Connect MTS Mblaze dongle to Android Tablet

This is how you can get your MTS dongle work on your Android Tablet PC. The setting for MTS Mblaze dongle has to setup manually unlike other dongle where settings are automatically configured. So all you got to do is manually set all the credentials, the same way as it’s shown in this post below.


APN : #777
Dial Number : #777
APN Type : Leave it BLANK
Name : MTS internet
MCC: 405 (Please NOTE: MCC code will change to 404 only in case of MTS Rajasthan)
MNC: ( DEPENDS ON LOCATION, For more info on this, see the list shared below).
Proxy : Leave it BLANK
Port : Leave it BLANK
Server : Leave it BLANK
MMSC: Leave it BLANK
MMS proxy: Leave it BLANK
MMS port: Leave it BLANK
Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
Bearer: Unspecified

MCC MNC Location
404 0  (Rajasthan)
405 887  (Andhra Pradesh)
405 888  (Assam)
405 889  (Bihar)
405 890  (Delhi)
405 891  (Gujarat)
405 892 (Haryana)
405 893  (Himachal Pradesh)
405 894  (Jammu & Kashmir)
405 895  (Karnataka)
405 896  (Kerala)
405 897  (Kolkata)
405 898  (Madhya Pradesh)
405 899  (Maharashtra)
405 900  (Mumbai)
405 901  (North East)
405 902  (Orissa)
405 903  (Punjab)
405 904  (Tamilnadu)
405 905  (Uttar Pradesh (East)
405 906  (Uttar Pradesh (West)
405 907  (West Bengal)

See the MTS dongle working with an Android Tablet

DISCLAIMER : This method and settings have worked perfect for us, on our devices. But still, we don’t completely guarantee  that it will work the same way on your devices. But still there is fair amount of possibility for everything falling in place. And so, you can give it a try with no hesitation.

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  • Rash Rj

    what is mnc of jodhpur

  • Moumita Ganguly

    i have bought iball Q40i tablet but cannot connect to mblaze ultra z3633

  • A.K.L.S.

    How to connect mts dongle with micromax canvas p690 tab?

    • Just manually enter the APN it will get connected

    • sri

      Whether MTS mblaze is connect
      in micromax canvas p480 tablet

  • Disha

    Information on
    DIGIFLIP PRO TABLET (w/o sim) [thought someone might need]

    – cheapest tablet for study purpose only
    -internet is through
    —- WI-FI : working 🙂
    —- 3G via dongle!!! [requires OTG]

    PENDRIVE works!!! [though manual says WON’T]

    the modem detection works only after system gets upgraded to KITKAT (v 4.4.2)

    tried to connect mts mblaze zte modem (CDMA)… however modem failed to connect even after providing the above stated settings (APN, USERNAME, PASSWORD)

    checked with vodafone HSDPA usbstick as well… no success so far!

    haven’t checked with WCDMA modem (guess it will get connected automatically, being PLUG N PLAY)

    any help regarding this would be appreciated as many of us have old CDMA modems in working condition, so no point of buying wcdma one just for the tablet use.

  • Anirud

    To, Tablet Guru,
    I am having a Lenovo A7-50 Tab, with Voda Fon 3G (sim card) connection. problem is I can’t make any Video chating/calling & also its not help to dwonload the any 3rd party software. while contact with customer care to voda fon they reply may possible Vodafon3G will not support Lenovo tab …!
    shail I go for MTS wifi 3g Dangal connection? please suggest……

    • Anshu

      Try ppp app (playstore)
      Because I have already used

  • pushpa hariharan

    I have samsung galaxy 10.1 2014 wifi only model. How to connect 3g dongle?

  • Gaurav


    I have purchased I ball 3g q1035 tablet but its not getting connected to MTS mblaze ultra. It reads the data card however, does not open any web page.

    Please suggest what to do.

    Gaurav Mathur

    • Does the mobile tower symbol become blue.

      • Gaurav

        Yes, it remains stable blue, however the other green symbol mostly blinks but at times it becomes stable.
        Moreover, i have been able to connect via laptop but not through wifi

  • Anees

    i have mts dongle and ubislate 7cz i wanna connect dongle to my tab but i failed i tried many time but it will not taking it. it is not saving the setting. overall nothing is happening please help.. i waiting for your response

  • sathu

    how to connect mts ultra mblaze in micromax funbook alpha p250

  • aman

    how do we save the access point there is no save option anywhere

  • Pallab Bhattacharya

    Dude Melbin, did you get any resolution for your issue? Even I am using a Asus Fonepad 7, ME175CG dual sim, and trying to connect a 3G dongle from service provider TATA Photon plus. But my Access point names menu is disables, so cannot go further

    • Data card are not supported on Asus tablet. Even Google Nexus tab which is made by Asus does not support dongle.

    • Disha

      Happened the same for my DIGIFLIP (W/O SIM) tablet. However when system upgraded to KITKAT, the modem settings option got DETECTED at least. Although after providing the APN,username,password correctly, the modem failed to connect. probably for being CDMA modem… haven’t checked with wireless cdma though [I think WCDMA does not even require manual setting of modem parameters ]

  • Pallab Bhattacharya

    This tutorial is very helpful thanks. I am using a tata photon + dongle. But unfortunately I couldn’t connect internet with it on my Asus Fonepad 7, dual sim ME175CG equipped with voice calling and 3G. I used a OTG cable for the connection. The light on the dongle does blink same as when connected to PC, but the access point names menu is appearing hidden (disabled) so I can’t go any further for putting in the APN parameters. I don’t wanna use any SIM with this tab since the dongle is just lying with me. Please help me !!!

  • ripun

    same here I am trying to connect my MTS MBlaze. The APN settings are not saving even i waited for two hours but no response pl…………… help me

    • Mehul Bhatt

      same issue… 🙁

  • anubhau awasthi

    I am trying to connect my MTS MBlaze. The APN settings are not saving
    once i enter the details you mentioned in page. After completing the
    textboxes and clicking on APN doesnot saving the values. APN list is
    still empty.

    How can i connect MTS MBlaze to UbiSlate? Help me out…..

    • After entering the APN leave the tab idle for 5-10 min and then press the back button. Save option might appear. This is hit and trial method.

  • anubhau awasthi

    my ubislate 7cz is not showing any save button.

  • Sanchita Guha

    I just tried this on my HCL tablet and it worked. Saved me a trip to the service centre. Thanks very much for posting the APN details. Though I think the tablet takes 89 as the default MNC, not 890 as indicated.

  • Chinnu

    I am not able to set new APN in my HCl me connect 2g tablet as this product is not showing any save option or button after the setting are typed. So please respond how to resolve this.

    • Tablet Guru

      If the save button is not showing. Enter the APN and leave the screen idle for 4-5 minutes. APN will get saved automatically..:)

  • Anand.v

    I have purchase samsung tab 3 but in that mts dougle is not working

    • Ashish Karn

      Unfortunately Samsung wifi only tablets do not have the capability of connecting to a mobile data network via a 3G dongle. You can connect using a hotspot though so you may want to go that route.

  • Melbin jose

    How can I connect mblaze to my Asus fonepad 7..?

  • Manmohan

    How can I access internet from Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet using MTS dongle..? I’ve already connected it using OTG cable.. But its not working. Can you give the proper advice..?

  • Alok Bishnoi

    my android tablet doee not have the dial no. Data field…….unable to connect to the internet…any suggestions?


    am using akash 7c+ tablet , but i cant connet the mts mblaze in there, then i read the mannual setting , but i cant save it .i select new apn and save i cant save it in my tab, if any one know how to sort the issue kindly update me….

  • Deepak kumar

    how i connect mts mblaze to nexus 7 2013 model

    • Tablet Guru

      Nexus 7 2013 model does not support any dongle. Nexus 7 2012 model do support dongle but only after it is rooted.

      • vinoth

        how to root.. i downloaded ppp widget and i have a OTG cable .. The modem is MTS .. please tell the procedure… it is not working nexus 2012 32 gb model. android 4.2.1

  • Avnish

    I am using Simmtronics XPAD Simm-x1010. I entered all the details as described on this page, but cannot save the settings. Wherever ‘OK’ was mentioned, I saved the settings, but once I go back to previous screen, all the setting I inserted got disappeared. Please help.

  • Niranjan Joshi

    I am trying to connect mts data card dongle to my Samsung galaxy note N5100, I have entered the settings, yet the APN Does not get saved

    • Kuldeep

      Niranjan ji,
      If u find the answer to this question please share the same with me.
      The only difference is the model. Mine is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

  • PC

    Do you have the settings for HCL Y2 TAB. These settings work for other models I am using a Dongle EC1561 from MTS .

  • dinz

    Hi am using Ice xtreme … i can’t able to save the APN after creating it for mblaze,, please resolve my issue

  • Arun

    The settings that give in the site worked perfectly , I have configured as given in the site and able to use internet from MTS dongle in my LAVA ETAB VELO model.
    If did not get configured first time reset the APN and configure again it will work for sure.
    Thank you for the support.
    Great Job.

  • Madhavan

    I am using UbiSlate 7c+, android 4.0.4, baseband version 1.5

    I am trying to connect my MTS MBlaze. The APN settings are not saving once i enter the details you mentioned in page. After completing the textboxes and clicking on APN doesnot saving the values. APN list is still empty.

    How can i connect MTS MBlaze to UbiSlate? Help me out…..

    • sandeep karki

      having same issues.

      • MAHESH

        I am facing the same problem

        • dinz

          same issue

    • mts user

      same issue 🙁

  • mohammed thoufeeq

    My penta IS701C is not getting connected to internet with MTS AC2787 dongle.

    • Tablet Guru

      Follow the above method carefully. It will work for sure.

      • mohammed thoufeeq

        It is not working .I’m from kerala when I change default MNC(89) to 896 the apn disappear. Any solution.

        • Tablet Guru

          Do not edit the the default APN that is created after inserting the Mblaze. Create a new APN and enter the above settings.

    • H@cker shah

      Ya same here

      • H@cker shah

        Ya same here, its not working after doing so

  • Jacobs

    It works fine with my Mercury MTAB7… it was not saving the new APN entry for the first 3 attempt, got it fixed on the attempt after restoring the apn settings to default.

    Thanks guys.

  • Ankur Chauhan

    Mobile Network option on my tablet is greyed out so I can’t go into the APN settings, any suggestions?

    I have ICS (4.1.1) on it an using MTS CDMA datacard

    I’m connecting datacard through MiniUSB (tab) to Female USB cable (Dongle)

    Please help!!

    • Tablet Guru

      Your tablet hardware does not support the dongle connection. Does your tablet is SIM enabled.

  • rajesh

    I have purchase samsung tab 2 7.0 but in that mts dougle is not working can anyone help me

  • Gaurav

    Recently I brought a HCL 2G connect tablet, I tried this method in my tablet, but I’m unable to connect Internet in my HCL 2G connect Tablet. please suggest me how can I connect Mblaze to my Tablet.

    • Hemant Pandey

      Dear All,
      HCL 2G Tablet is compatible with Huawei EC 1561, MBLAZE, and works good but you need to install and activate your new data card first on your PC and then connect to your Tablet with proper configuration of MTS, mentioned in article, in your Tablet APN setting. Good Luck.

  • Ashish


    I’ve got CUBE Tab, I tried to connect MTS dongle, as you stated above, but under APN section, its NOT showing any Connection Configured, but when i search for networks, its showing registered,

    But i’m unable to use internet, kindly suggest.

    Thanks in Advance
    Ashish (Delhi)

  • Riaz

    I have got one Zync Tablet and I tried this method in that tablet, but alas! it is not working. Is there any other method so that I can connect my Mblaze with my Zync Tablet. Z909. Please tell me also can I install PPP Connect Widget to connect my nokia phone thru USB to my Tablet and get Internet, so i it can be done do I need rooting?