Future of Tablet PC : Mobile Will Have a Tough Competition To Catch Up

As for now Tablet PC sales are no where close to mobiles and mobile with bigger screen has brought the tablet PC market further down. In coming months mobiles will have the tough times competing with the tablet PC in terms of the features , as tablet with 3D screen, projector, holographic screen are in line up to be launched, which will not only suit the working glass but also a major fun for millennial , teenagers and college going youth.



Hologram / 3D Screen : Days are not far when one will taking to holographic version of the person setting in another corner of the world, as your seen in star trek and avengers movies . Researchers  all around the world are working hard to launch the holographic technology by 2020. Considering the amount of space and hardware required it can only be first launched with a Tablet Pc only. Then you can talk to next person not by seeing his face only but the whole figure.

hologram screen tablet pc

Hologram / 3D screen

Medical use : A hand held tablet to scan the patient body, yes you heard it right. Now tablet will come equipped with tools to measure blood pressure, sugar level and other scanning device to provide the cheap and hassle free medical treatment. One will amazed to see the use of tablet pc in health care in coming days.

Tablet PC medical use


Educational purpose : Books are soon to be replaced by tablet to give the students a more dynamic and fun way of learning. Students will be performing the chemical test not in test tube but in tablet PC. Kids are learning with info-graphics and animation .Even the college going students find ease on learning with tablet as they can perform the experiments live and run the data on emulators easy.


Image and Video editing :  Even though the mobile has given the tablet pc a tough competition in other uses, but when it come to image and video editing , tablets has the upper edge. Coming days tablet will come with higher hardware to make the image & video editing more smooth.

tablet video image editing


Gaming : As games are becoming more hardware and memory exhausting, mobiles are having a tough times to handle. So the new age gamer are moving to Tablet as it is easy to carry around as compared to a bulky to gaming laptop.

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