Google Tablets : End of An Era

Google has recently announced that they pulling their hands from tablet market. Earlier Google has enter the tablet market with Pixel series tablet , based on Android. Before Pixel, it was Nexus tablets in partnership with different hardware manufacturer Goggle hit the tablet market.


Google enter the tablet market with launch of Google Nexus in year 2012 with Asus , Nexus worked extremely well, the last of Nexus series launched in year 2014 with Google Nexus 9, then Google come up pixel slate series with its own hardware.


nexus pattern lock

Google Nexus 2012 version

Google Pixel C tablet launched in year 2015, was last in the pixel series. It come with the screen size of 10.2 inch IPS LCD screen, 32/64 GB internal memory and  3 GB RAM. Comes loaded with Quad-core 1.9 GHz processor and Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset, making it top grade hardware packed tablet.

Google Pixel slate can also be connected to keyword and work as tablet cum laptop, but then its a tablet first.


Google Pixel Slate


The main reason to abandon the tablet market is Google is totally focusing on its own Chrome based laptop. Google hardware team will be fully dedicated on building laptops, named Google Chormebooks. Now these Chromebooks runs on Chrome OS as its primary OS, but it also support all the Android app and some of the Linux based app. Its basically using Google Chrome browser to perform various task that one can perform on Mac or Windows OS, like photo editing, docs viewing, movies , audio etc. By the end of 2019 new Chormebooks model will be launched with higher hardware and more features.

Google’s senior VP from devices and services team , Rick Osterloh , has confirmed the that his team will be fully working on development of Chromebook. Support to the existing Pixel slate will continue till 2024, that a big relief for the existing user.

Google Pixel C was very few of the tablet which was compared with Apple iPad in terms of features and hardware. In terms of business Google was not even in top 4 in tablet market in 2019. Thus the bad business no has made the Google to leave the market.

At end all we can say that.. Google Tablets will be missed !! 







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