Do I need a Tablet??

Amidst the rush of every other person running for a tablet, pause, and ask yourself, “Do I really need a tablet?

Now that is a question that most people without a tablet like to ponder upon? Come let us try to see why tablets are turning into a rage in the durable goods market.

Today, there are very less reasons left to not buy a tablet! From portable entertainment to productivity on the go, tablets can perform well on all the fronts. Plus, it’s small size too! And it’s better than even a smartphone in ways more than one can think of. And you can buy it at a cheaper rate than less capable smartphones from major phone makers. One example is Samsung Tab2 and less powered Samsung Galaxy S II.

With the advent of cheaper (and better) tablets, the scenario is only going to turn in favor of tablets for all the things we do. With more and more desktop class application being made for tablets, the need for heavy lugging of laptops around is diminishing day by day for most of the purposes.

And since Android tablets are available in all the budget sizes and pocket sizes too, the obvious choice remains the same.

You can read books, write-edit-send mails, make/edit word, excel sheets and now create/edit presentations too! And then you can make calls by ones with SIM card support. The need of budget phone is getting reduced substantially by only trade off being smaller form factor. A 7-inch tablet can verify effortlessly fit into your jeans side pocket, with a little bulge, which is not something you can’t live with.

Whether or not you need such a device is depended upon how much demanding user you are. Since provisions like playing two videos simultaneously together or open two documents side by side is not possible, you have to make a choice whether you want a device which can do little of everything and be extremely portable, light on resources and pocket and fun, or you need a device which can do better of everything and be a little bulky for a good measure.

No matter what you decide, you’ll not regret the decision of buying or not buying a tablet. Also, many a times, people feel they may make a mistake by buying a tablet, but that’s untrue, because every time you think that your tablet is a waste of money and you got a wrong investment, you discover new ways of using your tablet or you without any reason fall in love with the device again. Believe us, we have had that feeling uncountable number of times now.

Hope our other articles give you an idea of what you can do with tablets and which of them will be the best for your budget and need.





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