pattern unlock in allwinner tablet PC

Hard Reset Allwinner Tablet PC

pattern unlock in allwinner tablet PC
Allwinner processor based tablet PC hard reset method

If you are having tablet PC powered by Allwinner processor and you have forget the pattern or password of your  Android tablet. Then hard reset by key combination does not work on Allwinner Tablet, you can reset the password using Android multi tool.

Though, Hard Reset is ultimate solution for:-

1- Hang on logo
2- Forget pattern
3- Tablet is slow

Tools & Software required:-

Most of the time, Tablet PC is not detected by PC. As, try another USB wire and check steps to install driver.

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  • Download the tool
  • Install the Driver
  • Unzip the download package, and run the Android Multi tool application.
  • Android Multi tool interface will appear, press 1 to check whether Tablet PC has been connected to tool or not.
  • In order to remove pattern in Allwinner tablet, press 5 which will wipe data from allwinner processor based slates.
  • Now, tablet will restart with setting restored and tablet will be free from pattern.






12 responses to “Hard Reset Allwinner Tablet PC”

  1. Hasan Ali Avatar
    Hasan Ali

    Thanks its workid

  2. Purvesh Avatar

    it doesnt show my device name when i do check device and also install abd driver it shows a tick how to fix it

    1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

      under Android phone in device manager
      it makes port as Android Composite ADB interface
      For Video Details Check:

  3. muronzikuziwa Avatar

    old idea as any android with adb enabled can be rebooted into recovery using adb commands

  4. owenzo Avatar

    gud job

  5. AK Avatar

    This worked brilliantly on my kitkat allwinner 4..4 tablet.. Locked out as I forgot password. Manually downloaded drivers. followed instructions and we have success! Thank you!

    1. John Collins Avatar
      John Collins

      how did you get the tool to work.i get error messages all the time

      1. Ankur Pratap Avatar

        share chipset within your device

        1. John Collins Avatar
          John Collins

          unable to sellect 1-9 etc getting adb error etc.on the share chipset withinyour device how?what do i do as the tablet is locked due to forgot pattern

          1. John Collins Avatar
            John Collins

            unable to get device recognised via tool.ok via laptop device manager etc but not tool kit

          2. Ankur Pratap Avatar

            install driver first
            ADB driver

  6. Faisal Siddiqui Avatar
    Faisal Siddiqui

    how to hard rest allwinner A13 tab ,adb is not working and tells “adb server is out of date,killing”

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