj shah

    any one help me k0706b-2.v i tap urgent needed

  • ahmad

    tablet Processor: _______A13___________

    Board ID: _____ Q8-V2.7.1 TEST KEY 12/11/27__________

    Brand Name: __ALL WINNER__DB059CA_____

  • Noor Alam

    fujezone x2+ firmware provide please
    MTK 8312 DUAL 1.2GHz CORTEX -A9

  • Beal

    I need help for
    eSTAR BEAUTY Dual Core
    SDK: MID-A13-Android4.2-V1.0-20130121
    CPU: Rockchip3026, ARM Cortex-A9 dual core

    Please, I need firmware and procedures for reinstallation without PC

    Thanks for your help

  • samerc44

    AYUDA POR FAVOR, Tengo una PRONTOTEC AXIUS 8 INCH TABLETPC , y no consigo software ni rom ni firmware ni nada para poder recuperarla, le instale un firmware y no le sirvio y ahora no puedo volverla a poner como estaba, y no es mia, solo se que tiene un procesador A31s . por favor necesito aunque sea el firmware que traia de fabrica……

  • saiful

    hi friend. please help me find this chines tablet id : a10 sl-m ru 94v-0 . my tab brand name is ninetology

  • Eder Padron

    please i need roms for mid 1005 of 10.1″ AML8726

    • Share board id of the tablet

      • Eder Padron

        The id Of The tabletas is mid 1005-k-main ver 1.5, The box Of The tablet said model dmid 1011, processor ARM cortex A-9

  • Joana Blu

    Hey, I need a firmware for my tablet Xtron XT9001
    Board Id : md8001-zc01-01
    Can you help me please?

  • dj_abs

    I’ve asked you for help with my tablet many times now and you never helped me out ….. WHY? you have all my info

  • dj_abs

    I’ve asked you for help with my tablet many times now and you never helped me out ….. WHY?

  • Sean-Anthony

    Need help finding firmware for Al-A13Q8 china tab.
    model 2330c
    Can anyone please help me?

  • super man

    Q709A MB V1.2 2014-10-09 Chinese tab firmware please link

  • super man

    Q709A MB V1.2 2014-10-09 Chinese tab firmware need link

  • Akash Prasad

    1. Tablet name : IKON 7TH ANDROID TABLET
    2. Company : IKON
    3. CPU model ( optional): A13
    4. Other info : IK – A800 NO SIM ,DUAL CAM
    5. Tablet Pic (optional):

  • Henovec

    Pleaseeeeeeee!! Someone can help me with this firmware (.img):

    Version: gld_astar_y3-eng 4.4.2 kvt49l 20150402
    Processor: Allwinner A33
    MotherBoard ID: TEAN E120339 94V-OML1

  • jobayed

    pls give me a firmware to flash my tab…..
    BOARD ID :V76-V1.6
    CPU : A33

    it will b very helpful for me ,…thanks

  • Tarik Boumajane

    flash .img for tablete id:K7206C_MB_PCB_V1.0

  • arxio

    anyone care to help?
    Board ID: TW_j0920_4bit_v11_20140702
    GPU: ATM7021A
    i need firmware and tut how to flash it. thanks in advance

  • STAN

    Hi. How exactly do I remove the back cover of my Ellipsis 10 tablet? It has no screws.Please help cause I don’t want to break it.Thanks

  • Tarik Boumajane

    flash .img for tablete id:K7206C_MB_PCB_V1.0

  • Tracy

    Please can you help me i have the following Tablet and need firmware or ROM
    Its a 8″ Samsung S5PV210 BENA Model


    System Information

    ZOWEE M1092R-2

    Operating System Android 4.4.2

    Model ZOWEE M1092R-2

    Processor ARM RK30board @ 1.42 GHz

    1 processor, 4 cores

    Processor ID ARM implementer 65 architecture 7 variant 3 part 3081 revision 0

    Motherboard rk30sdk

    Memory 1844 MB

  • Terry Guy

    I have a Dragon Touch Model R7 that I need to re-flash. Please help me find the right firmware. I could not find any label on the processor but the board has RK701_V3 with 2013-6-4 below that.
    I have attached a photo of the open tablet. Thanx in advance for any help that you can provide.

    • Terry Guy

      I just noticed that the photo was not with the original post. I’ve tried to post it with this post.

      • Terry Guy

        Does anyone still monitor this forum??

        • Terry Guy

          I’m praying that no one has answered because I had incomplete information for my processor. I’ve found my invoice and it has a Rockchip RK3066 Duel Core Cortex A9 CPU.

  • habibchamp

    Dear tab guru, I have dany genius s5 tablet

    Rockchip 3026

    Motherboard ID : MID7856-Main-Ver 1.3

    Tablet Specifications: Dual Core 1.2GHz, 7.8″, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, Dual Camera, 4.2.2 android version,

    Tablet restarts again & again, tried hard reset, factory resest, wiping etc. but I think problem is in the rom so needed firmware.
    Thanx in advance and waiting for your reply


  • Fatjon

    inet-86ce-rev01 firmware pls

  • Ih Mus

    Hi Guru. I need help. Qpad plate stuck on the screen. Model when connected to a laptop showing T98 processor MKT8382. Android OS 8.1 + windows8.1. The screen is 9.7 inches. 3G Phone. Two SIM. He wrote the seller, but he closed his shop. Number on the card S800-mb-v2.1 Need firmware please.

    • Try to hard reset device using keys

      • Ih Mus

        Guru thanks for the reply. It is obvious. I Tried. I pressed on the button in different ways. I turn off the battery. Nothing happens.

  • Ih Mus

    планшет застрял на экране Qpad. Модель при подключении к ноутбуку показывал Т98, процессор МКТ8382. ОС андроид+виндовз 8.1. Экран 9.7 дюйма. Телефон 3G. Две SIM. Писал продавцу, но он закрыл свой магазин.

  • deepak rana

    Pheonix card software .

    2- Livesuit software .

    3- Rock chip tool . sir does it require box or it is foftware based only

  • gurpreet gill

    Plz give me firmware for
    F-M E351308. RU 94v-0

  • muhammedck

    I have an ismart tab can i get its firmware
    Model i76g8
    Board chip Mediatek arm mt8312v

  • Nick Korderas

    Model: VERO A9724
    Rockchip RK3066
    E234156 SL-M 94V-0
    please i need firmware for this tablet! thank you very much!

  • Dilan Sheran

    A13D1019CA 31M1

  • james

    Hardware : MT6589 (MT8389 is Fake!)
    Model : TB1 10.1
    Build number : HT6S.JS.MUL.B18.JB2.WXGA.0709.V3.02
    Build date UTC : 20140709-082633
    Android v : 4.2.2
    Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V13, 2014/01/07 14:14
    Kernel v : 3.4.5 (sh021tydsw8@sh021tydsw8-desktop) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Wed Jul 9 16:23:52 CST 2014
    Uboot build v : —–
    LCD Driver IC : 1-bp101wx1_n

    System (Android 4.2.2)

    Model : TB1 10.1
    Manufacturer : android
    Device : HT6
    Product : ht6_js_mul
    Brand : Android
    Android Version : 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    API Level : 17
    Build ID : JDQ39
    Fingerprint: Android/ht6_js_mul/ht6_js_mul:4.2.2/JDQ39/1404894260:user/test-keys

    Display (1280×800)

    Size 1280×800
    Refresh Rate 54.84 Hz
    Default Orientation Landscape
    Physical Size 9.43″ (23.96 cm)
    Logical Size Extra Large
    Density 160 dpi (Medium)
    Pixels Per Inch X: 160; Y: 160

    Processor (ARMv7)

    Processor ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
    Cores 4
    Max Frequency 1209 Mhz
    Instruction Sets armeabi-v7a, armeabi
    SIMD Instructions NEON

    OpenGL 1.1 (PowerVR SGX 544MP)


    Renderer PowerVR SGX 544MP
    Version OpenGL ES-CM 1.1
    Vendor Imagination Technologies

    OpenGL 2.0 (PowerVR SGX 544MP)


    Renderer PowerVR SGX 544MP
    Version OpenGL ES 2.0 build 1.9@2564405
    Vendor Imagination Technologies
    GLSL Version OpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.00 build 1.9@2564405

  • james

    System (Android 4.2.2)ModelTB1 10.1ManufacturerandroidDeviceHT6Productht6_js_mulBrandAndroidAndroid Version4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)API Level17Build IDJDQ39FingerprintAndroid/ht6_js_mul/ht6_js_mul:4.2.2/JDQ39/1404894260:user/test-keys

    Processor (ARMv7)ProcessorARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)Cores4Max Frequency1209 MhzInstruction Setsarmeabi-v7a, armeabiSIMD InstructionsNEON

    Memory (970 MB)System RAM970 MBJVM Max Memory96 MBInternal Storage3026 MBExternal Storage

    OpenGL 1.1 (PowerVR SGX 544MP)
    GeneralRendererPowerVR SGX 544MPVersionOpenGL ES-CM 1.1VendorImagination Technologies

    LimitsTexture Size4096x4096Texture Units4Viewport Size4096x4096Modelview Stack Depth16Projection Stack Depth2Texture Stack Depth4Lights8

    OpenGL 2.0 (PowerVR SGX 544MP)
    GeneralRendererPowerVR SGX 544MPVersionOpenGL ES 2.0 build 1.9@2564405VendorImagination TechnologiesGLSL VersionOpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.00 build 1.9@2564405

    LimitsTexture Size4096x4096Texture Units8Vertex Textures8Combined Textures8Viewport Size4096x4096Renderbuffer Size4096x4096Cubemap Size4096x4096Vertex Attributes16Vertex Uniforms128Varying Vectors8Fragment Uniforms64

  • Dilan Sheran

    dicra tab719

    A13D1019CA 31M1

  • Ayub Shrestha

    Motherboard Id: TW-j0920-4bit-v11-20140702
    Processor: ATM7021A

  • rayeez rayeez

    tw j0920-4bit-v11-20140702 plz send fimware link softwre tool

  • rayeez rayeez

    my tablet call touch model no c901 complaint androied logo only how to fimware update or softwre tool send link

  • rajat

    need firmware for a23 board f823 ram 512 rom 4gb

  • nate kimani

    Please help me find the firmware
    Tablet Processor: A20
    Board ID: INET-K100-REV02 Zeng-gc 2013-05-14
    Brand Name:Jay-Tech Tablet PC-PA1010DA

  • verocb

    Hi, thanks for all info, but still can’t find the firmware for mine, maybe you can help me..
    Processor: RK3128
    Kernel: 3.10.0
    Model: 701
    Id: R70-v2.0 20150121
    tactil: rt5037 gqw ijg2t
    Thank you very much! Vero

  • Atif

    I need firmware for
    Rockchip RK2926
    SATC (brand)
    SerialNo. 1234567890ABCDEF

    I have tried many but getting resolution issue, plz help me

    • Atif

      Useless forum…no response

  • pamuj saharma

    sir my tablets motherboard id is inet 86v-rev02 zeng-gc can you plzz find the firmeware thankss

  • Ajay

    Brand name : Tescom
    Model :Turbo
    CPU : Allwinner A23 with cortex A7 Processor
    Processor : 1.2 Ghz Dual Core
    Ram : DDR3 512MB
    MotherBoard : ET-86V2G-A23-V1.5
    Version of Android: 4.2.2 kitkat
    Build Number: Polaris….
    Can You Provide Firmware for this tablet …

  • Bilal Ali

    is there any one who can help me, i need to upgrade my shinco tablet firmware to 2.2.1

    model :vx780a
    around 2gb rom
    processor : rockchip RK2818 A739247
    MOTHERBOARD ID : N707Y2 V1.4

    The Tablet was made around 2011 august

  • Joan Robles

    is there anyone who can help me? china tablet stuck on boot loop..

    Model : CKK Axis Q17
    Android 4.4.2 KitKat

    7″ WVGA LCD display

    Dual Core 1.2GHz

    4GB ROM, 512MB RAM (micro SD up to 64GB)


    • Please mention the processor of your tablet

      • Joan Robles

        Hi ankur Pratap..

        Stated on the tablet’s box is Dual core,1.5GHz Processor. Is there any other way to know the tablet’s processor without opening the back cover of the tablet?

        • When you open the backcover of your tablet, CPU has its Brand name- Like- Allwinner, Rockchip etc

          • Dilan Sheran


            A13D1019CA 31M1

  • Vanja Pancevski

    Please for FW. Cpu. A7021a mother board TW-J0910-v43-20140314

  • Srinivas Kanna

    CPU: Allwinner A31S, Quad Core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv4, NEON)
    GPU: PowerVR SGX 544MP
    MotherBoard: INGENIC-CROSS Q8S-v1.0 2013-04-22
    Version of Android: 4.2.2
    Build Number: fiber_q8s-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20130723 test-keys

    i need the firmware and when i flashed the wrong rom a white screen is coming up on the screen i need help fixing it

    • Joaquin Meza

      hi, i need firmware of

      Double Power 9″ DOPO
      D9018 1.5GHz 8GB WiFi HDMI Android Tablet- Black

      1.5GHz Dual-Core Cortex A9

      1GB DDR3 of system memory

      or another system for that tablet

      • share model no like M975 or M7088
        to clarify the model no

  • andres

    i need firmware of tablet multitech ta-m92xbt allwinner a20 cortex a1 dual core please… thanks

  • smart

    i need firmware of so qpad q528 mother board ATM7021A_86V_V1.2_20131112, thanx

  • Sudesh

    Motherboard id is HM e237212 Can you plzzzzz provide frmware for this. . . . . .

  • shanmugam

    GX 330

  • nishad

    Which site for downloading firmware plz give me answer

    • There is no specific site which has all the tablet firmware. You have to search online. If you can post the details on the forum, we will find the firmware and provide you the link.

      • Patty Cebu

        Here’s what i got from the tab.

        MID A13 Android 4.2 V1.0- 20130121

        Hope you can help. Need the firmware pls.. thanks a lot

  • Mudasser Mahmood

    tablet guru i dont have any code written on my touchmate tm-mid788 tab mother board what should i do

  • HaPpy Rofaida

    Helloo i would like to ask u how i could connect my chinese android tab to the internet via my nokia asha 302 phone?