How to Install Driver for Android Tablet

Here  we are going to describe how to install drivers on android tablet & mobiles.


1-    The very first step in installing driver is to connect the Tablet to the computer through USB.

2-    Now back to the PC , in some case the driver are installed automatically while in some we have to manually download the driver.

3-    In manual download ,we have to go to device manager which can be open through search menu on start icon.

4-    Under the device manager menu , click on other , then under other there is android option, right click on it and then under it click on update software.

drivers not detected

5-    There appear two option ,select the first option which will look for the driver on the internet. Your PC must be connected to internet. If this method fails then try on next method.

6-    Again right click on android option and select update driver software.

7-    Now stick to the second option ( Browse My computer for driver install), there appears two option , select the first one and click on browse to set the folder path, if the driver is in the computer then it will install it. But if  the driver is not on PC, switch on to next method.

8-    The third method as similar to first two, right click on android , then click on update driver software. After it select the second option , here again two option arrive , out of which select the second option.

9-    Now several icon appears , out of which select the ADB interface , if the driver are present on the PC it will appear but if the driver is not present ,this method will not work.

Now coming to the next method, we have to install the driver using ADB driver installer.

Download and open it. Below is the interface of the Adb Driver installer.

adb installer for android

10-   Now a menu appears in which our tablet has been enlisted and then click on install . wait for few seconds then a icon appears which shows that driver installation successful.

Now move back to device manager and check whether  the driver is showing or not.

You can have anyone of these methods to install driver successfully on your tablet.

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  • Adriane Clark

    I have Vulcan Journey Tablet after i reset it displays “No Bootable Device” and it cant connect to the PC, That’s my problem because i can’t install or flash any software. PS. the OS of the tablet is win8. Any idea or Comment? Thanks

  • jayachandran jayakumar

    i have repeated wrong pattern for
    several times in my milagrow 7.16 pro tablet (model:MO813) and now i
    cant enter into the tab. how can i flash it???????plz do help….

  • john

    xgody 10.1 inch v11 4.4 kitkat drivers needed.. email me

  • Ravi

    Plz provide the firmware link for motherboard: SH6 94V-0 E248779 and chipset: infotmic imapx210bm1-80. My email is

  • Adnan Jamil

    Thankssss man 100% working done

  • Atul Chawathe

    When i run the ADB driver installer, my device is not listed. hence i cannot proceed further with the ADB driver installation as it says Device not detected. How do i make it visible

  • i dont know what to write

    !HELP..! i cant see ”other device” on the device manager what will i do??

  • Akruti Sharma

    Hi, I have a Milagrow TabTop 7.4 tablet. I have forgotten the password and now can’t access it. Can you help? While I did contact the customer service, they told me to download a firmware and a update tool. I did download the same and tried following the steps but the livesuit software doesn’t seem to recognize the tablet. Could it be that I haven’t got the right usb drivers for the tab? If yes, what usb driver must I install?

  • Ramadan Saadaq

    guru it just says unkown device to my selecline

  • sagir

    Reply me link for mp tool and res packing

  • Hattie Bundrent

    I am trying to unlock the pattern on a Chinese Android tablet. I can’t find other devices nor Android devices. Is there any other solution?

  • Hattie Bundrent

    I don’t have a other devices option on my computer.

  • Pradeep Bingi

    i need usb drivers

    • For which mobile or tablet ?

      • Saiky Amer

        sir for tablet!

  • KyleAkira Fadriquela Magnaye

    Guru.. my tablet is too many pattern attempts.. please help me

    • Use another USB wire & Reinstall the driver

    • Which tablet you have got?

      • Saiky Amer


  • KyleAkira Fadriquela Magnaye

    this is my problem.. I cant see my device

  • KyleAkira Fadriquela Magnaye

    Guru help me.. for my tablet.. I cant see my android device from device manager.. but my tablet is already connected from computer..

  • columbus81

    I have a tablet LOGICOM E – 821 ( M82Q2L ) Hard Reset please !!!

  • ptgirlpt

    my tablet doesn’t show up in the device manager 🙁



    • Few tablet does not support dongle. Check with the customer care for more details.

  • sreenu

    I forgot my tablet Milagrow 7.16 C pin to unlock, so i tried using this site and followed the instructions by downloading the tools and successfully unlocked it. Thanks to MyTablet Guru and software developers team. Many thanks again

  • Nami

    there is no others in my device manager. what to do sir?

  • Redwan N. Shishko

    It’s not like this in my case – it’s shows as a portable device and has no problems with the windows drivers, but it’s not recognized as ADB device – what is the solution sir?

    • melloyz

      I have the same issue. I installed Samsung driver and it can detect as ADB. I’m using win8 .

      • Stephanie Crocker

        Can you post a link to the samsung driver you used?

        • Iam Louis

          Downloading iroot on your pc will help identify and appropiate driver automatically

    • Stephanie Crocker

      Did you figure this out cause I’m having the same issue.

  • Melonee

    I do not see anything that say “other” in my manage devices

    • Redwan N. Shishko

      same here!
      it’s recognized and listed in Portable Devices

      • Melonee

        Mine was too, I ended up sending it back to company I bought it from and they are just going to sent me a replacement thank God for eBay!

      • Naveen

        Go to setting on your android and go to developer option and check the “USB debugging” option.

        • Stephanie Crocker

          The tablet does show up on the list of portable devices on the pc’s device manager but is not recognized by the ABD software. I cannot get into the settings on my tablet. Any other options?

  • hameed

    sir mere tablet pir pattern lock laga hai kohi taruka batao

  • kiran

    how to install android to my laptop

  • Willard C Smith III

    GPG Android Tool By GPGIndustries.rar Comes up as virus!

    • It is not. Some anti virus software treat it as virus. It is safe to use.

      • Willard C Smith III

        Thank you sir. I will tell my AV to ignore the file.

  • Tony Tanel

    I tried all those method but without succes. my device is not listed in ADB driver instaler. i have a goclever tab a73 tablet , pattern locked and all those programs, ask me to enable usb debuggind on it, how can i do that if the tablet is locked?

    • To Unlock pattern see the method here

  • l need software of china tablets

    • Rajab ali

      you need usb driver

      • Iam Louis

        download iroot