How to Flash any Dead Android Phone using PC

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Summary: This post is about how to recover the Nokia/MTK Android phone, if it has gone Dead.

                            1- How Phone gets Bricked?

Basically, phone get bricked during the installation of Android OS (flashing).

If flashing is interrupted by low battery or loose cable connection during flashing.

If your android phone has been powered by Mediatek CPU and either you are using wrong firmware or a custom ROM (unstable) to flash your phone, your android mobile will get dead.


Result: Phone will not boot even after holding the power key and it will not accept charging.

It will get stuck at logo or will restart every time I.e., Boot loop or Restart loop.

Unable to Shift phone in Recovery mode.

In this situation, Hard Reset will not work.


2- Why Phone becomes dead (MTK Android Phone)?

While installing Custom ROM or Stock firmware (unstable), Preloader(.bin) file becomes corrupted.

Preloader is the file in MTK android phone which helps to boot the phone.


3- Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Phone (Mtk Android/Nokia Java)

Now, after getting clues why phone has been dead. we will now proceed further to fix/Unbrick Mtk Android phone and Nokia Java/Symbion phones.

a- MTK (MediaTek) Android Phone

Tools & Software Required:

  1. SP Flash tool
  2. Android Stock ROM 
  3. MTK USB Driver (Steps to installation)
  4. PC or Laptop
  5. Dead MTK Phone
  6. USB cable

Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Android (MTK) Phone

***Your PC should be running on 32 bit irrespective of Window version.

SP Flash tool has 4 Dropdown, Its meaning & How to use:

a- MOTA SIU : while choosing this function before clicking on Download, only boot, recovery and Android will be updated.

b- Format All + Download : while choosing this function before clicking on Download, it first erases the old Firmware then install new firmware. (Recommended when MTK phone stuck at logo & hard reset fails)

c- Firmware Upgrade: while choosing this function before clicking on Download, its update the Android version. (Recommended when installing a higher or lower version of Android manually)

1- Install MTK driver.

2- Download the tool.

3- Unzip it and double click on Flash_tool.exe.

4- It will launch the tool.

5- Download Android stock ROM, unzip it.

6- Click on Scatter-Loading and assign the path of file (Select Firmware i.e. {.txt extension}).

7- Click on Download.

8- Switch off Mobile and connect it to PC using USB cable by pressing Volume down as boot key.

9- Flashing starts and when completed, Download OK will appear.


b- Nokia Dead Phone (Java/Symbion)

Tools & Software Required:

  1. Phoenix Tool (Disable anti virus while installing)
  2. Nokia Stock ROM 
  3. Nokia PC Suite
  4. PC or Laptop
  5. Dead Nokia Phone
  6. USB cable

Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Nokia Phone (Coming soon)

***Your PC should be running on 32 bit irrespective of Window version.

1- Install Nokia PC Suite.

2- Run Phoenix tool, after installation tool interface will appear like this.

Phoenix tool interface

3- Click on Tools–>Data Package download.


4- Download the Nokia Firmware .

5- After installation, Check path where Firmware has to be placed. (C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products)

6- Now, Make a Folder of the Model no which you are trying to flash.

Product enter

7- Now, Place the firmware in RM-596 folder.

8- Click on File–> Open product.

Open product

9- In type Filter, enter the model no.

Type filter

10- Click on Ok.


11- Click on Flashing–>Firmware Update. It will open Firmware Update Box, Click on Product code browse button (…) and One pop up will appear. Select the product code and click on Ok.

12- Select “Dead Phone USB Flashing”, which is in the Firmware Update box.

13- Click on Refurbish button, pop up will appear with installation instruction.

14- Switch off phone and connect it to PC using USB cable and Follow the instruction as in pop up.

15- Flashing starts and when completed Phoenix tool will notify, phone will reboot once after completion of flashing.

***In some cases Mobile will start charging as soon as connected to PC via. USB, to avoid this unplug battery and connect phone to PC without battery, as soon as the flashing starts connect the battery.

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