Hard Reset Rockchip Android Tablet PC By Tool

how to flash rockchip tablets using rockchip flashing tool
RockChip Processor:- Hard Reset using Android Tool

Forget Pattern of your Rockchip Android Tablet & does not remember the Gmail Login Credential. If your tablet is powered by Rockchip processor then it can be hard reset using Android tool. .

Tools & Software required:-

  • Rockchip Android Tool & Driver:-
  • USB wire
  • PC

Steps to Reset password:-

  1. Download the Tool and install the driver included in Download package
  2. Switch off the Tablet
  3. Connect the Tablet to PC using USB cable
  4. While connecting Tablet to PC press and Hold Power and Volume up to recognize the tablet by PC (If your tablet Does not get recognized, Try Volume Down & Power key)
  5. Select misc.img and uncheck the loader
  6. rockchip android tool
    Uncheck “Loader” option and select “misc”
  7. Select misc.img path, packed in downloaded folder
  8. Click on Run
  9. When you click on run process, the tablet will restart
  10. Now, tab will reset and free from pattern lock

See the Rockchip Android Tool working video.







14 responses to “Hard Reset Rockchip Android Tablet PC By Tool”

  1. Oscar Cruz Avatar
    Oscar Cruz

    excuse me friend ok, my problem is that I didn’t uncheck the option of loader and now my tablet doesn’t recognize it my computer please friend if you can help me in this problem I’ll thank you so much

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      share detailed info of the tablet
      and is it Making sound when connected to PC???

      1. Oscar Cruz Avatar
        Oscar Cruz

        Thank you for respond me, look friend, the information on my tablet is:

        -A rockchip processor to 1.3 quadcore rk 3126
        -it’s 7 inches “techpad”

        and It doesn’t make any sound when I connect the tablet. My mystake was I didn’t uncheck the option of loader and now I can’t connect the tablet because,
        the preloader driver doesn’t recognize it. Please help me I’m very desperate Thanks

        1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

          try with Rockchip tool and make sure to install ADB driver

          1. Oscar Cruz Avatar
            Oscar Cruz

            ohhh thanks but, it is not supposed that the adb driver has to be installed with the tablet turned on here my tablet does not recognize the pc or even makes any noise the pc and try combinations of the buttons but nothing was for not removing the option of the rockchip loader tool, or there is no other way to install the adb driver without the device????

          2. Oscar Cruz Avatar
            Oscar Cruz

            sorry friend the link is down

  2. Eddie Lynn Avatar
    Eddie Lynn

    Appreciate the post, however, cannot seem to find the tools mentioned above. Can someone please link me to the download of the files mentioned above?

      1. Eddie Lynn Avatar
        Eddie Lynn

        🙂 Thank you very much! Since my comment I did some research on firmware dumping and the Misc.img for resetting was what I was missing

  3. sandeep Avatar

    thank you very very much

  4. i dont know what to write Avatar
    i dont know what to write

    my tab does not have a volume button what should i press?

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      Try using power key

  5. Courtney Ashley Avatar
    Courtney Ashley

    Wish I would have found this a week ago now my next book next10p12 rk29 series screen is black but back lit but won’t boot boot loader is gone any ideas

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