Flash HCL ME U1 Tablet

To flash HCL ME U1 tab first you need to download the firmware of the ME U1.The link for which will be provided below. Flashing of HCL ME U1 will delete all the previously  installed apps that are on the internal memory of the tablet, also it will format the SD card so it recommend to take out the memory card.


The steps to Flash HCL ME U1 are as follows:

1) Download and extract the firmware files on laptop or computer. Download the firmware from here.

2) In the extracted folder click on the MPTOOL.exe file. A window will appear. Download MP Tool.

3) Connect the USB wire to the computer and switch off the tablet.

4) press the Vol + and power button together and then plug in the USB wire to the tablet as shown in the video.

5) If the step 4 is done correctly then a drive will popup on the system, this is the internal memory drive of the tablet and named VDfu.

6) On the appeared Window of MPTOOL a message will appear which says ” 1 Device Ready“. Only if above mentioned steps are done correctly, as shown in the image.

MPTool for HCL

MP Tool Window

7) Now click on Update option on the MP TOOL window.

8) After the Android installation finish the tablet will restart of its own and you will be ready to use the tablet.

You can also watch the steps in the below video also.

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