How to find Chinese tablet firmware

As most of the tablet making companies are not manufacturing the motherboard of their own. They buy it from the china market which makes it cost effective and they come with their own logo. The different brand tablet with same motherboard has same firmware.


The basic problem which arise in front of china tablet user is of dead or hang.. If the problem is of dead then the solution for it is flash and if the problem is of hang then you should reset or flash it. Flashing is actually the android installation process. But for the Chinese tablet firmware is not easily available.

So to find the firmware  here we came with a solution-

1. Firstly take your tablet, open the back cover attached with your tablet .

2. After opening of your tablet cover, check for the motherboard id.

Tablet PC board id

3. After getting the motherboard id , check for the tablet firmware with board id on Google or you can also post the details at  our forum.  We will provide you the firmware and the tools required for installation.

After getting the firmware or flash file you can flash it .Here are some tools which will be used to install Android.

1.  Pheonix card software .
2-  Livesuit software .
3-  Rock chip tool .

For any other queries you can comment below :-

Allwinner A13 Firmware Download

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