Different Hard reset/factory wipe methods for Android Tablet

Most of the time, Kids within the house change the Pattern of Android Tablets.


And when asked to enter the pattern, they does not remember.

Don’t Panic!

In this post, we had listed different Methods to Unlock Pattern of Android Tablets.

1- Factory Reset

2- By using key Combination

3- By using PC Software

4- Android Tablet without Volume key

5- Hard Reset using Android Developer tool

Hard reset or factory wipe is a method of formatting any Android device ( tablet or mobile).

By doing hard reset all the Apps. and files that are installed or created by the user will be deleted.

Even the memory card will get formatted.  So before going for hard reset or factory swipe, it is suggested to remove the memory card if you do not want data to be erased.

1- Factory Reset (Soft Reset):

This process can be used if your Phone is running low in space and Hangs.

For simple factory reset the process is follows:

  • Goto settings -> Backup & Reset -> factory data reset

After factory reset, only pre installed apps and files that came with the device will remain on it.

2- Hard reset info (Keys Combination):

***Device must be 70 percent charged, to perform Hard Reset.

To do  hard reset first you have to enter into Android system recovery menu by pressing combination of buttons on the tablet.

Switch off Device.

Now press Combination of keys Like Power + Volume UP + Menu (All Samsung Phones) to enter in to Android System Recovery.

In the recovery menu select option “wipe data/factory reset” and click on it as shown in the image below.

Android recovery menu

Android recovery menu

Enter into the sub-menu. There you will find another option “Yes — delete all user data” . Select it and your tablet will get hard reset.

delete all uer data

To enter into  recovery menu you have to press few buttons on the tablet in a sequence / press combination of buttons on the tablet  and the sequence is not same for all the tablets. Tough one or more tablets can have same button sequence. Here we are listing the sequence for few tablets to be enter into the Android recovery menu.

Tablet Company Method Other info
  • BSNL Tablet ( IS703c)
Press Power button, as soon as logo appear continuously press and release volume down button See working video
  • Celkon CT2 Tab
Press and hold DOWN VOLUME key+POWER key+BACK key See working video
  • HCL Tablet
power button +  home button See working video
  • Karbonn Tablet,
  • HP Slate 7 Tablets
Power + Volume down + Volume up
  • Micromax Funbook P255
Press power button, as the logo appear continuously press and release volume down button See working video
  • Lenovo IdeaPad A3000
  • Hcl Me Tab
Power + Volume up button together See working video
  • Google Nexus 7
Press and hold Power until the device powers on, then immediately press and hold Volume Down(while still pressing Power). See working video
  • Touchmate PortoTab
Press and hold Power until the device powers on, then immediately press and hold Volume Up and press and release the volume down. See working video
  • Micromax Funbook P300 & P250
 Press the power and shortcutbutton together
  • Opal 1000
Press the volume down + power button together
  • UbiSlate 7cz
Press the power button + back button together
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Tab A1
 Hold down the volume button ( +,- ) and then press and release power button but keep pressing the volume button
  • All Samsung Tablets
 Press & Hold (Power + Volume UP + Menu) and then press Volume down to enter into Recovery Mode


3- By Using PC Software

Chinese Tablets with chipset like: Allwinner and Rockchip cannot be reset by using key combination.

We have to use PC to reset the pattern in Chinese Phone.

To unlock Allwinner Tablets we had to use Android Multi tools.

And For Rockchip Tablets, RKAndroid PC Tool is used.

Download Chinese Tablet Hard Reset tool to unlock Both of the chipset.

4- Android Tablet without Volume key

Some of the Tablets comes only with Power Key.

In this scenario, Switch off Tablet and Hold Power key for 40-45 seconds.

It will enter into recovery.

And Tablets without Volume key has reset hole.

Just insert any pin in it which will reset the phone directly.

5- Hard Reset using Android Developer tool

Here we have to use Command Prompt to unlock the tablet using Android Developer tool.


If the hard reset method does not work then reinstall the Android OS on Tablet.

If Apps. are getting installed of its own, then only way to recover the problem is to flash the Tablets.

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  • momo shin-bae

    Hi! Guru please help me i didn’t know how to reset a royqueen tablet because it has no volume buttons, it only has a home and power buttons

  • Nadeem Serwer

    I have qtablet q300
    I did this method but now my tablet is not starting if I press power button + volume up key then system recovery option come again….
    What should I do?

  • sam

    spc internet neo 4 ples tel me hard reset

  • HCL Me U1 still the same after hard reset.. what i do.. i want to clean my Tab

  • Prajwal Pandit

    hi sir i have promblem that my tab was not support volume buttons and i forgotten my password so please help me to solve this promblem please sir

  • deepak rana

    thanks sirrrr

  • jomz

    I have quantum wave 780ms. Only reset hole and power button. I cannot put it in the factory reset option because i dont have volume keys. Please jelp

    • Try to insert pin reset hole …it will reset the device directly

  • BIGB

    Hi um.. i have a problem my xtreme play android table t won’t hard reset when i press power button and volume down button at the same time on my other one it works but when i do it on my tablet it won;t do anything. What do i do?

    • try to charge it upto 70 percent
      then try out the different combination

  • Terrry O’Riordon

    Hi. I reset my Samsung galaxy5 to factory reset. It came back in Chinese. I have a whole list but none shows eMMC. Can you help. Terry.

  • Julia Humpage

    Hi guru I have a lenovo yoga 8 which is frozen on lenovo screen. The reset was followed but its in chinese I think so unsure what to do please help

    • Send Snapshot, where you are mixed up… what to do?

      • dj_abs

        Trio Stealth G2 8″ Tablet 8GB Technical Specifications:

        1.5GHz Cortex-A9 Multi-Core processor

        1GB DDR3 of system memory

        8.0″ touchscreen, 800 x 600 resolution

        i need drivers and how to install them or how to flash my tablet it is stuck at trio stealth logo screen and i can’t get to hard reset plz help…..

      • dj_abs

        What Chinese text screen? It is stuck at the Trio logo screen. Hard reset does not work . I tried it and it never went to the hard reset screen please help.

  • Will145

    I have a Hipstreet 9inch tablet Flare 2. It just stays stuck on the screen (@9). Please help

  • nb

    My son forgot is password to his Verizon Ellipsis 7, so there for can not use it. I’ve tried to hard reset it, but when I push the power button the tab either shuts off, or a screen flashes by so fast, that I only assume it must be a restart menu, but can’t get my finger off the power button quick enough before the screen is gone. Please help!! THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Use Power + volume up key combination while Hard Reset



  • sunny

    Does iball slo de brace x1 10.1″ tab support 1 tb harddisk vi a otg please ptovide procedure because my seagate doesnot respond

  • shah salman

    hello through your methods i’ve been able to solve many tablet issues but just recently i got a JXD model:p3000s tablet ( made in china ) , after hard reset ( wiping cache… complete) there appears ‘ no command’ and nothing happens . Help plz .

    • Use Miracle box or GpG Dragon crack to unlock the device

      • shah salman

        bro can you give me step by step instruction because i’ve never come across miracle box or dragon crack … any useful video … thanks by the way 🙂

  • Santhi Swaroop Battula

    hi guys….

    am using hcl me tablet connect 3g 2.0 am not able to reset it .
    when i am trying to switch on it was automatically restart and continously showing the hcl logo.

    # any one plz help…………….

  • Kareem Toson

    please any one help me , my tablet is G touch G999 the grey one, could any body advise regarding how to hard reset it, as i tried several methods to access the recovery mode without ant success, does any body know how to access the recovery mode??????

    • Tablet which u have been using cannot be reset by key combination as it has been powerede by Allwinner cpu.
      Use Android multi to hard reset Allwinner Tablets

      • Kareem Toson

        thank you for reply,i strongly appreciate that, but my tablet doesn’t appear at all on the device manager,it only appears as a portable device.could you please advise regarding that

        • install ADB driver & then check device manager.

        • If it is showing as portable device and not showing in device manager. This happen because of USB wire, try with some other wire.

          • alex beard

            hi i have a gotab10″ witch will not load and when i have tryed to reset useing power and volume up , it sttarts to work the andriold man shows up with this sign on his belly ( !) but there is not any options that come up to wipe the tablet or reset! can you help becase its driving me crazy, and my little boy is now without his tablet lol ?????

  • Riley Taylor

    can you please do a video for that kind?

  • Riley Taylor

    I have an android Vuru tablet and I don’t remember the bubble password

  • Robert Gil

    Please help me. I know how to factory mode my phone, but it is in chinese characters (without emmc), i have searched the internet about these characters without emmc, but i failed. help me please. 🙁 I really wanna use my phone again. anyway my phone model is PROG400U ALPS and with a brand name of Polaroid.

    • you can use dragon tool to hard reset your device

  • Sam

    Hi, please I am trying to hard reset a Cobalt Tab S1000 android tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I had followed all possible instructions out there on keys combinations for android tablet hard reset, only keep arriving at the Android system recover screen with no pop up options to navigate through. Please I will appreciate it if you can help me with any information that could get the work done.

  • Råhúĺ Kädàm

    hi i have installed kit kat 4.4 on my pc.but it showing only 1 GB internal storage i want to extend it..how is it possible help me !!

  • bobbie

    Have pioneer jellybean r1 tablet I need to factory hardset but cant get pass pattern screen forgot pattern. It only has a power button and reset hole no volume keys. Pleasee help

    • Just insert any pin in reset hole, it will reset the password & pattern

  • Bhavna

    How do i hard reset a Micromax funbook p600 please?

    • Charge up your device up to 70 percent
      Switch off P600
      Press & Hold Power + Volume up
      Recovery mode will appear
      SElect Wipe Data–>Yes-delete all user data
      to reset the pattern

  • Ahmad

    Hi Guru, I need your help, my son has an intel education tablet, he set a screen unlock password and forgot it. I tried to hard reset the tablet by the combination of power and volume keys, I got the droidboot provision os menu where i have recovery option. but the recovery does not work and i have the password on screen again. is there a solution for this problem. THANKS

    • at back there is reset key hold it for 3-5 seconds it will reset the tablet

  • Al Seha

    Hello Tablet Guru how I have problem with my China tablet M80 Application UI stopped.. I have try to enter hard reset byt is not working on my china tablet.. Please help

    • Use Android Multi tool at My tablet guru Password Reset method section

  • Yahaira Rodriguez

    performed this factory reset on my Trio Stealth 10 tablet alls good until I try to install my apps a message comes up saying that there’s insufficient space on my tablet and when I look up my tablets memory is wiped out also 0 memory how do I recover the tablets memory its useless this way… Please give me some good news!

  • Chem

    I have a new MaPan tablet that runs on android 4.2 jelly bean. It was stuck at ‘Android Jelly Bean MaPan’. So I used Android Tool by GPG Industries and was able to wipe the data and enter recovery mode. However, I now get a screen that says ‘no command’. Please help!

  • summer

    hi i’ve the xgody T93Q android which is stuck in the start up mode i’ve tried pressing the volume key up and down on my tablet and nothing happens at all. i’ve tried the power button and still nothing works can you help me. i only bought my tablet yesterday second hand

  • Jijo Kp

    my tablet is GEEPAS TABLET PC GEP2744
    I Can not unlock or hard reset my tablet
    its only have power button ,no other physical buttons and it does not have reset hole…
    what will do to unlock it ??? please help me

  • lulu

    Ihave a atab but I carnt reset it has no volume button just on and reset button ? Help me pleSe

    • Hold power key for atleast 40 – 50 seconds it will shift you to recovery mode
      and if the process fails mention the brand & model of your device

  • tranx

    colorado touchmate tm-mid 732 hard reset please

  • sujata raul

    Hiee….i have micromax tab p470 and the screen got stuck with the android logo. what shud i do to fix it???…..pls help me out

  • Plz give the tablet company and model. In this situation hard reset method will work.
    If possible post the tablet pic on twitter or instagram. (@mytabletguru)

    • Ronald Joseph

      as i said HKC A072D it has no volume buttons only a power button and a reset hole tried everything nothing works

  • Suman Bhattacharyya

    How to select the wipe data/factory reset option in android system recovery of Karbonn A37??
    Please help…

  • rahul

    Hi want hard reset my wespro tab 10 plz help

  • Rixon Kallarakkal

    Hi my hcl me g1 not able to unlock, please provide me the hard reset option, aforesaid methods not working in HCL G1

  • Ahmad Mohamed

    I CAN’T reach the recover menu i only reach when i press volume and power is some menu named spreadtrum and it doesn’t have wipe data option ??? i have a samsung china tab c0168

  • Ahmad Mohamed

    my tablet is ce0168 and my problem is the tablet always open a menu with name spreadtrum factory test when i try to do hard reset and i can’t find the wipe data choose in this menu what should i do ??!!

  • Bernard Cashman

    what is causing my i.onik tp7-1000dc to go off when on

    • Maybe due to Software issue or power interruption between with Tablet.
      If there is software issue, it can be set allright with Hard reset but in case of power interruption you can consult nearest local shop

  • jerry

    Looking for reset button on hipstreet titan tablet 4gb

  • Diana Cassell

    Hipstreet Tablet got stuck on ANDROID words and never continues, it getting on and off and gets back the word ANDROID. what can i do?

    • Try Power + Volume up and if the steps are not working. Please specify the chipset of your processor

  • Sintjeant Schmidt

    i have an maxwest tab phone 76DC i forgot my password

  • Iwin Yuri Nazario

    Why mine wont work.. i tried all the combinations and nothing happened … also i press the power button and the volume + button at the same time and i waited for a long time and nothing happened …. please need help …. my device is Kata T2

  • Tavexx

    Y have a Sharperview SV-10 it only has start and home button, when I press both of them at the same time it displays the logo of Android Recovery (Android logo with a triangular warning sign), but from there, I cant go anywhere else. What should I do? I´ve been told that is the first step, the comes the second, that is to go to the recovery menú, but I don´t know how to enter that menú. (My Tablet has no external volumen keys). Please help me.

  • Kamal Raj Manickam

    I having lava e tab velo. I want to hard reset. but there is no volume button. help me to hard reset. it having upgrade button near usb port

  • Přìňxê Hâśśâň

    How to formate password of tablet elekta

  • lol

    Hi I have an Pendo Pad 7 and I tried the hold down the button for 30-45 secs didnt work

  • Suraj Kumar Ranabhat

    I have a tablet (GTab) which is locked due to numbers of wrong pattern attempt. i have tried with many options but i cant unlock it. i have tried with hard reset (volume up +power buttons) but didn’t work with my tablet. I have install driver using Adb Driver Installer, and used Android Multi Tools v1.02b, but it restarts instantly if i choose (option 5) for wipe data, so can’t unlock my tablet. I have also tried using GPG Android Tool By GPGIndustries, but it doesnot connect with device. is there any other method to unlock my tablet. or is there any problem with steps that i have followed?

    • Then you have to re-install the Android on it. See the link in the post.

  • anil

    Simtronnics Xpad X722 stuck at logo… please suggest a hard reset combination.. it has four buttons has power, volume up, volume Down, Home button only.. thanks in advance.

  • Bhavesh Suthar

    i have 16 gb trio pro 7 for windows tablet. ( purchased from USA) i forgot its password. and in starting time if u enter password then u can use it. So pl. let me know , what can i do for start it easily. Pl. pl. its urgent ( bhaveshsuthar@yahoo.com)

    • Charge up your device
      Switch off and press Volume down and power key
      now keep pressing the volume down key until you get shifted in recovery mode

      • bhavesh suthar

        Sir..it could not start as per ur instruction. This is windows tablet..i pressing up-down volume key and power key together. Its show booting process as very long time,but finaly no anything for start..its a new fresh tablet. I setup password while first time start tablet process. Then after when i restart once time..then tablet demand password..i entered it but why its not taking…i enter many password different..but it could not start…So pl. Do the needful..its urgent sir…thanks n regards

      • Bhavesh Suthar

        Sir..it not start as per ur instruction.. i buy its as fresh from usa.i presaing both key up down volume n power key. But its bootinf til very long time but finaly does not effect. Pl. suggest me..its urgent

  • disqus_qvq7cuiisJ

    Whenver i am pressing Power and vol up button, I am getting android logo but i am not getting recovery mode option? how should i format my TAB?

    • When android logo appear release the key and press power button

      • disqus_qvq7cuiisJ

        i have tried but didn’t work. So somehow i flashed my tab with rockchip tool with pipo firmware but thereafter it’s not getting turn on.

        • Share the snapshot of your tablet

        • See you have to use firmware, which is compatible with your device

  • Mohamed Ahmed

    Really I was confused about my son’s tablet and this method solved the problem.
    THANK YOU so much for that.
    you are the one

  • codi

    i have a chromo android tablet…. it just has the android logo on the screen… wont turn on… helpp

  • bikram poudel

    i have forget my password and it has no internet connetion. what should i do to unlock tablet?
    it is winds tablet.

  • tutoy

    how to fix korea samsung tab 3 stuck on logo


    helo my tablet has pattern lock any type of apps and suggestion have not plese give me advise my model no hcl connect 2g

    • Back up your data
      1- switch off your tablet
      2- Press and hold Volume up and Power key
      3- Select Wipe Data through volume down key and press power to confirm
      4- Select Yes- Delete all user data through volume down key and press power to confirm
      5- wait for the process to end
      now your gadget will be free from pattern lock

  • Use the Link http://www.4shared.com/zip/tlMady5Wba/Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v3.html
    Extract and run .bat file
    Follow the instruction and connect tablet to PC
    Under tablet goto Restore My Data
    When the process completes ;
    Tab has been rooted

  • lorraine

    my tablet is a natpc model no ;x2-16gb i have a pattern password on this which has been forgot plz can u help there is only a on off button and a esc button need help to do hard reset plz

    • Press and hold the Power key for 40-60 seconds it will drive you to recovery mode

  • dyno

    My touchmate t-tab tm-mid750 is stuck-up at android logo its not proceeding further so plz help me?

    • Try To HArd -Reset it and if it fails to work then flashing will be the solution

  • Tru Brunson


  • dj_abs

    and I tried every way he posted and got nothing ……. 🙁
    ty guru for not helping me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Please send the board id

      • dj_abs

        where would it be located?

        • See the post it has detailed Description

          • dj_abs

            OS: Android™ 4.1

            Display: 8″ 4:3, 1024×768 HD Resolution

            Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch)

            Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB)

            Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback*

            Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio

            Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later

            Interface: High speed USB 2.0

            RAM: 1GB DDR3

            CPU: Amlogic AML8726-MXS, Dual-Cortex A9

          • dj_abs

            i have the trio stealth g2 8inch tablet

      • dj_abs

        this is what i see when i opened it maybe you can help me find the model. to help me flash it. thx. click my nane and look on my page for the pictures thx. dj_abs

      • dj_abs

        see the pictures i posted do you see the board id i looked every where and don’t see it

      • dj_abs

        board id ( EM_M61_V7.3 )

      • dj_abs

        board ID

      • dj_abs

        Here is my board id

      • dj_abs


        OS: Android™ 4.1

        Display: 8″ 4:3, 1024×768 HD Resolution

        Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch)

        Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB)

        Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback*

        Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio

        Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later

        Interface: High speed USB 2.0

        RAM: 1GB DDR3

        CPU: Amlogic AML8726-MXS, Dual-Cortex A9

        Here is my Board ID

  • dj_abs

    I’m guessing he don’t know cause he never responded to me too……….

  • Drama Lover Min

    Hello, I have ZH&K z9000 tab. Is hard reset possible for this?After pressing the power button, volume up & down together what appears is Factory Mode with more other options. What to do next?

    • Switch off ur tablet
      Hold Volume up and power button
      Out of the option appear, select recovery mode
      Here you will see Android logo with exclamation mark, press power key to enter recovery mode
      Select wipe data and then select Yes-delete all user data
      Gadget will reboot and reset the pattern
      It will cost your data, in order to recover your password use volcano box

      • Drama Lover Min

        no option appeared, only the lying android with red exclamation point can be seen. no response after pressing the power key

        • Then try pressing the home or power + volume down or random key combination. If you have reached till exclamation symbol. Then all you have to do is press the correct key combination to enter into the recovery mode.

          • Drama Lover Min

            woohh…so I guess it’s up to my luck now.

            thanks still

          • Try Different USB wire

  • kingoso

    i have a RCA tablet and i tried all the hard reset methods and nothing seems to work any ideas

    • 1- Switch off Tablet and Press and hold Power and Volume up key until android logo appears.
      2- Hold the power key and press volume up button to enter recovery mode.
      3- select wipe data
      4- Select Yes- Delete all user data
      Gadget will be reset

  • senior

    Guru i had an condor tablet ctab 970l-3g,i wish to reset it,but i dont have the volume key. how can i do?

    • hold down power key for 40-60 seconds and it will track you to recovery menu

  • Wonka

    Mine does not give me the option to delete and reset data. Why?

  • joseph

    i have a Sylvania 7 in tablet it has 5 buttons home menu vol up and down and power and on the screen it has another button want to hard reset it because it wont get past the boot screen says android Sylvania and shuts off help):

  • zxc

    sir how to reformat if volume down broken?

  • dj_abs

    I have a Trio Stealth G2 8 inch Tablet that’s is stuck at the Trio logo screen I tried everything like rest button, I tried holding volume + and power button and nothing happens please Help me with this issue.

    OS: Android™ 4.1

    Display: 8″ 4:3, 1024×768 HD Resolution

    Touch Panel: Capacitive touch panel (multi-touch)

    Memory: 8GB Internal flash memory, MicroSD card slot (up to an additional 32GB)

    Battery: Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback*

    Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio

    Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 and Mac OS 10.4 or later

    Interface: High speed USB 2.0

    RAM: 1GB DDR3

    CPU: Amlogic AML8726-MXS, Dual-Cortex A9

  • Fabio

    I never found the recovery sequence using the physical buttons but I managed to get the device recognised in windows through USB.
    Basically when it’s stuck on the boot logo plug in the USB cable and keep pressing repeatedly the power button, about 10 times or more until windows detects the device.
    Then I was able to reflash my device using my manufacturers firmware and flash tool.
    Now I am happy it’s working and hope this helps anyone else with similar tablet.

  • Ziah

    Tablet Guro, my tab is cutepad how would this be reset???

  • sadiq

    Hello guru…I can’t restore firmware from SD card in HCL me connect 2g V2 tab…tab won’t turn on Restore mode while I press power and volume+ also I tried power and volume down key.both are not working.suggest me a way to get rid of this…My tab is dead though PC also not recognising it.please helppppp

  • Rajashekar Reddy

    may celkon ct1 tab on celkon name caming but nixt stpe not ples sind prablam and resan in may mail

  • dj_abs

    Trio Stealth G2 8″ Tablet 8GB Technical Specifications:

    1.5GHz Cortex-A9 Multi-Core processor

    1GB DDR3 of system memory

    8.0″ touchscreen, 800 x 600 resolution

    The WiFi Tablet PC Featuring Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Operating System has built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi

    Additional Features:

    This Trio Stealth Tablet PC has a back webcam and front webcam

    USB 2.0 port

    8GB on-board storage memory, additional memory via microSD card slot

    Up to 8 hours of run time on a full charge

    Software and Applications:

    Android 4.1 OS (Jelly Bean)

    Google Play (for applications)

    Trio Stealth Tablet PC Media Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AAC, AC-3, DTS (need license) audio, MPEG, 1/2/4, H.263/H.264, TMVB, WMV/VC-1, MVC, AVS, MJPEG (up to 1080P) video, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG pictures

    i need the drivers and how to install them. i’m stuck on the trio stealth logo screen and can’t get to the hard reset mode….. plz help….

  • olivia

    i have a chromo inc tablet and cant remember my password

  • Monique

    I have the verizon ellipsis 7..my son forgot his password…how do I factory reset.

  • priya


  • kd0ama

    I have a table that I want to throw against the wall, its a 10.1 google Android 4.03 IRulu tablet pc 8GB DDR3. its stuck on the password screen, I’ve tried any and all passwords I’ve used and nothing gets it past the pw page, anyhow I tried the soft reset- nothing happened and I’ve tried to find the owners manual got no place with that, checked to see if my google password would work but nothing happened, I’ve connected it to my desktop (which is running windows 8.1) via USB cable and it finds the tablet as removable disk G and also removable disk F. how can I use my desktop to get into or bypass this password page and reset the tablet so I can use it… this is driving me nuts. Thank you for any and all help you might be able to give me…

  • billoo

    I have Quantum wave 70w tablet.It has only power button.and i forgot pattern and gmail account too. please tell me what should i do?

  • kerri

    My tablet has been stuck on the welcome screen and I held power and volume until the screen went off then came back on but it won’t get farther than the welcome screen. What do i do?1

    • First switch off the tab. Then press the power + volume up or down until the Welcome screen appear. Then here you have select the option clear eMMC.

  • lira

    my tablet is Akawa A716 …i has the same problems and I always go to the store and pay for them to reset it.. can you help me? I cant reset it myself

  • Washeem Sunny

    i need a flash file for opal p1000.. is it avialable on net?

  • nithin

    Hi guru .. help me in finding the soultion of my china tablet is not getting the reset the tab . By pressing the both +- button s simlotenousluy . And power button .. what should I do .. in market also I am not getting the solution will u help me

  • paula

    Hi, My daughter doesn’t remember the email nor the password. It is a Macrotell mc e6 tablet. please help!!

    • Seems like a Chinese tab. See here mytabletguru.com/china-tablet-pattern-unlocking-software/

  • tehni

    my nordmende tablet is locked, i have forgotten my google id and password so i want to reset it, but it doesn’t have volume button so plz help me

  • Ananth

    How to factory reset a Asus Fonepad Tablet? Forget my screen password.

  • vicky divine


  • ahmedalbayati

    I have i-onik tp7-1000dc light
    How can i have
    Hard passwerd rset

  • vineesh

    Hi, Guru i have buzz tablet its an old one, its stuck at email verification window, after playing on the patterns, how do i reset it….

  • Smith

    wow…that reset worked,…i was just about to buy it over again. lil $49 Korean Android Tablet fell in a full bubblebath to the bottom, i instantly retrieved it, let it dry out for a week, and the very spot where the Passcode is entered across 3 digits was damaged, and so I couldn’t access anything, til I came to this website 3 months later and now It’s back, and thanks to the screen adjustment when i tilt the screen display from landscape to portrait I can still enter my passcode if I wanted to use it again. I followed the directions and had to scroll way down PAST the “this cannot be done” message to finally see the “wipe all user data”….. Thankyou So much! Hoo HooOOOOOOOOOOO

  • joy

    my tablet iconia one 7 boot stuck,,i can’t open it..what should i do

  • Karen Krieger Hanson

    My mid m9000 tablet is froze on android logo page and i have tried to reset it and tried the reset button back????????

  • jaz

    Hello. My samsung tab 3 has been locked. i forgot my google account and password too. What should I do to unlocked my samsung tab 3?

    PS: my tablet is korean copy

  • Akshay Shingne

    dont go Android system recovery menu.what should i do to go system recovery menu..

  • divakar

    My reliance tab is when we switch on reliance tittle only displaying we dont enter to the tab tel me how can i rectify this problem

  • ano

    how to fix tablet if the tablet wont turn on and wont reset? please help

  • Anoop

    i have a china tablet my pattern lock is locked ….. how can i reset plzz tell us

  • Guest

    Does method do i use on andriod tablet??

  • Rajesh Sharma

    Hi guru , i need help with my new ” OptimaSmart Laptab Tablet 9.7″ Android 4.0 with Bluetooth Keyboard Dock OPT 400″
    I WANT TO UPGRADE IT TO ANDROID 4.1. is it possible?

    • Up gradation is not possible.

      • Rajesh

        Dear sir
        can i install custom rom “cyanogenmod” after rooting it ?
        Kind regards

  • swen

    Im sorry I have a question i have an I-onik model TP7-1000dc blue pn 25033 it doesnt have an volume buttons.. only power off on butt and a reset hole but that hole just restarts the tablet… i cant enter bios to hard reset it.. forgot password and cant get the email password.. oso im stuck /| thx in advance

  • swen


  • Kimberly Gayle Ching

    My tab got stuck on boot mode screen. It us an asus memo pad hd 7. Please help. Thank you

  • guest

    Does this work for Chromo android 4.1 tablets? I have tried everything. It is even fully charged it just won’t go past the chrome screen, which is the second screen. Android character is on the 1st screen that pops up. Please help

  • dave

    T901 android tablet stuck on boot screen

  • John Carlo De Leon

    Hi guru! Need your help… I have a MTOUCH M908 tablet china tablet i cant go to recovery menu. Already used this combination POWER + VOLUME UP, POWER + VOLUME DOWN, POWER + VOLUME UP + BACK KEY, POWER + VOLUME DOWN + BACK KEY. Please i need your help GURU 🙁

    • Have u tried the Android multi tool method as mention above?

  • Chrissi

    hi Guru i have a huawei media lite . it has been locked i have no wifi /mobile data i tried hard reset and its not working i am unable to watch ur video as i have no sound on my pc. any ideas on what to do next?

  • red

    it has a power button and volume keys ive done all the ways it says and nothing will work they say it cant be done on these can u help thanks

  • red

    I got a Verizon ellipsis 7 and have forgotten the password do you know how to reset ive tried all instructions

  • deepak jangid

    My Ubislate 7c+ tab is locked…i tried POWER+VOL – Combination but it’s not working…can you tell me the combination for this…(My tab has front camera in centre not at the corner)

  • dano

    I have a pronto tech 7 inch HD axius tab that my kid password locked and forgot the password. Can’t reset it for nothing with all combinations of buttons, tried on my pc but couldn’t find software. Any ideas?

  • jham

    guru i tried already the hard reset but my problem is, im stock-up at android logo w/ exclaimation..i can see the option menu..what should i do? thank you!!

    • dunk

      it should be power key

  • Towhidul Islam

    my twinmos tab has been lock.can u help me to unlock my pattern lock?

  • Raj

    I just re-set the penta 703.. but after that no app is showing .. even google play app kindly help..

  • lee

    My android only has a power key and the volume button.
    I could db access only until the android system but when I wanted to select any of the options, I couldn’t…. tried pressing the power key, it off the tablet, press the volume keys and it goes up or down… so how am I to select It?

    • Try connecting the tab to USB keyboard using the USB converter. Use the arrow key and Enter button to select the options.

  • nilesh

    hi, my swipe co.`s model name swipe halo edge tab is patern lock / how to unlock plz help me

  • Theresa Cookerly

    My trio stealth_8 mst8-21 is stuck on dual core 9 have done hard and soft resets also wiped everything

  • Matias Dawit

    Hi I appretiate what you are doing here this probabliy the most categorized resource on reseting tablets .Good job .I have question for you. I have livefan L1 android 4.1 tablet .it doesn’t have volume buttons , the buttons here are MENU , ESC ,HOME and POWER , I am able to see the android repair icon by pressing POWER and MENU buttons together but after that the recovery menu will not appear instead it restarts after 3 minuets and back to asking gmail account , How do i get the recovery menu to wipe data and hard reset ?

    • When you see the Android repair symbol, again you have to press the menu button. This will take you to the recovery menu.

      • Matias Dawit

        Still nothing, I have tried every possible combinations of the keys.most forums suggests to flash my tablet and I was trying to use livesuit but I couldn’t find my tablet’s frame ware any idea where could i find it or is there any default image whcih works for china tablet , can you help me please , thanks

        • With the Touchmate PortoTab tablet we have faced the same problem.
          Check the hard reset video of Tocuhmate portotab. Link is in the table above.

    • After you see the Android repair symbol connect your tab to the computer and download the Android multi tool software. Open the tool and select the option 8.
      Download the tools from here https://mytabletguru.com/steps-to-use-android-multi-tools-software/

      Also sorry for late reply, took it long to find the solution.

  • Nhu Lam

    Hi, I can not reset my Sharp Sh-08E, can you help me in this? Email me: lam251092@gmail.com



  • mustafa

    how to hard rest mtouch m718 i tried allot no result ?
    if it doesnt how to flash it. pleaz guru help me

  • Abid Cheriyath

    I try this in my I-nix NTB700 Tablet but its showing 20080411413fc082 recovery. I try to wipe data but its just restarting and struck in android logo same as before. I have any solution for it?


    Hi, could you please explain me the steps for factory reset for my Nikai Tablet model no.NMID7002P… thanks in advance. please help,…

  • jedidiahlorn

    Please help… tried everything u suggested… nothing worked…
    my TM-MID788 call pad is stucked in the boot logo…
    cannot enter recovery mode… please tell me how to enter recovery mode

  • chris

    i have a flypad ultra tablet pc and it stucks in an infinite reboot loop,how can i hard reset it?

  • victor

    Hey i need your help i have a chromo inc. Tablet and it won’t factory reset after watching many videos i don’t know how to factor reset

  • Magdalena Petrovic

    HI. My tablet does not have a volume key and does not show the home/back keys which are touch.. Help pls to factory reset it

  • charma

    How do I hard reset a mid AM789 tablet with only a power and reset button?


    HOW TO Hard reset/ factory wipe ZEN ULTRATAB A100

    • Hard reset does not work on the Zen A100. You have to flash it.

  • Monty

    Hi. I’m not able to reset my HCL ME U1.
    I tried for many time reseting it. When I reset my tab it simply gets restarted and is not formated.
    What should I do Help me Tablet GURU PLEASEEEEE>

    • Are you using the hard reset method or reset option in settings.

  • Adil Nadiadwala

    Hi Guru Need your Help.. I have Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet its not booting the screen gets struck at Lenovo. . Please help..

  • Kelly

    My tesoar tablet will come on then go to a black screen how do I reset to factory

  • Nishanth Murtrhy

    Hi I own an Aakash Tablet and it has been locked because of too many pattern tries and also i have trouble signing in with my google accounts though I’am perfect with my Username and password………… What should I do……???? PLEASE help me out of this………….

  • Nayy

    My tablet has been stuck on android symbol and when i go to reset factory settings it says
    E: failed to mount /system (invalid argument)

    when plugged in to the computer it says unable to find device driver??? Helllp

    • FRITZ

      i have same problem i reset factory setting in my lenovo yoga tab 8 then the only thing i see is the android icon erasing data and i keeps repaeating…what will i do GURU helppp tnx…

  • monica

    I have polaroid pmid705 tablet with a pattern password that i seem to have forgot please help iv been trying to get in for past few days

  • Smailo Tick

    Hy, my tablette cant do the hard reset , my tablette have just button power and volume up and volume down . Plz help meeeee

    • Is it a Chinese tablet?

      • smailo tick


      • cirep

        how to reset me rainbow 7 quad core tablet

        • ***It will cost your data so remove SD card
          Charge your tablet
          Switch off and start by Press and Hold Power and Volume down until Recovery menu appears
          Select Wipe Data —> Yes-delete all user data

          • jonnas

            i have me rainbow 7 i did what you say but it didnt work?

          • Have you tried after charging your tablet upto 70 percent

    • lee

      I have the same problem.. did u managed to settle your Problem?

  • johny

    hi, can you show me how to unlock lenovo a376 , please help me its can’t use email…

  • danica

    I need help how i can open my TEXET tablet please help me……….. Send me your Reply in my email: danicabasalo350@gmail.com

  • rasna

    Hi my rony android tablet is locked I forgoten my pattern whatshud I do



  • Dia

    hello…i am using a WS802Q tablet by penta and my tablet is stuck on the logo screen. I am able to switch it off but when I’m switching it on it gets stuck on the logo screen…What do I do? Plz help

    • NK

      you need to factory reset your penta, try switching it on several times.. if it does not switch on.. leave it on the ‘logo screen’ and put it to charge, it might switch on automatically! but as soon as it is on do factory reset.. and DO NOT delete any apps that has already been set up, this is what causes the penta to misbehave!!! i had the same problem.

  • riyas rockzz

    hey it is not working on touchmate 3g call pad

  • ro0ks

    Any one know how to put the pioneer r1 tablet into recovery mode, one power button and a recessed reset button

    • Charles

      Same problem here, screen back-light on but just that. Help recovery mode/factory reset Pioneer R1 tablet

      • ro0ks

        ESI tech support states :the tablet cannot be put into recovery mode if it is in bootloop, they are currently working on a firmware update to fix the problem, only fix for now is to send it into them

        • jusjase44

          any update on this yet?

  • Kiran Shaji

    how to unlock my hcl me y1 tablet. IT has got no home button

  • kester lanz

    Hi. My samsung tab 3 has been lock.i forgot my google account and password? What should I do to unlocked my samsung tab 3?

  • kopca

    I try to connect to PC, but only connect USB port

  • kopca

    How to hard reset Lexibook Tablet MFC160FR,
    there is no volume +-,
    There is only Home, Esc, M, Power and Reset buttons

  • agha rehan

    can any one help me please

  • agha rehan

    bro when i do the same as you said everything is displayed in chinese and i can understand nothing of it what are the next solutions left for celkon ct2

    • Check the image above it will be same sequence or you can also use the Google translate and type wipe data & translate it to Chinese. Now cross check it with the text on the screen.

  • agha rehan

    bro the link displayed for factory reset of celton ct2 describes how to reset bsnl tablet can it work with ct2 also

    • It will work with your tab also. Try it and let us know.

  • kasna

    Xtab iC-XTQC800 driver plz

  • Deepak Bellale

    How to do hard reset for Ubislate 7ci..??? please help admin

  • Betty Garcia

    Isulu 10.1 is stuck on logo isulu screen what keys to process a factory reset

  • Nick Pepe

    MYTAB 7 DUAL CORE….help please with the combination of buttons ….

  • bobo

    sharp docomo SH-08E driver pls;

    • Ashish Karn

      Bobo visit this link to get required drivers


      • jay17

        I can’t seem to find a way to hard reset a Touchmate TM-mid790 I tried the procedure with your Touchmate Porto Tab, but i dont think it works with the mid790… can you help me with this?

      • Nhu Lam

        hi, can you teach me how to flash stock rom for docomo SH-08E? Email me lam251092@gmail.com

  • sriram s

    Sir I am having a tablet 7cz ubislate stucked in logo screen and not possible to factory reset. I tried it also for factory reset and again it will freezed there.please write the solution. thank you

  • Ryan

    How do I factory reset a Vidao v7tab8s tablet? It has no volume keys.

    • Ashish Karn

      Ryan have you tried Android Multi Tool ? Using Android Multi tool You can do factory reset using your PC.

  • Brainerd

    I cannot hard reset my wham wt71 tab made by sangeetha. I downloaded multi tools and tried but my tab wont just connect to computer. Pls tell me the hard reset buttons for this tab. Pls reply.

    • Tablet Guru

      Have you installed the drivers for it.

      • Brainerd

        yeah i installed the drivers but it did not work..Please find out the hard reset buttons for wham wt71 tablet..Please thank you

  • Ashif

    Sir,i hav zync z909 plus tab…when i switch on the tab the logo zync appeas after the the green android robot appears and gets stuck in this place and i don’t know what to do..it doesn’t even hav vol buttons only power button and home button is there ,also i m unable to find its drivers……
    …pls help me


    I have a tablet that has only power and reset. No volume no home. I need to factory reset.

    • Ashish Karn

      Parazin use Android Multi tools

      • kumar

        CT2 tab, i hold volume up,power press 20 box appear inside the box starting with 01. chineese word 02. I and single chinese letter 03. to 20. WIFI NEED HELP

  • Wendy

    I have a FastTouch 7inch dual camera tablet google android 4.1. I have forgotten the PIN and have tried doing the factory reset while pressing the power button with the volume button but nothing happens. Please help!

    • Ashish Karn

      Wendy you can use Android Multi Tools for hard reset. Just follow the instructions mentioned HERE

  • seb

    Hi’ do you know the recovery mode combination for dgm t-909 ??
    I need to wipe my dalvik cache. Thx in advance

    • Tablet Guru

      Power button and volume up button.

  • bijender singh shekhawat

    thanx bro……..

  • fred

    I have Merlin tablet..I used all steps and wiped all cache and factory reset..but it is still stuck at first screen with android logo..what next step please to do ?

  • Jacob

    I have a Pioneer R1 tablet and when I turn it on the screen goes black. How do I hard reset when I don’t have external volume buttons or any buttons for that matter just the power button. Thanks!

  • jay

    i have olivepad v-t21.this tablet in not a volume key .how to reset this tablet.please reply me.

    • Ashish Karn

      Jay do not worry we do have a solution to your problem.

      Please follow the steps mentioned HERE 🙂

      • moonstealth

        I have a trio android tablet. its stuck on android logo. please help

  • ace

    hi, my NOVA M.7 was stuck in the logo of android i tried to give it to an authorized personnel but they can not fix it,,, i need it badly could u pls. help me out!?

  • budlat

    hi guru, i have neo omnipad with only power button & reset only.. no volume and home button,,, how to hard reset this tab? stuck on andriod logo problem.. tnx

  • Jaikumar

    I have Leoxsys x71 Tablet pc, so many times try to unlock the pattern. kindly help us to reset the tablet pc

  • ameet

    hi i have a Titan pc7010me 16 gb. I forgot my pattern how do i factory reset it.

    • Ashish Karn

      Follow the steps mentioned below

      1. Hold power button and shut down the phone.

      2. Hold HOME and RED POWER down for 25 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark in it.
      Keep holding it down even though the G1 logo shows up.

      3. Now you can do 4 things. Home+Back reboot system now – (Soft Reboot)
      Alt+L – Toggle log text display – (Toggles between the exclamation and menu options)
      Alt+S – apply sdcard:update.zip
      Alt+W – Wipe data/factory reset

  • nimu

    hai admin…i have stouch china tablet, i have to reset it. i am trying to reset using android multi tool. but the tablet driver cant update. please help me

  • shell

    Son has a tesoar tablet can’t unlock it. Tried the power and volume up and power volume down, not working going straight from android icon to tesoar power on screen. Other ideas?

  • nikhil

    hi guru i am using bsnl penta 701c,i used num lock to lock it . nw,forgot password what to do i tried volume up key and power off buttens,vol low and power of,but not showing boot menu to factory reset what to do

  • Ms.TobieJ

    Hi, I’m having a problem with unlocking my daughter’s tablet.. She set a numeric code to keep her brother from playing with it. I’ve been trying to get it unlocked for a day now.. I have watched the youtube videos on how to do the hard master reset and still no luck.. The type of tablet is a google android 4.2 dual core 1.6ghz tablet.. If you could please help me with this problem for my daughter.Thanks

  • Connie Evans

    I have a Visual Land Connect 9 Android Tablet and I need to perform a hard reboot. When I turn it on it loads to the android logo and stays stuck there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • Ahmed

    Dear Sir
    i forgot my pattern lock tablet 7“ easy touch (one button) without volume down or up
    can you please help me to rest it

    with many thanks

    • Tablet Guru

      Press the power and home button together while the tab is switch off.

  • Akshay

    I have videocon tablet, it is pettern locked. Can you please tell me which buttons to press to reset it to factory mode?
    Thanks in advance

    • Ashish Karn

      Akshay you have to mention the specification of your tablet.

      You can also visit the given link, it might help

  • Saahil Jeewooth

    Respected sir, i follow your work carefully but c’ant find a solution to my problem .. my tablet is rooted … I have tried hard reset and wiped cached data but to no avail … I recently installed chainfire and i think it is the cause of my problem.. If you know how to solve this problem i’ll be very very very thankful to you ,,, Waiting for an answer from you .. Thank you..

  • Brent Dass

    I have an HKC A072D tablet. It only has a POWER and RESET button. When I turn it on only the backlight comes on and nothing else happens. What can I do?

    • Tablet Guru

      It must have volume keys. Hold Power button + Up + Down volume buttons, for 5-10 second.

  • muz

    guru .. i forgot my pattern lock.. as i follow the steps pressing volume down and power botton its appear phone image and triangle shape with exclamatory inside of it what is next guru i need your help.. reply ASAP my tab is samsung but a dual sim it has hole at the top bit when i click it will shut down power..

    • Tablet Guru

      Now you to again press the Power and volume down button together. Check the steps here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS12Lm591YA

      • muz

        as i press the volume up and power it appers
        spreadtrum factory test,phone test,factory used
        full phone test
        view phone test result
        item test
        BT EUT
        ctp calibrate

        theres no wipe data/factory reset
        help me please
        reply asap

        • Tablet Guru

          Is there “Clear eMMC” option. If yes, then select that.

      • nergal

        guru my tab does not have volume buttons it only have a back , power and menu buttons but my tab is not booting its freezing in the logo how can i boot.

  • Amyx Namey

    How I can get image file?

  • josey

    What about a tablet PC i have tried holding down the volume button and pressing the power button. which is not working, neither is it working when i turn it on and after 2 seconds holding down the volume key. I can not get onto anything on the device as my daughter had the tablet and input the wrong screen lock too many times and although I know my gmail and password it is not letting me log in even though I have internet connection. Just keeps saying invalid. Therefore I can not access my settings to do it through the device. I also cannot do it through my PC as it says it needs trouble shooting and i can not change the USB option as it will not let me. Any help please?

  • Aziz

    How to Unlock my EPAD Moel no:A703H

    • Tablet Guru

      See here mytabletguru.com/steps-to-use-android-multi-tools-software

  • Sappi

    Thanks really very helpfull!

  • pratik pawar

    I am using swipe halo edge tablet.. and it got stuck on startup screen .. its not even entering in recovery mode.. will you please help me.. ???

  • Alberto Reyes

    Good morning, that command can be used for a pc tablet, no brand and no technical description is only 7 inches, the intro is quite similar to the first video you present. help me please.!

  • badwawa

    what is the key sequence for JXD s5300

    • Tablet Guru

      Try volume + and Power button together.

  • ijlal

    i have pado p7 tell me the method for hard reset

  • Steve Whitlow


    Flypad Ultra Tablet PC locked out, no idea of the password or account details for google (damn brothers) Looking for a factory reset to start again.

    Can you help?


  • Debra

    Got a Ellipsis 7 and have forgotten password. Can’t get past screen to reset password. Is there anything I can do

  • lamar simpson

    My son just got a connect 9 for Christmas and has forgot his screen pattern and I do not know to reset it.

  • dido

    is there a way to get the hard/factory reset combination of E-tech Android tablet??

    i forgot may email and password so i can’t unlock my tablet pc . .

    please help me . . .

  • KeishaB

    Hi there, I have the Flypad Ultra Tablet PC and I have managed to lock myself out, forgot my PIN. It does not give me the option of resetting from my email and I have no success in trying to reboot it, it just switches off for 10 minutes when I try the power button and volume button trick. Please HELP!!!!!!

  • sanal

    I hav a touchmate colorado tm mid 732 internet tablet
    it wont boot up
    when I press the power button it says touch mate logo and loading ….
    the loading never ends.
    how to reset this tab
    plz help me

    • Tablet Guru

      In this case you have to flash your tablet.

      • tranx

        How ro hard reset it its no have volume up and down buttons. And when I used phoenix I dunno what to do cuz its no have a volume buttons please help me

  • lisa smith

    My daughter forgot her password on her trio stealth pro and I’m trying all of the reset options and it’s not giving me an option to go reset. After the power button and volume button is used the screen still ask for a password

    • dee

      were you ever able get your stealth pro unlocked my grand child locked i need help

  • Princz Tamás Dániel

    I’ve got an All fine genius 7 tablet. Could you help me with the os reinstall? I Was looking for android os for this model, but i wasn’t able to find it.

  • saransh

    Kindly tell me how to reset factory for BSNL T-Pad ws708C.

  • mamun

    I don’t have home button & volume button, what can I do?

    • Tablet Guru

      Which tablet you have got.

  • Humberto Rosario

    Hello, I want to thank you for your YouTube videos, I had to
    Do a factory reset, i did like you said and it work,I was so
    Happy, thank you so much.
    I have a Yarvik Go Tab 466 EUK Zetta 9.7 in .I love this tab.
    A few days ago I download a film to my SD card and he crash
    I try to do the same , when didn’t work I wipe the cache update
    I try every thing except loading from a external device , I
    I would love your opinion, is it possible to load a SD card
    With android 4.0 OS and firmware? Please help
    Thank You Again.
    Humberto Rosario
    London, UK

  • jamila

    Yeeees, I forgot the password. with your instructions its running .