Tablet PC market growth

Compass Intelligence forecasts in favor of Tablets over Laptops.

Tablet PC market growth
Tablet PC market growth 3D bar graph

Compass Intelligence, an international consulting and market analysis company has made a huge announcement lately which is going to please all the Tablet PC manufacturers and associated service sectors. The claims to predict much more future to the Tablet PC market than what it has now, so much so that soon Tablets will outnumber Laptops, as far as sales volume is considered. The analysts of the company across the globe have come up with similar results to sum up their extensive surveys conducted in the market. The final report has come under the name of J. Gerry Purdy and Kate Pearce. Let’s see in his article what the final report has to say.

The global market is trending to escalate from 187.5 million units mark in 2013 and reach anything over 525.9 million units by 2018. This will be achieved with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22.9%

2) Since Tablet PCs are getting smarter, faster and more robust. Majority chooses to carry these light weighted portable devices along and many have already started avoiding Laptops. This travel-easy attribute is contributing a great deal to the boom seen in the Tablet PC market. Laptops have probably seen better days!

3) Tablet PC segment is the fastest growing segment in the mobile device market. Which means Tablets are doing better than even smartphones in terms of the growth rate. This is because of the comparatively better visual experience which one gets with a Tablet PC.

Though in terms of sales volume, smart phones are and will always top the chart.

4) Although the growth rate is expected to fall in the coming years but it will be good enough to sail past the Tablets well ahead of Laptops and this will make Tabs only second to smartphones in annual sales.

There is a visible paradigm shift depicted in the tablet report, to bring out which the Compass Intelligence team has made rigorous and painstaking efforts. Thorough details of the report has been requested by us to the Compass Intelligence team.

In the detail report we will be walked through the figures put up by the large vendors of the Tablet PCs, Operating Systems etc.  Region wise demand and figures alluding to the other relevant breakdowns could be found. After each survey result, the possibilities have been discussed rationally to bring a clearer picture of the trends.

Keep a watch on this post, for we shall soon publish a detailed report addressing the changing Tablet PC market scenario in the world.

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