Unlock forgottten password/pattern lock of Android Tablet

Google Nexus Tab Pattern Lock.

Google Nexus Tab Pattern Lock.

There are many ways you can get your Tablet PC (or any android device) unlocked, once locked somehow. Follow this post which sums all the possible scenarios on locked Tablet PCs and also gives the best solutions which will unlock your tab.


Solution 1: Forgotten your password/pattern unlock of your Android Tablet, or the face unlock feature refuses to work

Solution:  Click on “forgot password?” and it’ll take you to a new screen where you have to put your Google account user name and password. The same user name and password against which the device is registered at Google Play store.

Tablet PC Google ID and password

NOTE: Make sure you are either connected to mobile network or Wi-Fi .

Solution 2: Forgotten the Google account password

Solution: If somehow you don’t remember your Google account credentials, go to www.google.com/accounts/recovery to reset the password of your Google account. Reset the password here and use the new one on your device.

Solution 3: Hard/Factory reset your device

android system recovery menu

Hard reset menu

Solution: If in case you don’t have mobile data or Wi-Fi switched on, unfortunately you cannot access your device until you perform a full factory reset of the device. Take out the SD card so that all on the data on the memory card should be intact. This factory reset (also called ‘hard reset‘ since you are forcefully wiping all the data off your device) formats  internal memory and also the extended memory, if you keep it inside the device itself.

To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:

For devices with physical home button:-

 1. Press the power button and the home button together or Power button and Volume button together for a while, long enough till the Android boot mode screen appears. Press home button to reach the options under boot mode. Navigate through the options using volume key and select “Wipe Data Factory Reset“option using shortcut menu button. Again navigate to the option “delete- all user data” and select it using shortcut menu button. (Make sure memory card is not inside; otherwise the data on it will be lost). After the data is deleted, a message saying “Data Wipe Complete” appears.  Press the shortcut menu button to reboot the tablet again. Now, your tablet is as fresh as a new tablet

With NO physical HOME button:-

2. In case your device does not have a physical home button, press the power button and both the volume keys together for few seconds.

3. Press gently the “reset pin-hole” present generally on a side of Tablet. Use a clip-pin or similarly fine thing to gently push inside to reset your device to factory settings.

NOTE: Above mention steps are general method that work with most of the tablet although few of the tablet has different hard reset method.  See the differnt Hard reset/factory wipe methods for Tablet PC .

Solution 4 : Unlock through Command line prompt

Solution: Unlock the tablet using Android developer tool. This tool is used for the development of Android OS and Android app. Check out the above link to get the command and tool downloading link.

Solution 5 :Tablet not accepting Google id and password, but it is actually correct.

Solution: In this case, use another tablet or laptop or PC and go to https://accounts.google.com/IssuedAuthSubTokens. Check whether your email account is registered with the Google 2-Step Verification Method. If not, then register it (http://www.google.com/landing/2step/).

In application specific password page, the first point is “Android Phone” (In our case, it’s the Android Tablet) which is shown to have “Full Account Access“. Click “Revoke Access” button and a message saying that the account access has been successfully revoked, will appear.

Next go to “Application Specific- Passwords” message. In the bottom of page, there will be an option “Generate new application-specific password“. There, put any name and click on “Generate Password” button.  A 16 digit password will be generated (Keep this password handy.)

Now in your tablet, keep giving the wrong pattern voluntarily till the screen with “forgot Password?” option appears.

Click on the “Forgot password?” option. Enter your Gmail ID with which your account is registered and the password (the 16 digit password that you just now generated). Sign in and “Unlock selection” appears. Choose the type of password you want to give. Here I choose to use pattern password again. Draw the new pattern two times.

Solution 6: Re-Install Android OS on your tablet 

Solution: In this case Android has been re-installed on your tablet pc. This can be done either through a bootable memory stick or by connecting the tab to the computer and using a different software.   

Above mention methods will not work with Chinese tablet. The only way you can get the Chinese tab unlocked is through Flashing or Android re-installation

See this post to know more.

Solution 7: Unlock the tablet using Android Multi Tool software

Using this software you can unlock in a single click. Download it from here. See the instructions to use this software in following video or in the post here.

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  • sakina

    hi im sakina and i forgot my password then today i suddenly tried random passcodes and supprisingly it unlocked the code now in order to reset or regain password i need some remedy or some tricks hope u’ll help

  • kathryn dean

    I had bought a used LookBook tablet and after charging it, All I get is the LookBook screen. how do I unlock it to get to the menu?

    • can you share the model no or chipset of that tablet

  • Lorenzo

    How do I get into my tablet I forgot my password

  • Ryan King

    I have an issue. I forgot my pass code for my ellipsis 7′ I have tried to do a factory reset by pressing the volume down n the power button but that didn’t work.So, then I tried pressing vol up n down n power button but that didn’t work either.then,I did vol up n power button but that didn’t work. Can anyone help me, please.

    • this process can be used if the device is 70 percent charged

  • Azam khan

    Hi I am using micromax funbook infinity tablet p275 then I have only two key lock and home
    Pls told me how reset pattern lock
    Pls told me i request you.

  • Gladys M. Cansino

    Android Multi Tool does not detect the tablet nor does GPG Android Tool. The tablet is being recognized as a portable device – X7 in Device Manager.

  • Gladys M. Cansino

    I have an iRulu exPro X1 7″ and the processor is an AllWinner Tech A33 Quad-Core E8008AA 28N1, Model TZX-723Q3. The problem that I am having with this tablet is that my granddaughter forgot her password and none of the tools GPG Android Tool or Android Multitools recognizes the tablet. The tablet is being recognized as a Portable Device in Device Manager and when I tried to load the ADBDriver windows told me that it already has the best driver. I’ve also found one link to the firmware, but cannot downloaded because it opens a page in Chinese that I have to become a member to download the file and I really don’t know how. Did anybody encounter these problems and was able to fix the tablet?


  • siddu

    Guyz, plz help me…
    I have ambrane d77 tab and have forgotten the pattern lock and need assistance for hard resetting it…
    Hw to do it…???

  • kaitlyn


  • Krutika

    Mine is a Samsung tablet and it has been locked as I forgot my password

  • Johnny

    I have a Irulu x1 tablet 7 in I can’t remember password and I want to factory reset it but key combinations do not work I’ve tried for hours. S/N JX768JG1412092E any advice will help thanks

  • Aaron Hines

    ok i have proscan 7 inch plt7650g i have hard reset it and every thing the problem i have is its brand new and i go thro with the language and the wifi but then i come to a screen that says u once had a gmail hooked up to this tablet please put it in but this tablet is brand new i have yet to put a gmail into the tablet and i dont know what to do please help me

  • May Walker

    I have a trio 4.3 android internet tablet i dont know if im looking in the right place but i really need to reset it

  • Yogi Bear

    my android tablet is Vtouch V705-S, I forgot the pin and wifi is not switched on plus usb debugging is also not switched on, plz help me to reset my device

  • Rana Imran

    I have got a brand new Eurostar tablet. It says that remove safety strip and then start using. where that safety strip is located because my tab is not being charged.

  • kcs

    Hi, iam having merlin 7″ HD Tablet PC working on android 4.1, this has no MID has no volume key. please suggest step vy step procedure for hard reset?

  • Buddy

    I have Merlin Tab of which have forgotten password. It is not connected to net and google account has not been set up. If I reset, will loose my data. Is there any way I can get this resolved? Can you help, please?

  • Jean Adams

    We have a FastTouch tablet and we have forgotten the password for. I have tried several of these tips and even took the tablet to Best Buy for help but nothing is working. Can you help?

    • Model no of your device

      • Jean Adams

        10″ Google Android 8GB Tablet PC, Android 4.4, Dual Cortex-A9, 1.2GHz,
        Dual Camera, WiFi, Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen, Very Fast & Slim,
        Comes Ready To Go With All The Latest Apps, FastTouch(TM)

      • Jean Adams

        Item model number-FastTouch A10

  • kristi

    Great forum my tablet is working again thanks so much

  • Xabin xtha

    i have a dell tablet. Model T01C .
    I forgot my pattern lock and i can’t remember my google account. I haven’t any idea, how to unlock my tablet and how to reset my tablet. If any body have any idea please please help me.

    • Press simultaneously Volume up & down then hold power key

  • Jaime stephens

    I have a pioneer tablet model TBT -7R1-R. My son has locked with a pin number. My tablet has no home button or volume controls, just a power button. How do I unlock it please!!!!!!!

    • Mention the Chipset on which your Tablet runs like intel, rockchip, allwinner etc

  • I’m trying this method without result
    not working

  • Yahaira Rodriguez

    performed this factory reset on my Trio Stealth 10 tablet alls good until I try to install my apps a message comes up saying that there’s insufficient space on my tablet and when I look up my tablets memory is wiped out also 0 memory how do I recover the tablets memory its useless this way… Please give me some good news!

  • Cynthia Cantero

    Bought a Dell Venue 8 tablet for my daughter 6 months ago she’s been locked out for 2 months because she cannot remember the password how can i unlock the tablet

    • Switch off the Tablet.
      Press and hold the volume up + Volume down and power key, it will display configuration
      select factory reset option
      to enter press camera key.
      Tablet will restart and will be free from lock

  • Cynthia Cantero

    What a Dell vunue 8 tablet for my daughter and she cannot remember the password and is locked out. Is there anyway to unlock it?

  • Roy Morris Wilson

    This is all very well. To be connected to the internet first, however, you need to be logged in.
    Our problem is this: we have just bought an Amaze tablet brand new, unwrapped the cellophane off the box, charged it up, & are trying to log on to the internet… BUT it is asking us to type in our password to unlock it before we can even use it.
    What is this factory password?

  • rider

    Hey i have an easy touch tablet ma 712 and now its patter locked . It has only power button as it is achinese tab . please tell me how to hard reset it

  • Leah W Maynard

    Yashica hd 4k 3d tablet unlock

    • Leah W Maynard

      Forgot password

    • On which processor your tablet has been powered just post the processor. we will guide you to reset the password of your tablet

  • clueless

    I bought my son an irulu expro x1 he locked himself out after 1 day and all of the reset solutions posted do not work…help

  • Shelli

    I dont find a micro SD slot on the notepad is there a way to factory reset ? I don’t have a Google account and my daughter put a screen code on and doesn’t remember it. I tried the volume and power button no luck and put a paper clip in the reset hole it just restarted the notepad any suggestions ?

    • Let us know the tablet company and model. Will provide you the correct key combination or the flash file.

  • lily young

    My tablet doesnt have a forgot your password. Button is there any other option?

    • Send the detail description of your tablet and if you have to hard reset there are many steps to perform the operation

  • Annemarie

    Hi I kind of unlocked my boyfriends tablet by entering his google details which I didn’t know and now I don’t no how to reset his old pattern lock password… He is going to kill me when he finds out his tablet’s pattern lock is off, or changed so I really urgently need to get his old pattern lock password back before he get’s home on Tuesday… Please this is really urgent

    • you can set new pattern but how to recover old pattern is not possible

  • Miranda McCumbers Rowe

    tried a few options and this irulu just won’t unlock. she left wifi off and it won’t even connect as a media device because she changed all settings.

  • salitha

    I,m don’t know my password and email adras

  • Sreelal

    I have Eklass single button tablet. I forgot its pattern lock number. anyone can help me to hard reset this tab. I have only power button on it.

    • You must have home button also. Press the the Home + Power button, min for 10 sec. If there is no home button then hold the power button for 30 sec. It will enter into recovery mode.
      Let us know if it works for you.

  • Lailah

    Hi I’m using an indiPAD. Unfortunately these things are one of those copies of real tablets, and i’ve been locked out of my google account and i cant remember the pattern. Please help! Thanks

  • Juan Diaz

    Thank you so much for fixing that broken link 🙂 You’re the best

  • Juan Diaz

    new link plz, the sofware isn’t working …..

    • Link has been updated. Sorry for inconvenience..

  • Stee

    hi, i mistakenly press something and now all my applications,cammera even settings requires password to open…pls advice, what should i do

  • Philip Wesseh

    how can i unlock my dell tablet

  • Tasheiska Herah

    i try the power and volume button but its not working

  • Tasheiska Herah

    i forgot my pattern help me please

  • Julian Scoots

    I forgot the password on my tablet because I haven’t used it since january and I don’t have wifi on so I can’t enter the google account email or password so how can I factory reset it so I can use it again

  • rangel

    how i remenber unlock my tablet by not remenber my email

  • stephanie

    hi my name is Stephanie and i have a Xelio 9″ ice cream android tablet and i have been trying to unlock my tablet but its not getting anywhere. I need your help please.

  • tamiasmall

    i have a password where i have to type in words i keep putting star but i does not work what do i do?

  • Juan Carlos Hernandez Alonso

    i have an avatar tablet but i forgot the screen code what can i do to unlock it

  • robel

    hi iam using samsung galkecy tab 3 my posswerd is forget what shaly do help me

    • It can be easily removed through hard reset method. Check the hard reset link in the above post.

  • Atul

    I have forgotten my password in hp7 tablet and it is not showing any forgotten password option. How to bring forgotten option .

  • Naicha

    I really need help on unlocking my tablet, it doesn’t give me the option for gmail

  • Guest

    there is a problem because when I put my password, and it says “try again”, after that it doesn’t appar the option for my gmail account.

  • Melva Reeves Williams

    I put a pin in and cannot remember, I have a Google Tablet

  • Ashique

    Hi I’m using micromax funbook infinity. Tab. My problem is that my device is pattern locked & attempts are over . also I forgot my Google password. To open this tab. This tab has only power, home button n pinhole reset. Pls tell a solution.

  • Ankit

    hats off man you are the real thanks to your methods

  • Aljun

    wHAT if the tablet is not connected to the internet how can I unlock it in Too many pattern attempts? Pls reply

  • Pranav Shah

    Need help with unlocking my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 311. I have forgotten the password and it doesnot give me an option of “forgot password”.
    How do i make sure that the data on the Tab is saved??
    Any ideas? Tried to download it on the laptop via Samsung Kies but was not able to do it.

  • jafara

    boss i have dell venue 7 forget pattern i try hard reset but only shows reboot droidboot reset reboot rer &power o ff try it all but no change no network please help

  • karen

    does anyone know how to unlock a rca tablet because it says it has too many patterns

  • Linda Maguire

    Hi my friend has a D2 tablet his girlfriend set up the lock pattern n doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t remember his google account info and that was is only email he has ever setup. There are no volume buttons to do the hard reset can you please help?!

  • ish

    My karbonn tab 2 is locked because so many patan atamp and I want to unlock it and I don’t want to format it plsss help……..!!!!!!!!

  • sakthikumar

    I have a domox14 after too many patterns locked the usb debugging not enabled I tried maney software like android multi tools didn’t work as says no device attached please I ned help please

  • Miriam

    hi, i have a Pyle Astro 9″ tablet, i recently added a password and unfortunately i forgot my password, please help!! i also added a security question, but i dont get the option to answer that question, it only ask for the password!

  • zaki


  • Alai Ilalio

    can you help me!!!!! my tablet doesn’t come with rebooting options!!!!!!! help help help

  • syawal

    i use coolmax tablet pc ..

  • JK4304

    Hi, I got a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 neo and the problem I am facing is that when I open the tab, a preset app launches and it does not allow me to exit it or do anything else other than use the app. Actually the tab is meant for that purpose only but I want to use the whole tab not just that one particular app. it has a place to enter the admin code but I don’t kknow it. I want to know how I can crack the code.

    • Try to root your tab, using http://vrootdownload.org.
      But this void the warranty and the app provided by your company might stop working.

      • JK4304

        Some improvement is that I found out that I reached the touchwiz launcher and found a ‘secure launcher’ In the app drawer and I think that is preventing me from changing or opening ‘settings’.

        • JK4304

          And I forgot to mention that I want the app provided to me. I tried uninstalling the launcher from the drawer but that to doesn’t work.

          • JK4304

            And I want to know how to backup the tab through custom recovery

  • Maricar San Jose

    can you help me because my password suddenly its not working anymore..

  • tatyanakkkk

    It does not help me get in my table android

  • Ash M

    Thanks Man you are a genius keep it up!!

  • me

    i dont have “forgot password” please help

  • Vahid

    hi I cant use my google account to unlock my tablet as no mobile network or wifi,any other way to unlock my tablet excluding factory reset ?

    • shadaysia apirana

      hi my tablet is locked after to many pattern attempts ive used my email account and password but it still wont unlock also have tried pressing home button and power button to reset this will not work etha nothing will did you get a anwer or manage to unlock your tablet

      • lily young

        Try the volume and power

  • rabhiaaa

    awww thankyou so much!! my ipd was lock buz of patthens and it wanted the e-mail i was forgten thisvideo helod me so much buht my ipd waas diefrent i check on (wipe date/factor reset) and my ipd is open now…thankyou so much:))

  • hunk

    actually it is getting the android man with an exclamation mark ….. but aftr that what

    • Now enter into the recovery menu by pressing volume down and power button together.

  • prakash ranwa

    Hi im using hitech amaze tablet and it has been locked because of too many pattern tries and also i have troudle signing in with my google username and password ………what should i do ………..?? Please help me out of this………

    • lily young

      Im in a simalar position im trieing to somone up the nerve to reboot it you will loose all data thou

    • mangal vaishnav

      Feer kese open hua

  • Hassin zidan Donz

    hellooo can you help me

  • Hassin zidan Donz

    my tab is loced

  • netagirl2

    I need help getting into my Proscan tablet I am locked out.

  • j.lacey

    i need help gettin my tablet unlocked

  • shabaztippu

    It is touchmate model no TM-MID710

  • shabaztippu

    Ashin Khan I want to unlock my tab

  • Krysta LaRocca Mueller

    I have an irulu tablet. Can’t remember the pattern so I’m locked out. It doesn’t give me an option to get in using Gmail. I can’t seem to factory reset either.

    • Have you tried the solution 7 as mention above.

      • shamaria muhammad

        i have a zeki tablet and it doesnt give me an option to get in using gmail. so how can i hack the calibration

  • Ahmed

    Hi, I have EuroStar Tablet Model: ET7183G-Y13 (ePadGENIE-1)……….. Dear I have tried all of your methods but no luck. It showing to put email ID and password but I think until wifi not connect email and password will not work…. So would you please try to find out any solution for me to solve this issue….

  • haaris

    i have swipe halo value it is locked i frget pattern how to hard reset it has volumes and power button i have try vol – power not work
    help plzz

  • kasna

    i have same problem with Boudinet,my tab got lock bcoz of many pattern playing with my son and my usb debugging is not enabled, this is my tab Xtab iC-XTQC800 thats why i tried so many combination to make the recovery menu appear but still i cant get it just always the andriod logo..

    • Tablet Guru

      In this case only solution 3 & 6 will work.

  • Boudinet

    i have a Chinese non-branded tablet, with android OS
    After too many patterns, it is locked
    the USB debugging not enabled.
    i tried many software like android multi-tools didn’t work, it says no device attached
    i tried Platform-tools, from command prompt, i put adb shell. it didn’t work as well saying no device attached
    i tried hard reset pressing vol down+power, it didn’t work as well.

    please i need help, if any body know how or leading me to a software that can help



  • kasna

    hi,my tablet is Xtab iC-XTQC800 having problem what buttom to appear the recovery mode….only the android logo appear in my screen cant find the recovery mode menu..i already try many ways to get the recovery mode option but still i cant get it what combination plz help tnx….

  • sphamandla

    my table guru I try to reset my table using reset hole bt still nothng and I tryd holding a power button and up down volume still nothing

  • linda

    i have a trio stealth tablet and it will only go into safe mode I dont know what to do after that can u please help

    • Ashish Karn

      Linda please follow the steps :
      1. Turn off your tablet
      2. Hold the volume down button
      3. While holding the volume down button power up your tablet.
      4. Wait for the green android logo to appear
      5. It will take you to a blue screen, while in the blue screen press the volume up button.
      6. It will take you to the recovery option
      7. By using the volume up/down key, navigate to “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”
      8. Use the power button to confirm Wait for the process to be completed.

      I think this will work.


    I tried to unlock my HISENSE tablet but it wont work

    • Ashish Karn

      Devin please give exact model details of you HISENSE tablet.

  • Miracle

    i need your help to unlock my Android tablet i have an AndroidM976 in i am about to freak help plz,,,,

  • vaibhav

    i have a BSNL Penta IS709c tablet of which i forgot the pattern lock i have also not backedup with any email id or anything else.now please tell me to how do i be able to reset my tab.

    • Tablet Guru

      See the solution no 4 in the above steps. We have used the Penta IS709C only for the demo purpose.

      • Kshitiz Mor

        Hi I have aakash itutor , i want to root it.. but it does not have usb debugging mode in developers option.. I am confused..

      • Vaibhav

        I have an bsnl penta t-tab ws707c i have lost its pattern arrangement now how to unlock it

        • Ashish Karn

          Try to use your google account to unlock it.

  • AFnan


    I have Huawei mediapad link 10 Tablet. I have locked myself. The internet and usb debugging is off. I tried using your power and volume up method but it takes me to simple screen stating that press power 10 secs for reboot.

    Can someone kindly help in Unlocking this Thanls

    • Ashish Karn

      AFnan you need to follow the following steps:
      1. Download Huawei Mediapad 10 firmware from Huawei support and download website, and choose the correct type of Huawei. Usually the firmware is compress with ZIP. DOWNLOAD
      2. Unzip the firmware and you will be found DLOAD folder.
      3. Copy all DLOAD folder and all content to main root MicroSD (please use card reader to connect MicroSD card with computer)
      4. Put that MicroSD (which already have dload folder) at HUAWEI MEDIAPAD 10 memory card slot
      5. Press power button and let the HUAWEI MEDIAPAD 10 reformat or reinstall the Huawei Mediapad firmware from MicroSD with DLOAD folder and wait until it finish less then 10 minutes
      6. After the process is complete, delete DLOAD folder from MicroSD, because if not remove, HUAWEI MEDIAPAD 10 will be reinstall the DLOAD again every time we restart

  • Kotadiya Bhargav

    my net connection is switched off and my volume key has blocked so
    how should i format my tablet.
    give me a name of software which help me to formate my tablet?

  • bhargav kotadiya

    my tablet has locked and i didnt get my reset button and so on

  • Jullina David

    Hi. Can I ask what will happen if I press the reset button?

    • Tablet Guru

      It will just restart the tablet, will not effect any tab data. Mainly used when tablet get hangs.

  • casser

    i have rich and hl tablet.Only encryption unsuccessful you will see in home screen and reset tablet.I tried to reset it many times but it will back again in the same.Again and again.Pls.Help

  • well! thanks guys!

  • Timothy

    Hey i need help with hard resetting my tablet it has no volume buttons

    • Ashish Karn

      Timothy please follow the instructions mentioned HERE

  • Nidhi

    I have Akash ubislate 7c+ locked my tablet for too many attempts and asks for google account and internet connection can not established ..then provide me solution i have tried all option of ur website but its not working

    • Ashish Karn

      Nidhi in this situation you need to flash your tablet.

      You can download the firmware from HERE and follow the instructions. 🙂

  • Thanks to you for the superior solution ,I reset my tablet and backup my data. Thanks again.

  • Asish SN


  • prabu

    reset option is super… thank u very much…

  • Ivan

    hey master how can I access the home network or wifi if my tablet was locked..?
    I can’t turn on the wifi because the only thing that shows in my tablet is the account recovery in Google and the home-screen with the Android logo.

  • Sar

    thanx it worked

  • pouru

    I have a ansonic tablet that is bought in spain
    Got locked due to too many pattern attempts and can’t log in ‘coz my wifi isn’t connected

    It has a physical home button ,volume keys ,power button and a reset slot thing

    I have tried the homebutton+powerbutton and powerbutton+volume keys but it just turns off……. and on

    I tried the reset slot but still didn’t work it just restarts the tablet and
    goes back to the “log in” thing

    I know my gmail account

    Please help …..

  • Hopelessy lost

    I bought my 7 year old son a Dragontouch 7 Y88 android tablet for Christmas. He decided to put an unlock password on it and forgot what it was. Now we cant unlock it and do anything with it. How can I unlock the tablet and get back into it? Can you help me?

  • dize

    please help my rich&hl tablet. its say to many pattern attempts. but i try to hard reset by pressing power button and volume up.

    showing Android lay
    down with caution on its
    stomach. how do i go to the recovery mode? when i press again the power and volume up button its not working. please help!

    • Tablet Guru

      You are just one step away from the recovery mode. Try pressing volume down only. If that also didn’t work try random key combination.

      • Divya

        My Swipe 3D life+ is asking username and password…some has changed it..could you please tellme the procedure to reset it

  • norlyn

    I have a china tablet. the button power + Volume key is not working. please help me?

    • Tablet Guru

      Hard reset methods does not work on China tablet. Only method 4 & 6 will work.

  • sassy

    locked out of my tablet

  • angel

    my brother are a god thanks, greetings from mexico

  • Jawahar

    Hi sir….. My tab is locked due to too many pattern attempts…by pressing power and volume up a screen is shown with android symbol and ! In top of it… It doesn’t show any things like “reboot now” or “apply update from sd card” or anything….. Just the android symbol and a exclamatory mark ! Is on top of it….. And it doesn’t show any brand name…. When i switch it on it just shows android shining in the screen….

  • talib

    My g tab p700i has locked, after pressing the vol up and power button I come to recovery screen that shows the android logo with ! Mark on it..however I m unable to go inside the menu, I mean to say that as there is no home button on the g tab, I tried several button combinations with vol and power but was unsuccesseful. Plz let me know how to go in the recovery menu mode..an earliest reply needes… thnx…tabguru…

    • Tablet Guru

      Try pressing the volume+ and power button together.

      • talib

        Thank tablet guru for ur reply, as I said by pressing and holding the vol up and power button it goes to the recovery mode screen however after that how to go to the menu for wipe data option, I cannot see the menu just the android green man with the ! Is there on the screen and no menu, plz let me know the buttons to press after this..thnx again…

        • Tablet Guru

          After that you have to press the volume + and power button again for a sec, it will take you to the recovery menu.

  • Ronking gogo

    Man YOu’re a genius Thank you a lot i Lock My Tablet for 4 Mons. Thank You man Your THE ONE #1

  • Sanjoy bose

    Thanks a lot genius, genius, genius, 108*genius.
    thanks a lot, thanks a lot, thanks a lot, thanks a lot, 108*thanks a lot.

    • Tablet Guru

      Love to hear that..

  • Ashish

    thanks a lot genius
    thank u very much

    • Tablet Guru

      love to hear that..:)

  • Rohti Gupta

    My tablet ( Zync Dual 7g) has been permanently locked due to several incorrect pattern attempts. When it locked it wasn’t connected to Wi-fi. Therefore Tablet is not accepting Google id and password, but it is actually correct.
    It has just one button- the power button. No space to attach a dongle… I am trying Volume+ Button then press Power button for 10 sec but reset not start..
    Kindly help me…

  • priyanka

    My tablet ( lava e-tab z7g) has been permanently locked due to several incorrect pattern attempts. When it locked it wasn’t connected to Wi-fi. Therefore Tablet is not accepting Google id and password, but it is actually correct.
    It has just one button- the power button. No space to attach a dongle , no reset pin -hole and no volume button is present and the sd card too doesn’t come out. Please Help.

    • Tablet Guru

      In that case you have to you have to re-install Android. But first get the SD card repaired in any mobile repairing shop as you need a working SD card slot to install Android.

  • Sanil

    I am using a micromax Funbook Tab and getting error, Too many patter attemts and I have forgottten the user and id password. I tried above all steps by using power and voulme keys and also inserted pin for reset but no option came for Factory setting same error message displayed, too many patter attemts ..Please help.

    • Tablet Guru

      Step 4 will work for sure. We have personally tried and tested it on Micromax Funbook Tab. Try it once more.
      Even after that it did not get unlocked then I would recommend you to reinstall Android on it.
      See this post to know more https://mytabletguru.com/reinstall-android-os-on-tablet-pc/


    I have lenovo idea tabA2107AH tablet it has no home key. only volume + and – buttons and power button and reset button. it has locked due to too many patterns.
    The message appearing on the screen is “Google account user name and password” when I put the username & password in it then it doesn’t accept, and WI-Fi is turned off.

    • Tablet Guru

      Then you have to follow the forth steps as mentioned above. Press the volume and power button together to enter the reset mode.


      Thanks for suggestion now it is working

  • Otakusha

    does ur method work even if usb debugging is off??……can some one explain to me how to hard reset my tablet??It has only a power button there is no volume or home button. Please help me bring my tablet back to life.

    • Tablet Guru

      Which tablet you have got.

  • Fahad

    I have Micromax funbook talk P362, it is locked due to too many wrong pattern attempt and also WiFi is showing off.There is no physical home button through which I can recover my tablet. I also follow the steps instruct by your website(specifically case 4) and it didn’t work at all.

    • Tablet Guru

      We have successfully tested the case 4 with Microamax tablet. Try again, this will work for sure

  • cheerag

    Hello there I am having problem with Karbonn Smart Tablet 9.
    It is stuck on the Karbonn Marvel logo, I tried to hard reset it by pressing volume up + power and volume down+ power but there is no recovery option….can anyone help please..there is a reset button also I have pressed it also but of no use.

    • Tablet Guru

      Hi Cheerag,
      You tablet is stuck at the boot menu. Hard reset or reset key will not work in this case. Now the only option left with you is to go to the nearest service/tablet repairing center and get the Android re-install on your tablet.

  • jenel ann

    Hi there, I have an china android tablet.. 2.0A max tablet.. its a pattern locked and I can’t remember the pattern I done. I tried to do some tricks like POWER BUTTON TOGETHER with VOLUME KEYS but it doesn’t work. I just want to format my tablet.

    • Tablet Guru

      Most of the China tablet can be formatted using a boot-able memory card. The process of making a boot-able memory card will be soon published in the site.

      • apple

        Tablet Guru, please help…

        I’m from the phils, I have this I.Robot II tablet, probably china made..
        I have the same problem..
        hoping you’ll published this soon..

        thanks 🙂

        • elppa

          same brand, same problem.

  • Melopadi

    Tablet Guru, my niece accidentally entered wrong patterns…and when I’m entering my Gmail username and password it keeps telling me “invalid username or password. I don’t know how to fix it, my tablet is KingCom joypad C71. What shall I do?

    • Tablet Guru

      In this case use the Google application specific password method to unlock the tablet. See the second video in the post for more detail.

  • yash

    My Bsnl Penta IS709c is locked and I have forgotten the pattern password and there is no option like ‘forgot your password’.

    • Tablet Guru

      Hard rest your tablet. See the third video from top in post to get the more info.

  • Rahul Ghosal

    Sir I am using byond mi-book m1 tablet I forgot my patter and its locked now how can i get rid of it….. and its showing different option just like a caution symbol in android stomach.

    • Tablet Guru

      You have entered into the reset mode. Now to get the menu option click on the either Home button or back button. There you will see the option

      “wipe data/factory reset”

      . Click on that and a another menu will appear. In the appeared menu click on the

      Yes-Delete all uer data

      The very same process has been described in the third video in the post.

  • Dragos

    I have a Vodafone smart tab II (Lenovo). When I have the SIM inserted an internet connection is active. I tried case 1, didn’t work. Case 2, didn’t work. Even Case 3 didn’t work. I try to reset with power button and Volume up, but even this doesn’t work for me.


    It worked for me as well …:) Great .thanks for sharing this info with us .

  • Wil

    Hello TG.
    I have a “Sero 7 Lite” With no home button but power, volume buttons and reset pin hole. When I tried the buttons sequence I can only get to the Android Icon laying with an red exclamation symbol over it.
    I will appreciate your help.

    • Wil

      I found a way. Just press volume up + power at the same time until the green android with the red exclamation symbol appears. After that, press the same buttons intermittently until the recovery menu appears.

      • Billy

        Thanks for your advise it worked for me,tablet is now working ,its only that you loose sum apps but the music and videos is there,Thanks.

  • hazelzelean

    all the suggestions to unlock tablet i already done but is doesnt work..

    • Zain Siddiqui

      try contacting your tablet’s support center

  • Saksham

    Thank You Very much.The last method worked for me and thanks again

  • tuffmachine

    I have Suntab tablet it has no home key. only volume + and – buttons and power button and reset button. it has locked due to too many patterns.
    It is locked due to too many pattern attempts. The message appearing on the screen is “Google account user name and password” when I put the username & password in it then it doesn’t accept, and WI-Fi is turned off. I have used hard reset according to your way as you described but it doesn’t work, please help

    • emanuel

      Me too. I tried to do that.It doesn’t work.I am Filipino.

      • Nishant Tripathi

        Hi Emanuel, which tablet do you have?

        • edrian

          it is true?

        • sara

          i can’t remember my lock screen and i don’t remember my google email or passowrd serius help

          • sara

            like this tablet on the video help please

    • I have the same problem what 2 do

  • shami

    oh thankss idid it…yipppyyyy

  • vikash

    it’s good tips. my tab was locked by draw patten lock 2 dayes ago. now my tab is working . thanx

    • Nikkea

      I have my tab for a while now and i forgot my pattern if i get wi fi will that help?

      • Zain Siddiqui

        yes, try repeating the same process in wifi presence

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I have HCL ME X1 and it got locked due to many wrong pattern attempts. I tried to do the hard reset by pressing power and home button but it is not working.

  • sumeet

    I have a 51cubee u26gt. I have the same problem as above but there is no volume or home button only a power button and a reset hole.Can you please help me in hard resetting it?

  • amber wolfe

    ok my little brother got a hold of my parents android tablet, and we are trying to get it unlocked from the screen that asks for the google email account and password. My little brother can’t remember his password and we have tried everything. We have gotten to the part where you hold the volume and the power button down at the same time. We get the little android bot pops up with the gears rotating on his stomach and then a bar flashes really fast across the bottom of the screen. We have tried the part where we just press the reset button and we have also held the button down for 18 seconds but it hasn’t made a difference. Can anyone help us with this problem. It would be really appreciated. Thank you.

  • shareef


    I have a tablet “itouch Model No.x708s. It is locked due to too many pattern attempts. The screen message like this “Google account user name and password” appears and when I put the username & password in it then it doesn’t accept, I think it may be because of WI-Fi is turned off. I have used hard reset according to your way as you described in this thread but it doesn’t work. I don’t find any reset pin hole. Plz help me how to make my table alive. Sir your help in this matter shall be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • dennice

      buy tablet pc cable n gt internet by broadband and reset the softwear or recovery,,,,,,,
      itz so easy…

      • Narendra

        How to do that ??????
        please tell me in details….
        thanx in advance…………

  • Bangs

    I HAVE A SAME PROBLEM WITH chetan thorat

    …..I did formatting by pressing start and home button but after that one picture is shown on screen like android is damaged by showing sleeping android….

  • roi vincent suarez

    I have android Tablet Model : 2.0a max
    My tablet is locked by trying too many patterns ..
    So..My current screen is asking me the Google id and password.
    But When I type correct ID and PWD even its says “Wrong Username & password”, I tried from Google recovery facility but not understand that much.
    So…. I would like to Hard RESET this Tablet this model has only POWER button, there is NO Volume + or – and no RESET Hole find.
    Could you please help me in this regards, I appreciate your kind support.
    Thanking you …

  • Farah

    I have a 7 inch Merlin android 4 tablet PC. No matter what I do I can not access the recovery screen. The manufacturer said I should hold down the Volume + and – buttons and the power button to get to the recovery screen but it will not work. There is no request for a google account password either. You just get 5 tries after which you have to wait 30 seconds and can try again. Since I didn’t set the password, I have no idea what to do.

    • Mansoor

      Your issue resolved. i have same issue with my neice merlin tab

  • Nisha

    My tab got locked the same way and as said in step 3 I did but still my Micromax funbook is not getting opened. Please help me!

    • Tablet Guru

      Try unlocking it through the reset pin (case 4). We have done it here and it work for us.

      • Nisha

        It is also not working sir.

  • Pradeep

    Dear Tablet Guru,

    I have Adnodoid Tablet Model : E-TAB Z7S and Make : Lava
    My tablet is locked by trying too many patterns ..
    So..My current screen is asking me the Google id and password.
    But When I type correct ID and PWD even its says “Wrong Username & PWD”, I tried from Google recovery facility but not understand that much.
    So…. I would like to Hard RESET this Tablet this model has only POWER button, there is NO Volume + or – and no RESET Hole find.
    Could you please HELP in this regards, I appreciating your kind support.
    Thanking you Sir,

    • Tablet Guru

      Have you tried the case 3 steps as mentioned above.

  • Donna

    I have a Zeki TB782B Android tablet. It was given to me by a friend who doesn’t want it. It belonged to his son. It is of course set up with a password and neither of them remember it. I have been trying every way I’ve read about on-line to bypass the code or reset it. Nothing works, I hope you can help. Thanks.

  • nikki

    I have a dragon touch android tablet. Where is the reset button!? I put in the right username and password but it goes black and when I press the power button and it goes right back to the screen where it asks me for my username and password.PLEASE HELP.

    • Tablet Guru

      Have you tried unlocking it through Case 3, as mentioned above.

  • Mayur

    Dear TG,
    I have android tablet with sim (unbranded) due to too many attempts it got locked and now it’s asking to sign with google a/c.

    1) wi-fi is not on my tablet.
    2) unfortunately power buton is not working..!
    3) Do not have physical home button but have some home symbol but again power button is not working..!
    4) I had tried 3-4 times to reset by reset pin hole, it re-starts tablets but again same screen asking to sign in google a/c is apprear…!

    can u still help me to unlock by tablet…???!!!

    • Tablet Guru

      Which tablet you have got?
      Also the only way now is you have to unlock the tablet through the debugging mode. The method for that will be soon published.

      • Mayur

        i have china tablet i.e. unbranded purchased directly from manufacturer in china, whne i had visited there…!

        now as you can see that it can only open by debugging, can u let me know when can i get such info, as i am unable to use my tablet…!

  • Mario

    I tried the combination keys vol up and down and power button then press the reset button nothing happens. it only shows an android image with exclamation point on the screen and nothing happens. Pls help…

    • Tablet Guru

      Which tab have you got. Also is the Wi-fi is ON in the tab.


    hi tablet guru,
    I hav bsnl penta is709c tab but I am unable to hard reset it
    I have try all options on it but it shows android icon without any menu with a yellow attention mark.
    send me solution if u know

  • Niren

    Hi Guru,
    I got a tablet(Micromax funbook infinity P275) with locked pattern because of my friends tried too many wrong patterns. I tired to reset it following your steps. Here what I did is press home + power button for 15 sec then i come to see android logo with exclamation warning symbol then I pressed reset button with pin through reset pin-hole. When i press the reset button the tablet is starts again like switch on it and the same page of asking google id and password is coming.Tell me how to reset my tab.

    • jazz hazourdz

      press it for 12 to 18 secs

  • fayaz gafoor

    im having an android tablet of Xtouch brand ..i have forgotten the pattern and tried 15 times .. now its locked and asking for email id and password…i dont know which id and which password i have given as my google account… how can i unlock it… plzzzzzzzzzz help me ;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(….its not having a home button .. im trying 2 do a hard reset.. i tried step 4 u have mentioned above….vol up n down + power its not working ….plzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeee…….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Tablet Guru

      Follow step 3.
      Check https://accounts.google.com/IssuedAuthSubTokens this link on every Google account you have got.
      The registered Google account will show your tablet as the registered device.
      It may be shown up as “Android Phone” in the list.

  • Suryakant

    Thanks very much. I am able to unlock pattern by putting correct mail id and password for my locked pattern of iberry axo3g tablet.

  • Antish

    Hello Sir. I recently bought an Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich tablet,from ebay and it got locked inadvertently! since then it is asking for the username and password which i am entering correctly but is not accepted by the tablet. The tablet has a reset button, the volume keys and a power button. I tried the methods you mentioned above with no success.

    It’s a Dragon touch tablet 7 inch A10MID70416W.

    Please help. I want to hard reset it but I do not know the sequence.Thank you very much

  • farookh

    dear sir am using mi5 book of byond . it is locked due to wrong unlocking pattern i have inserted a pin in reset hole but it still showing the message enter a google acount . it is showing wrong email and password but it is correctly working in computer brower . please help me thank you ‘

  • 2joints420

    I have a RICH Android tab with ICS 4.0 and I got locked out due to incorrect pattern attempts. When I press the volume down+power button it will turn on with “Safe Mode” on the lower left of the screen but still locked out. Can you please help me on this? Any help will be much appreciated.

    • 2joints420

      Wifi is turned off and it does not have a data service.


    There is no name at all on the tablet It is a Android from HONGKONG
    Still locked out, wanting me to sign in with my google account. A google account was not set up with this tablet.
    I tried too many patterns to unlock this tablet that is why I am locked out. I did what you had suggested – hold the on/off button down along with the volume button, then used a paper clip to hold down something in a tiny hole…..nothing just the same page came up again that says too many pattern attempts! Sign in with your Google account. Help

  • Garfield


    I have a viewsonic tablet(android) and it is locked out because of drawing a wrong pattern several times. I have tried all the methods prescribed above and none of it is working. Even though there is wifi on my tab says no internet connection. I tried the hard factory reset too but it doesnt work. My tab has only ‘power on’ button and no volume keys.Please help !

  • vinay

    My eurostar et7006c-p12 tablet is locked…The does not have a sim slot,i am unable access the internet wifi turned off.. On top of that usb debugging is turned off.. when i do a factory reset the andriod symbol with exclamatory mark appears ….Only solution left is I need to run a flash but drivers for my tab are not available…..Please upload the drivers…

  • Joy

    I gave my grandaughter a 9″ android tablet for Christmas. It wasn’t working properly for her so I took it back and replaced it. Without asking her the pattern security, I tried a few myself until I got locked out for too many pattern attempts. Her username, hotmail address and password won’t work for me. Tablet says to visit google.com/accounts/recovery which I have done but am getting nowhere at all. Her hotmail address and my gmail address are in no way attached. She doesn’t have a gmail just her hotmail account.
    – What happened. I am so stuck and frustrated not to mention I have this lovely tablet here that I can’t use at all because I’m locked out!

    – What you think the correct behavior should be.



    I have been reading your answers above and have tried pushing the power button and the volume button for 15 sec. together but all I get is the same page saying, “too many attempts etc. sign in with Google mail which I did knowing there was no Google mail set up for this tablet. I am beside myself now and do not know what to do to fix this problem so I can use this tablet?

    • Tablet Guru

      Share the tablet model info to help you out.

      • Joy

        There is no name at all on the tablet It is a Ice Cream Sandwich and a Android 9 inch from China
        Still locked out, wanting me to sign in with my google account. A google account was not set up with this tablet.
        I tried too many patterns to unlock this tablet that is why I am locked out. I did what you had suggested – hold the on/off button down along with the volume button, then used a paper clip to hold down something in a tiny hole…..nothing just the same page came up again that says too many pattern attempts! Sign in with your Google account. Help please…………thanks so much (*_*)

        • Tablet Guru

          I understand your situation we will be soon uploading a new method using computer and Android SDK to unlock the tablet. The method is still in development. As soon it is done we will also mail it to you.

  • prem

    I forgot my username and password in Penta IS703C tablet? How to unlock Penta IS703C tablet username and password

  • Patrick Galendez

    I have a KNC MD702s,same as the others,i have a problem too about the pattern problem and my tablet asks me to sign in on my google account but everytime i type in the right username and password it says that invalid username/password and i also tried your advice to hard reset it but it ain’t work either please answer (:

  • Ivan

    Hello Sir, im having the same issue here. I have Rich and HL tab, and theres a hole in it. But when im trying to insert the pin, i cant feel any button inside. I can touch something but i think its more of a pcb board or something like that. And also im having a hard time trying to access the recovery state, im pressing power button and + volume. Ive done it twice but after that i have no luck, just turning on and off.


    I am using UBI slate 7Ci . The system is locked using the pattern lock,and I have forgotten pattern . I tred to hard reset it following the steps.but the device does not have a home button or the reset pin and pressing the power button and volume keys together shuts down the system.

  • Alex

    There is no pin-hole on my tab.. so I can’t reset 🙁

  • jaseem

    My tablet is locked by too many patterns ..
    My current screen is asking me the Google id and password.
    When I type that…,,
    I can’t sign in…!!!
    🙁 plzzzz help me guru

  • Arun

    Hi Tablet Guru,

    I am getting the same issue as “chetan thorat” above is getting. For his problem use ask him to send the picture or video on your email address.

    “I have seen your solutions and suggestion and I did formatting by pressing start and home button but after that one picture is shown on screen like android is damaged by showing sleeping android.”

    Can you please help me how I can resolve the same issue.


  • Cassidy

    Hi tablet guru,i have a Android Tablet 7 inch 4 .0 ICS Slim (DUAL CAM) due to many pattern attempts by my sister its been lock i tried everything you advice to do but nothing happens. is it possible to reformart my tablet on pc? Hope i hear reply from you ASAP. Thanks

  • Akhtarul Hasan

    I have a Ubislate 7CI tab which is locked now. And appearing window demands Google account details. But even after giving the needed details it doesn’t really accept it. Moreover there is no physical home button and no reset hole either.My tab only gets connected to internet using WiFi by is unfortunately set to OFF in the Tab. Please tell me how can I open my tab from here on?

  • chetan thorat

    i have Byond Mi book mi-1, my younger sister inserted password and she forgot the password. I have seen your solutions and suggestion and I did formatting by pressing start and home button but after that one picture is shown on screen like android is damaged by showing sleeping android.

    whats the exact issue..

    • Tablet Guru

      hi Chetan, Share the pics or a video of your tablet showing the issue. We will revert immediately with the solution.
      Send it on admin@mytabletguru.com

  • Shaikh

    I have a tablet “itouch Model No.i724. It is locked due to too many pattern attempts. The screen message like this “Google account user name and password” appears and when I put the username & password in it then it doesn’t accept, I think it may be because of WI-Fi is turned off. I have used hard reset according to your way as you described in this thread but it doesn’t work. I don’t find any reset pin hole. Plz help me how to make my table alive. Sir your help in this matter shall highly be appreciated. Thanks

  • pem

    I am using a Micromax tablet. I forgot my password pattern and I followed your advice by pressing the reset hole but nothing is happening. Please help.

    • Manzoor

      Hey pem, the above method is correct I got my funbook talk p350 restarted. Press the power key first and then press the both volume keys up and down together and then take a safety pin and enter the pin into the reset hole n press it for 5 sec. Get the pin out of the reset hole now the tab Will turned off now restart the tab it Will take around 7 mins to restart and now tab is as fresh as it was when you bought it. Me to bhaut khush hu tension ho gayi thi mujhe to. Thanks to our all the GURUS 🙂

  • Fairoos

    I can’t unlock my lenovo ideapad

  • abdul

    I tried to open my tablet by volume key and power on key together.
    The android symbol also changes to crossed symbol with caution mark but at the end again the username password screen comes and it doesn’t works.

    Tablet: BSNL Penta ws802c

    Kindly Help

    • Tablet Guru

      Try Reset by gently pressing through the reset pin-hole. Find this tiny hole on one of the sides of the tablet. Use a clip or similar fine stuff to get it done.

  • abukngmkr

    How to reset my tablet, it does not have reset hole.

  • chintan

    I tried to open my tablet by volume key and power on key together.
    The android symbol also changes to crossed symbol with caution mark but at the end again the username password screen comes and it doesn’t works.

    My tablet is of NEWSMY company model T3.

    Help me out to unlock my tablet.

    • Tablet Guru

      Hey Chintan,
      CHintan am sure there will be a reset pin-hole. Press that using a fine thing and with this we wish your tablet gets fine.
      Please reply and share your experience.

      • khetcie

        Mine showing Android lay down with caution on its stomach. Mine is china 🙁 cant click it 🙁

        • Tablet Guru

          Now press the home or back button and you will enter into the recovery mode.

  • Aere

    Hi There,

    I’ve got an android 4.0 tablet that my son locked due too many incorrect pattern attempts.. The stupid thing is that my nephew was the one who setup the google play store login and pin and he can’t remember the password..

    So I have no idea how to unlock it.. Would prefer to try fix it ourselves before taking it to the shops.. Have been quote $180 – $200+ for someone just to unlock it…please help..

    • Tablet Guru

      Hi Aere,
      You are in some situation, but don’t worry. Go for the factory reset or the ‘hard reset’ as many will like it to say. All you got to do is look for the power button and the physical home button. In case there is no physical home button in your device, am sure volume buttons will do. Now all it takes is pressing your device’s power button and home button together for 15 secs. Again if physical home button is absent then use the combination of Power button and Volume keys and perform the same process.

      CAUTION: this Factory/Hard setting wipes out the internal as well external memory. So, it is advisable to remove your external memory card and save its data, before you carry out hard reset.

      Okay then, let us know if it resolved your issue. Further if the tablet is still locked, contact us with your tablet model details. We will be happy to help with our best ability.

      • nikita

        I have bought my tablet from dubai.It is locked due to too many pattern attempts. I have used hard reset .It have opened something which have 21 options in language.When I looked on google it seemed that language was Korean.I have tried to press something it opened camera, song etc,but it is not showing the main page.Please help me how to solve this problem.

        • Tablet Guru

          Hey, can you find a reset pin-hole in your tablet? If it’s there, press it. If an option for language selection appears, carefully select English. I reckon it shall resolve your problem.

      • metin polat

        tablet guru yardım et, benim tablet çok sayıda desen denemesi nedeniyle kilitlendi markası pranha busines ıı 9″ tablette güç düğmesi reset düğmesi ve reset deliği var başka bişey yok ne yaptıysam açılmadı bilgisayara bağlıyorum görmüyor pc acil yardım şimdiden teşekkürler…

  • vher

    i can’t still open my tab

    • Tablet Guru

      What is the message coming on the tablet. Plz elaborate.

  • Jose christy

    I have penta is701c tablet. I tried to format it because it was locked. I lon pressed volume button and power button togeather but it doesn’t say anything. Pls help me to recover it.

  • Irfan Shaikh

    It seems to be useful. I wil try it.
    Thank you.

    • Jeanette

      Did you managed to sort your problem. My son played with the pattern password and now we can’t unlock it!!!