Google Nexus 7, 2nd Generation?

Google Nexus 7 new| Android 4.3|Wireless charging!

Newer and Better


If rumors are to be believed, we will be able to see the successor of Google Nexus 7 adorning the the store shelves very soon, possibly in 2 months time. These rumors are quite persuading because they all have been found bubbling from inside the company. Exactly a year ago, we had the original Google Nexus 7 and after all this time, we can have a newer and better Nexus 7, ready for the launch.

Though there was no mention about the release of the updated Nexus 7 at the Google I/O held almost a week ago, our experts believe that this was intentional from the Google’s part, so as to rule out any slackening in the demand of the present Nexus 7 model.

Albeit nothing is official yet, we have fair enough info on the impending launch of Google Nexus 7 and so allow us to list the putative specs which the Nexus 7 (2nd GEN) will be featuring differently:-

1) The new Nexus 7 will be hosting a display of crystal-clear & crisp 1920x1200pixels against the previous fairly generous 1280x800pixels.

2) The Tab is supposed to be out donning the Android’s latest version release, v4.3

3) Unlike the present Nexus 7, the future one will have a 5MP rear camera, which otherwise was none.

4) This one could have wire-less charging as well.

5) Despite of all these tweaks and improvements, the price factor remains unchanged(Phew!). The Tablet PC is expected to come tied to $200 written price tag only, for the 8GB storage version.

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