Foxconn Firefox Tab NEWS

Foxconn Firefox Tablets to be launched tomorrow?

Foxconn Firefox Tab NEWS
It will be the fox against the bot and company

Rumors of Foxconn launching Firefox OS Tablets tomorrow, has suddenly swarmed the Internet. Foxconn is believed to be working on similar project since long now so, even if you see a Firefox OS Tab released tomorrow, don’t get dizzy.

Foxconn factories in Taiwan will be responsible for the Tab manufacturing with feature Mozilla’s Firefox. We should know that Foxconn factories in Taiwan is managed by Hon Hai Precision. A single Foxconn factory in China makes more profit than any other Tablet manufacturing factory and is also believed to have around half a million employees working there. This suggests that Mozilla couldn’t have anything better than Foxconn, when it comes to Tablet Manufacturing.

Hon Hai Precision has invited the media on 3rd June, which is tomorrow, alluring them with a big revelation of a long awaited product. Since two of the Firefox phones, namely the Peak and the Keon are already out yonder, we believe there nothing but the due Firefox Tablet PC to be unveiled tomorrow.

These Firefox Tabs are expected to revolutionized the cloud computing understanding and will work heavily with the Internet connections, so it will be good to have a constant internet(why not?) in your Tab to utilize the Tab’s features to the fullest.

With this OS which has this internet connectivity constrain, but amazing features and flexibility to overpower the small constraint, Mozilla feels they can be able to benefit both – the Firefox Tab users and the mobile phone network service providers. The Mozilla is already in agreement with the world’s 18 major network providers to customize the OS aptly, and is also always open for rest to join the party.

Having said that, all will be clear only tomorrow, after the media meets the Hon Hai Precision officials. Let’s hope we have the Tablets released tomorrow, if not anything better. Come to think about it, there is going to be a smothering competition for Firefox in the Android dominated Tablet PC market which is only expected to see a few more heavy-weight launches this month and many to follow, later this year.







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