China Android Tablet Hard Reset Tool

Using a china tab is great fun but if you had forgotten the pattern lock of your tab, we will help you in breaking the pattern lock. China tablet is different from other tablet  as it cannot be reset by hard reset method . Here we will describe the tool which will help you in breaking the pattern lock of your Chinese tab.

1.  First of all you have to connect your tablet to your  PC through USB.

2. Then install the drivers for the tab. See the method here.

3- Or you can directly install Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool which is bundled with Android Multi tool.

4- For Confirmation of Installation of Driver, Right Click On My Computer and Open Manage.

5- Click on Device Manager and check port Under Android.

Method 1. Unlock using Android multi tool software   (Download)

1.  After getting connected through PC , we have to use Android multi tool software

Andoid Multi Tool Interface

2.  Then  the interface of the android multi tool software will appear on the screen, in it select the option 1 and press enter, which will define that your Tablet have been connected to the PC

3. After it, select the option no. 5 which will delete all the data from your tablet there of  pattern lock will be also removed

4. Now back to the tablet, it will restart and it will take some more time in starting than usual.

5. Now the screen appear which is free from pattern lock as the system get restored

Method 2. Unlock using GPG Android tool by GPG Industries  (Download)

Another process for it is by using android tool by GPG industry as it is similar to the previous one  only the difference is that it has got different interface

GPG tool to unlock china tablet

1. Download the tool

2. Install and open it. In the category ADB tools, click on the check device and wipe all

3. It will show that the tab is connected to the PC & it will also delete all the data from the tablet respectively. You can use either of these tools to remove the pattern lock from the  China tablet


Note: If the USB debugging is off then in that case Android re-installation is the only solution.

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