Internet on Tabs

How to connect an Android Tablet PC to the Internet?

Internet on Tabs
Watch your Steps

If you are one of the many not-so-techie types and are struggling with this thing which they call a “Tablet PC” or simply a Tab, this is a post for you for sure. You know, the best utilization of a Tab is only possible when you are able to use Internet on it. It is only with the power of Internet your Tab will feel a great handy gadget to you.

So, how bout knowing how to connect this Internet to a Tab? It’s easy!

You can use the following features sported by your Tablet PC to get online, i.e. to connect to the Internet:-

1> Wi-Fi

2> External network dongles

3> SIM facility(if available)

Let’s see what suits you the best.

When it’s WiFi: This is a feature which is inevitably available in all the genuine Tablet PCs, be it in the lower budget segment or in the highest of highest segments. Using Wi-Fi is also the easiest way to bring the internet connectivity in the Tablet PC environment.

Steps are: 

1) Go-to Settings

2)  Under Wireless and Networks select WiFi  and switch it ON.

No sooner you switch on the WiFi the available connections in-range will start popping up on the screen. Now you got to select the network which you are familiar with and of-course, if you know its password.

Within few settings, you will find the world of internet running on your Tab. The speed will depend primarily on the base Internet plan of the WiFi network source.

When it’s a Dongle: Have you noticed a USB port(or a mini-USB port) on your Tab? If yes, then you can connect to the internet using external dongles to your Tabs using these ports. These dongles hold SIM cards which are the same which you see in the mobile phones. Mobile network companies provide various Internet schemes to its subscribers. All you got to do is choose a suitable scheme for yourself, after consulting the company representatives.

After all this, just enjoy. The internet will work like a charm in your tablet.

When it’s an internal SIM: It’s just the same as the above, similar to the dongle story. The only nuance is that the SIM here is placed inside the body of a Tab instead of an external dongle dangling all the time you want Internet.

Steps to connect through SIM

  1. Go-to Settings
  2.  Wireless & Networks -> More -> Mobile Netowork -> APN  
  3. Now select here the APN settings of your SIM network
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