Ensure a Longer Life For Tab Batteries

Tablets since their introduction, just seem to be getting better and better regarding all the aspects such as advanced apps, better processing speed and a larger memory but one area that seems to be taking a beating is the battery backup of the device. Advancement in the device technology is indirectly proportional to the it’s battery life. So here are a few tips and tricks on how to enhance your battery life for a better performance of the tablet.

1. Blacken out your screen: In other words, dim your screen to a 30-40% battery standard rather than keeping it full aglow. Believe it or not but the amount of light your Tab emits, does adversely affect the battery of the device. Also setting the auto lock timing to less than a minute automatically dims your screen when not in use.

2.Cut Down on your Multi-Tasking: Though the tabs are made for handling many apps and processes at a single time, its your battery life which pays the price for it. So in order to avoid this unnecessary wastage of battery, go into the Settings Menu and shut down those ‘currently-not-under-use’ applications and widgets which run in the background.

3.Customize your priorities: Run only those applications which are useful to you at the moment. Applications like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS should be shut down when not in use as they excessively use the battery even in stand by mode.

4.Go against animation: Animated desktops and brightly colored wallpapers tend to eat up your already overloaded battery life. It is always preferable to use dark themed wallpapers and less funky desktop themes.

5. Keep it Cool: Always store the tablet in a place away from direct sunlight and other hot spots such as near the kitchen stove as heat is among the foremost enemies that drains the battery faster than most of the other factors and may also damage your device permanently.

6.Originality: Always try and go for original softwares and applications even if it costs you a tad bit more as free softwares and apps tend to bring along tons of pop ups and notifications which again cuts down your tablet battery life.

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