Connect MTS Mblaze dongle to Android Tablet

Connect MTS Mblaze dongle to Android Tablet

This is how you can get your MTS dongle work on your Android Tablet PC. The setting for MTS Mblaze dongle has to setup manually unlike other dongle where settings are automatically configured. So all you got to do is manually set all the credentials, the same way as it’s shown in this post below.

APN : #777
Dial Number : #777
APN Type : Leave it BLANK
Name : MTS internet
MCC: 405 (Please NOTE: MCC code will change to 404 only in case of MTS Rajasthan)
MNC: ( DEPENDS ON LOCATION, For more info on this, see the list shared below).
Proxy : Leave it BLANK
Port : Leave it BLANK
Server : Leave it BLANK
MMSC: Leave it BLANK
MMS proxy: Leave it BLANK
MMS port: Leave it BLANK
Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
Bearer: Unspecified

MCC MNC Location
404 0  (Rajasthan)
405 887  (Andhra Pradesh)
405 888  (Assam)
405 889  (Bihar)
405 890  (Delhi)
405 891  (Gujarat)
405 892 (Haryana)
405 893  (Himachal Pradesh)
405 894  (Jammu & Kashmir)
405 895  (Karnataka)
405 896  (Kerala)
405 897  (Kolkata)
405 898  (Madhya Pradesh)
405 899  (Maharashtra)
405 900  (Mumbai)
405 901  (North East)
405 902  (Orissa)
405 903  (Punjab)
405 904  (Tamilnadu)
405 905  (Uttar Pradesh (East)
405 906  (Uttar Pradesh (West)
405 907  (West Bengal)

See the MTS dongle working with an Android Tablet

DISCLAIMER : This method and settings have worked perfect for us, on our devices. But still, we don’t completely guarantee  that it will work the same way on your devices. But still there is fair amount of possibility for everything falling in place. And so, you can give it a try with no hesitation.

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