FAQs about Tablets

Tablet computers provide a great way of taking your work with you on your way. From portability to power, a tablet is a very handy device for people who love to stay connected. Here is a list of some of the commonly asked questions regarding what facilities these devices provide:


  • I want to use my SIM card in a tablet. Do tablets support this facility?
Yes, most modern day tablets come with a support for SIM card, although with a higher price than for the same tablet without SIM facility. Older tablets and even some of today’s tablets do not support this facility. iPad, Samsung tablets and other high end tabs support SIM card.


  • Can I make a call using a tablet?
Yes, thanks to the SIM facility provided in many of the tablets, you can make a phone call, a video call, send an SMS, use internet with GPRS or 2G or 3G, depending on your SIM. Video calling is available even on tablets that do not support SIM facility using WiFi and the help of softwares such as Skype. Almost all the Samsung tablet support calling facility whereas iPad support SIM but it cannot be used as a phone.

  • What is the difference between a smart phone and a tablet?
There are hardly any specification differences. The screen size is the main differentiating aspect with the tablet having a substantially larger screen for better workspace view. This makes it convenient for professionals who work on the fly, but is less portable than a smart phone. A smart phone is specifically designed to be a hand held device whereas a tablet is more like a device to be used keeping it on a table or on the lap and is usually carried in a bag or other casing. We have a detailed questionnair about this here.


  • Do tablets support Bluetooth facility?
Most tablets support transfer of files, not all. To know about connecting to a Bluetooth device, refer to this document


  • What is the screen size of a tablet as compared to a hand-held phone?
All tablets come with a touch-screen, whose size usually varies from 5 inch(Dell Streak), which is approximately the size of your palm to 10.1 inch, the size of a school boy’s notebook! The average screen size for a tablet is around 8.5 inch.


  • Do tablets support Dongle facility?
Dongles are devices that are plugged into a device to access protected software or facilities like the internet and prevent unauthorized access. Tablets which does not support SIM facility usually come with dongle support to surf the internet. Generally, budget tablets support dongle provided by companies like Huawei.
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