Expected Android Tablets Trend in 2015

android tablet trendAndroid OS has reached to 5th generation ( Lollipop ) in 2014 and it has a tablet market share of more then 70%. Leading tablet maker are coming with Android based tabs. The father of Android is Google and they had been working regularly to bring modification to the existing Android OS.

As the Android tablets are getting better year by year, here we have predicted the trends that the Android tab are likely to follow in year 2015.

1. Multi-Tasking:-
Till now, Android has account for more than 65 percent of users worldwide. But, one question mark arises. Is Multi-tasking support is better than Apple iOS. For now, the expert has reviewed that iOS is the best option for Multi-tasking feature. But with the launch of Android L, multi-tasking will no longer be a major issue.

2. Hybrid:-
Now-a-days all tablet manufacturer giants like-Sony, Microsoft, Apple have been rumored are coming with Hybrid Tablets i.e. tablet cum laptop. But most of these tablet are based on Windows OS, in year 2015 Android tablet with with hybrid feature will be seen more often.

3. Bigger Touch Screen:-
Now-a-days companies are fighting for the bigger touch screen and users too. It is expected that Microsoft at year end will come with 14-inch Tablet Computer followed by other companies.

4. Memory:-
Tablets will be bigger in size so as their memory. Higher RAM and internal storage tablet will be seen in coming year.

5. Better Battery:-
If you are using a tab of more than 10-inch screen size, battery back up is the major problem. Companies are also working on longer battery performance.

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6. Processor:-
Tablet with fast, faster and fastest Intel processor will be launched in year 2015.

7. OS:-
The OS market is expanding all day and Android is getting competition from all sides. Mozilla has come up with Firefox OS but the success lag behind, Windows is making its existence, Microsoft soon is going to launch Windows 10 for Tablets Computer. Ubuntu is also creating charm in tablet Computer. With all those competitors more and more Android updates will be released

The Graph of Leadership is changing every year which reveal that users are not satisfied with the tablets of single brand.







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