Flashing: Dell Venue 7 3740 (Stock ROM)

If your Dell Venue 7 3740 Merrifield has been stuck at Dell logo or its software has been corrupted, you can flash the device to get it back in working state.


Tools Required:

1- Dell venue 7 Stock ROM

2- Flash Tool

Steps to Flashing:

1- Download the Stock ROM & Flash tool. Place it in single folder.

2- Run Flash tool first and install it.

3- Run P708T driver.

4- Now run iSOC USB driver.

5- Run Intel Android driver setup.

6- Run ADB and Fastbbot.

7- Extract the stock rom.

8- As soon as all driver get installed, run the tool.

9- Select 2nd tab as shown in image.

Xfstk tool 2nd tab

10- Click on Option and select Modify Setting.

Xfstk tool 1 option

11- Select the last Download Tab and select Enable GP Flag override. Chnge the value from 0x80000001 to 0x80000007 and click on OK.

Download copy

12- Select File, DNX_FWR_PRQ.bin in FW Dnx.

13- Select For_Product_IFWI_PRQ.bin in IFWI.

14- Select DNX_osr_PRQ.bin in OS Dnx.

15- Select Droidboot.img.POS.bin in OS image.

16- Click on Begin Download.

17- Connect Tablet to PC by holding Volume UP key and connect it to USB cable until driver get installed.

18- Now flashing starts and when completed, Success: FW + OS Download Completed will appear in tool box.

19- Now, the tablet will automatically enter into recovery mode.

20- Under Firmware folder, run P802_Flash_device_lte. Flashing will start of its own.

21- When completed, cmd will show a message Press any key to continue.

22- Unplug cable, as flashing is completed.




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  • Akai_Ryu

    Hello, can you tell me or link this process for win 10 64 bit please?

  • Anil Kumar

    everything went good but after starting p802_flash_device_lte it was not able to connect.
    It was showing “waiting for the device”

    please tell me what i have done wrong

  • Jiwan Kataria

    I have Dell Venue 8, it stucks up at Dell Logo. flash files , drivers as shown in video are same for Dell Venue 8 or I have to down load diffierent files and tools for it. Can I get help from Dell Service Centre in this regard.

    • is it clovertrail plus, merrifield or moorefield ???

  • vishnuvardhanreddy kanchireddy

    Fw+os completed but not booting into recovery.Instead it showing blank screen.Tablet showing Intel logo at startup !!
    Binaries downloaded from official repo.
    Thanks in advance!

  • munendra singh

    Sir I have the same problem but in my tablet charging IC had burnt and not working.
    So, is there any way to fix it without using USB port ?

    • no
      you have to change usb port first

    • vishnuvardhanreddy kanchireddy

      are you getting blank screen ? did you recovered your tablet ! If yes please let me know .. Thanks

  • Oxygen


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce0d16ca0c9488fdd69b8b97e8ff54a9e9877662fc0cf6a71cd27a9087c4c91a.jpg Dear Ankur,
    when i tried to flash it with way showed. My dell venue 7 is detecting as a CLOVERVIEWPLUS device. Not as a merrifield device. So i am unable to flash it with MRD A0/B0. Instead i used CLVP A0/B0/B1. But its returing an error and not downloading the fw+os

    • Oxygen

      Please note i am using windows 7 32 bit OS. But my device is detecting as a CLOVERVIEWPLUS device. Your kind help on this is highly appreciated. Awaiting Reply. Thanks

    • if it is cloverview
      then it must be Dell venue 7 3730

      • Oxygen

        Dear ankur
        Thanks for your reply. How can i flash this model. Can you help me with this.

        • try as it is for 3740

          • Oxygen

            I tried. But i am getting same error as above screenshot indicated

          • P S

            Any luck with cloverview devices? I am having same error.
            Dell venue 3730…stuck on dell logo…restarts couple of times and then goes
            to no command screen. then I press power and volume up buttons, it goes to android 3e recovery screen with following options – 1.reboot, 2. apply update, 3.wipe data/factory reset & 4. wipe cache. I’ve tried factory reset but it doesn’t gets reset. same thing happens. Tried flashing using the merriefield method but device is detected as cloverview and same error comes as with oxygen.

            Please help if you have any info.

  • feroz salim

    Dear Ankur,
    I tried to flash my venue 7. The issue i am facing is the device it is detecting as a Cloverviewplus device. So i am unable to flash it with MRD/B0+MOOR A0+CRC. Its only detecting in last tab CLVP A0/B0/B1. I tried to flash it with CLVP but its getting error.

    • are you using Win 7 32 bit os???

      • Oxygen

        No unfortunately. Its a win 7 64 bit OS. Is there any other way i can flash my device using 64 bit. Please help

        • its going to driver issue

          • Osama Abdo

            Hello my POS download stock at 66% with this message : Windriver error 0x20000015 timeout expired
            Please help

          • Oxygen

            Did you try to do the whole process again after wiping the tablet

          • Osama Abdo

            It’s done by reinstal adb &fastboot files from other source

        • Osama Abdo

          Hello I have same problem can you tell me how to solve please

  • Mustafa

    problem here when i try to flash it says waiting for device
    so i look at device management i see aindroid phone driver not installed
    ik reinstall all the drivers but nothing help

    o now got venue 7 adb interface at device management

    • are you using Win 7 ….32 bit OS

      • Mustafa

        Yes windows 7 32bit
        Install al drivers no succes

        • share your whatsapp no

          • Mustafa

            Ok i have installed a new version driver and now with succes thnx

          • Osama Abdo


          • Osama Abdo

            Can you tell me which driver you installed or from where you download it

          • Osama Abdo

            Which driver you use can you share it

          • Osama Abdo

            Thanxs alot you save my tablet

  • Imtiyaz Karim


    Whenever open Dell vanue7 3740.
    Shaw that “unfortunately system UI had stopped”.
    Then any key press automatically switch off and directly tablet on …
    Show “unfortunately system UI has stopped”.
    So Please help me.

  • Syed Alim

    hey bro check this out
    my tablet logo is like this.
    send me the drivers link for this tab model
    my tab is of “dell venue 7 HSPA+”
    bro i’ve tried the given drivers the download is not begining
    my dell logo is white in colour

  • and make sure your system is free from virus or malware

    • Sana Hadi

      i have problem internal or external command and also my device manager shows dell 7 venue adb interface so it means i have dell 7 venue 3740 model right bcz there is no service anything so i can know which model i have

  • Joear Balingit

    Hi is says fastboot is not recognize as internal or external command. Help me please

    • Sana Hadi

      i have same problem no one answering

    • Install ADB & Fastboot driver
      then try

  • Sana Hadi

    Dear Ankur sir, i AM HAVING THIS PROBLEM. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5be51da5c3f90fee709a36fe67e4bbc808f89f7360370f5bf78018d6dfb68658.jpg

    Please how to solve it, I am using windows 7 32 bit, also installed all drivers but still have this issue

  • Akshay

    Dear Ankur,
    Fastboot and abd is not installing and showing error.I have installed all drivers with no error but this 2 is showing error.Please help.

    • Which OS you are using
      its compatible with Win 7 32 bit OS

  • Koustuv Dutta

    14:25:17 – XFSTK-LOG–void MerrifieldDownloader::do_abort()

    i am getting this while i am using xFSTK Downloader to flash!

    • do you have the files required for flashing???

  • When I use the file “P802_flash_device_lte.bat” it seems that it does not work so my tablet does not leave the screen where I can choose the reboot. How do I solve this or how do I reverse it back to normal?

  • Surya

    Device not recognized error.
    When I press the vol up button and insert he USB, error shows up that the device is not recognized.
    Using Win 7/32.

  • noah

    how to repair intel inside error in dell venue 7

  • Nithya Nathan

    I have flashed my Dell Vue 7 twice. This time downloading was success. When I clicked P802_flash_device_lte.bat it got stuck at failed to write to usb; ret=0 errno+31FAILED

  • Sudipto Sinha

    u said to choose the 2nd tab (i.e. MRD A0/B0) under the xFSTK window but the firmware 3730 is for cloverview plus then shouldn’t we choose the last tab while we are trying to flash stock rom of Venue 7 3730 which is cloverview plus version???


    hello sir my P802_flash_device_lte.bat file is not es tract properly

  • leun ame

    can i use this for 3830 ???

  • Romil Sharma

    Error : fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command

    • install driver first

      • Diego Moraes Cezar

        I had the same error. Drivers are installed. Followed all of your instructions by the letter and still it says “fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command”. Any idea what could be causing this?

  • adrian

    The guide serves me for a dell venue 7 3730?

    • yes, this post is all about flashing of dell venue 7 3740

  • Dorothy

    I do not have a computer with Windows 7- can you use Windows 10 or Vista?

    • If you had driver for Windows 10 or vista, then you can

  • Basit Ali Javed

    i have a dell venue 7.. ankur i have follow all your description but have a problm with me ur attachment fill adb and fastboot file is missing….and P802 flash device can not run..so what can i do… plz guide me and i have using win 7 32 bit

  • raj

    where are the flash files, that u have in that folder..?? where can i find them.. i have downloaded all the files u mentioned above.. but cant find these flash images file you got in a folder.

  • Rajat Mishra

    “Success: FW + OS Download Completed” after that device is in recovery mode but when i run “P802_Flash_device_lte” this file command promt window opens and says “waiting for device” what should i do for that plss help me i am still in between

    • make sure you had install driver, and connect phone through usb cable

  • Ashish Kumar

    thanks your guid 100% working

  • masood ahmed

    My dell venue 7 3740 tablet struck at dell logo.
    i tried restoring factory set up,still facing problem

    • flash the phone, it will be ok

      • masood ahmed

        I tried flashing given by you.
        At step 17,driver is not getting installed.
        Using windows 8

  • Ryan

    do you have a guide in dell venue 8?

    • yes Ryan, how can i help or where did you get stuck???

      • Thought provoking person

        I have dell venue 8 3830. Stuck at dell logo. How to flash it? Thank you.

  • mafiachat007

    20- Under Firmware folder, run P802_Flash_device_lte. Flashing will start of its own.

    dont work

    • did u install driver???
      and make sure you run on window 7 32 bit

      • arjun

        sir flashboot n abd is not woring in windows 7 32 bit …. please help me out…

  • Choon Poon

    it takes long time to download the Flashing: Dell Venue 7 3740 (Stock ROM) so how can i download it ?

  • Sergio Diaz

    Hi, in the step 20, to run “P802_flash_device_lte” stays “”. what do I do?.
    excuse my English is very bad, greetings from Mexico