China Android Tablet Hard Reset Tool

Using a china tab is great fun but if you had forgotten the pattern lock of your tab, we will help you in breaking the pattern lock. China tablet is different from other tablet  as it cannot be reset by hard reset method . Here we will describe the tool which will help you in breaking the pattern lock of your Chinese tab.


1.  First of all you have to connect your tablet to your  PC through USB.

2. Then install the drivers for the tab. See the method here.

3- Or you can directly install Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool which is bundled with Android Multi tool.

4- For Confirmation of Installation of Driver, Right Click On My Computer and Open Manage.

5- Click on Device Manager and check port Under Android.

Method 1. Unlock using Android multi tool software   (Download)

1.  After getting connected through PC , we have to use Android multi tool software

Andoid Multi Tool Interface

2.  Then  the interface of the android multi tool software will appear on the screen, in it select the option 1 and press enter, which will define that your Tablet have been connected to the PC

3. After it, select the option no. 5 which will delete all the data from your tablet there of  pattern lock will be also removed

4. Now back to the tablet, it will restart and it will take some more time in starting than usual.

5. Now the screen appear which is free from pattern lock as the system get restored

Method 2. Unlock using GPG Android tool by GPG Industries  (Download)

Another process for it is by using android tool by GPG industry as it is similar to the previous one  only the difference is that it has got different interface

GPG tool to unlock china tablet

1. Download the tool

2. Install and open it. In the category ADB tools, click on the check device and wipe all

3. It will show that the tab is connected to the PC & it will also delete all the data from the tablet respectively. You can use either of these tools to remove the pattern lock from the  China tablet


Note: If the USB debugging is off then in that case Android re-installation is the only solution.

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  • El Msh Mohandes Mustafa

    it says List of devices attached
    10624184924448 offline

  • Dade Farid


  • Abbas khan

    i forget my tablet password

  • Yanaki Plamenov

    not working on windows 10 drivers anyone can help me email:

  • Dion

    Hi I need help, so I have a max west tab 7155 and I’ve been locked out for three years. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have a Chinese tablet and I need help cracking the code or resetting it

  • Fazalerabbi Stuida

    My tab is zt pad a cortex 9 tablet pc.
    I know my Gmail account and password.
    Debugging mode off. And no volume or home key.
    How to open it

  • gbenga James

    Join the discussion…ffff

  • Virginia Nya

    Hi Guru I am locked out of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and I cannot get it to do the system reboot by holding the power and volume control buttons together….I downloaded the multi tool you suggested in your video but my tablet is not being detected. the tool error message reads ‘abd’ is not recognised as an internal or external, operable program or batch file …..please can you help 🙂

    • try to use power + volume up + menu to reset the device

  • Michael Liao

    My question is about the itouch model c703 tablet. Will it be able to send and receive text messages and phone calls since I cannot find any SIM card slots on it?

  • jens

    didn’t detect dragon touch y88 tablet even when the driver was latest

  • Pachupp Roman


  • Pachupp Roman

    hi, my hipstreet aurora tab’s pattern lock was forgot. i tried android multitool n gpg tool but no use because drivers are not working. USB debugging is on I think. then i tried hard reset by key combination power+vol plus + home. but an exclamation mark wast the result. tried all the other combinations. the i tried to install drivers again using adb driver and failed again. the tab is A13 based and the device manager shows a device with error. please help me….

      • Pachupp Roman

        i have tried but no use. its failing. I am using windows 10, is that would be a problem. and i tried to install adb drivers manually and its failing too.

      • Pachupp Roman

        problem solved. windows 10 had its digital signature lock on. removed it and drivers were successfully installed and flashed the device.

  • Mohammad Mahboob

    Please help me i could not connect with pc

      • Mohammad Mahboob

        dear i m from pakistan please help me i have orginal s3 GT-I9300 i flash with odin many time but still no network imei not fixing and sim card signal getting whats the proper instruction which is i have to do

        • Try to use Z3X box for your issue and flash it with efs file

          • Mohammad Mahboob

            Thanks dear but please tell me the best box all in one

          • it depend. which phone you want to repair?
            Miracle for chinese
            Z3x for smasung
            Atf for Nokia

          • Mohammad Mahboob

            Dear sir u mention

            three boxs Miracle for chinese Z3x for smasung Atf for Nokia but this three box own flash or i download from website please teach me i am new to flash mobile… Regard

  • Emmanuel

    guru can you tell please me what can i do. everytime i try to follow the steps i’m blocked after pressing 1 and enter. the message i got is “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable or batch file.” press any key to continue. when i press any key it drives me back to the main menu. i need assistance please.

    • Which cpu your tablet has been powered? Provide details


    my tablet is showing no option on hard rest

    • Send details of tablet like Brand, model no, cpu

  • Daniel Beijerling

    After plugging in the tablet (with it turned on) the Windows 7 PC recognised it and automatically installed drivers. Windows Explorer then shows 2 additional external drives, because the tablet has a USB port and an SD card slot.

    I then tried both the GPG and Adroid MultiTools applications, but neither finds my device when I click the Check Device options.

    I have also tried a factory reset using button combinations, and can get to the screen with the Android with an exclamation mark in a red triangle, by powering up with the Power button and Volume Up button held down, but from there no combination of buttons will bring up the configuration menu in which I can select a Factory Reset. After a minute or two the tablet just reboots.

    The tablet has a Power button a Volume Up/Down rocker, and a small round button that can only be pressed using the tip of a pen, which I assume is meant to be a Reset button.

    I have tried the following:





    Power + Up

    Power + Down

    Power + Reset

    Power + Up + Down

    Power + Up + Down + Reset

    Up + Down

    Up + Down + Reset

    Reset + Up

    Reset + Down

    Reset + Power + Up

    Reset + Power + Down

    Have I missed anything?

    • Dingeling

      I found out that when I connect the table to the PC while the Android with exclamation mark is showing both the GPG and Adroid MultiTools applications do find my device when I click the Check Device options.

      But… when I then click any of the Wipe options I get the error “-exec’/system/bin/sh’failed: No such file or directory (2) -“.

      When I click Rockchip Wipe All I get a “No Found…” error.

      Any ideas on what to do next?

  • Smoothie

    why mine after pressing 1 then it will become like this? how?

    • Install ADB Driver

      • swadhiq

        ADB drivr installed but still this showing?????

  • deepak rana

    Sir i have miracel setup whick can run without box …. Can i works ???? @ ankur pratap

    • Ya it will work if the device has been enlisted in that update which u r running

      • deepak rana

        thanks a lot Ankur bhaiya

  • Jhakestylez Mynshekov

    why my tablet appears as local disk (k) on the device manager?

    • Is your tablet switched off????

      • Mohammad Mahboob


      • Mohammad Mahboob

        plz help

  • Jhakestylez Mynshekov

    ohhh myyyy goddd..!!!!! please help me fix this i cant see any “other device” on the device manager..

  • Speed Link

    It Works Perfectly….. Thank you all who creates this.

  • lek2r1234

    hello tank for your help i m new but i have pb to unlock shemalock to my guru a703 place helppppppppppppppp

  • Moin Ud Din

    hello every one i have intex pulse 2 .i have forget all my username and password of gmail.please any one can help me to factory rest this tab

  • salman

    my tablet epad face lock problem hoe to fix this problem

    • Please specify the model no and chipset to proceed furthur

  • Napsay Star

    Have a mircomax canvas tab ,screen cracked , What if wiping all is not what u wat what should one do then??? I don’t want to loose files and the screen lock exist

    • If you own Volcano or Miracle box, then u can backup your current data and octain password in Box message interface

  • nek

    thanks for App Devper and tab guru site … its working

  • Jason

    To all of you who are desperate to unlock your Chinese tablets:
    What worked for me for a tablet that had no USB port, was to just open the casing, extract the SD card, mount in the computer and delete/rename the gesture.key and password.key files. No applications or files were lost this way.

  • montana

    thank you

  • safraz

    hi my tablet is Super star Model GSSMID-7002S My problam is pettern lock is too many pettern attempts now how can i reset my tablet??help me pls

    • Use Android Multi tool to unlock pattern please check Password reset Section in Widget

  • Rakesh Basu

    tablet guru please help me i have a Amtrak My Buddy A712L tablet i can’t reset it……..

  • Sheikh Robin

    Thanks Guru…………… i love you.

  • Nitesh Gulati

    Micromax infinity how to unlock patterns lock

    • Use GPG Dragon box tool to unlock MTK, SPD and Mstar based CPU
      1- Download the tool (
      2- Unzip it and double click on GPG tool v3.26 and select port (check device manager)
      3- Now open 00.exe
      4- Select CPU type as MTK
      5- Click on format
      ***make sure you have installed driver

  • Anees Ayub

    i unlocked using my gmail

  • Anees Ayub

    my tab’s debugging is off , how can i get to it ? any one reply plzzzzz…….

  • Anees Ayub

    what if the usb debugging is off

    • Then you have to either hard reset or flash it.

  • Rafael Daaco Candelaria RAfski

    Hi.. Im having a big problem with china made tablet i forgot the password and the bad thing is the debug on usb was activated and the computer cant read the tablet.. What should I do .. ?? Help me out please

  • All Arts

    Hi. I download your program but i have windows 8 and i can’t find the tablet android in the device manager. what i can do to unlock the pattern in this china tablet (vero A7720). It don’t have a volume button and i can’t find it in my pc. Please can you help me? thnaks

  • Bloo

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 made in korea. it’s model is GT-P1000. FCCID: A3LGTP1000 Rated: 5V-2A. I clicked the bluetooth and the tablet automatically shut down and restarted but got stuck at the android logo. I tried reseting it using the reset keys such as holding both the power button and vol+. After 30 seconds an image of android with exclamation point appeared but there were no reset selection menu. I let it stay for awhile and after a minute it shut down and restarted again automatically but still got stuck at android logo. I also used the reset button at the back of the tablet but it still got stuck at the android logo when restarting again. Please help me. It’s driving me crazyyy!

  • Muhammad Haseeb Mayinkanakath

    Thank you very much for the article. Still my problem is not solved. I am having a I-Touch C703 model made in china tablet.
    This was my situation, prior to reading your article:

    -Forgot pattern lock
    -Unable to login using google account since Wi-Fi is in OFF mode before it got locked.

    After reading your article, here is what I did,

    -Connected tablet to ‘Windows 8.1 Single Language 32 bit PC’.
    -Failed to install drivers automatically.
    -Succeeded in driver installation using ‘ADB driver installer’.
    -‘Android multi tool software’ failed to open. No response when clicked on ‘Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe’. Even not running with administrator privileges.
    -Successfully installed ‘GPG Android tool by GPG Industries’. It is displaying an empty ‘List of devices attached’. The Device Manager is showing connected ADB device.

    *Please have a look at the attached snapshots.

    What next?

    • Muhammad Haseeb Mayinkanakath


      All I have done was changing my PC operating system to ‘Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 32 Bit’. I succeeded in Wiping tablet data using ‘Method 1. Unlock using Android multi tool software’.

      Thank you for your useful article!

  • Yaseen Mohammed

    hello ,i followed all your steps still this your interface is not detecting my device.i have wintouch Q74…in device manager showing ADB interface…please help me to unlock my tab

    • Go to Developer Option and enable USB debugging

  • john

    thank you very much..

  • mus57

    doesn’t work please help me


    please give me a alternate link for adb driver installer to my email id

  • Edo

    The link don’t work =(

    • It has been updated.

      • Sohail Rasheed

        pls send me this link for this board id firwamre plsss board id: a9702-v1.2 2012-7-30..

  • ashique

    hello, i am unlocking finish this , now my pattern lock problem is solved, but now tablet reboot probelm and restart more times.

  • Anas Bashri

    Hi, my device is: View Tech 7″ MID TAB by smart technology
    No home button , and pattern forgotten?? + not included on the lists of unlocking tool ,,!? don know

  • stef

    hi i have nordmende 8014rk and my brother forgot password, usb debugging it is off.please i like to download driver to connect to my pc,any solution hard reset?

  • Washeem Sunny

    thanks for this video..
    i have a opal mode p1000 tablet.. it stucks on boot.. is there any firmaware available for it.. please i need it hardly..
    thank you in advance..

  • Randy Goodeau

    I have an Android Tablet PC. I push factory reset button and dumb me I push off on it. And now it will start and go to a blank screen and that’s it.

  • Diyar

    Hi, I have a question my friend has mtouch M98 tablet and and we want to hard-reset it because he forgot the pattern, I tried all the steps you mentioned but it didn’t worked with the tablet, it works by pressing power button then when the led light on I release it and I press the volume+ button till the Android logo appear with the exclamation triangle on it and if I do anything else it will not go to android logo. My question is when the android logo appear with the exclamation triangle on it what I press didn’t led me to the recovery menu it stuck on the logo till 2 minutes and turn off. I tried everything but it didn’t work please do you have any way else.

    • If you have reached till the exclamation mark then you are one step away from recovery menu. Try different key combination to enter into the recovery menu. Use the following
      1. Power, Volume down, Volume up, Home button, Power + volume up + volume down or any other random key combination.

      If it is locked and no other method is working then only thing left is that you have keep trying..

      • dyar

        I tried all the methods before this nothing till now. Any other idea I will be grateful.

        • are just missing one specific key combination that will work..try pressing Power + volume up + volume down.

          • dyar mzere

            I tried all the combinations even the method that you mentioned above & nothing happens & if I keep pressing power it will shutdown.

          • dyar mzere

            I want to tell also it’s not the first time that I format tablet I worked on another types and it accept with some different in the key combinations but I don’t know why this kind is not accepting anything is their an special key combinations.

  • Wellingthon Pujols

    Excelente Gracias 1000 me funciono 🙂

  • Jen Jen

    sir can i use this method on reflashing the stock rom for my sisters galaxy ace s5830i china phone?

    • This method cannot be used for flashing. You cab only do hard reset with it.

      • Jen Jen

        how sir? can you please give me the link of the tutorial.. thank you..


  • Farrah Mae Villegas

    hi…h0w can i fix if its too many password attempt and then i cant log in with my google account???

  • Farrah Mae Villegas

    its not working in this china tablet…ahm..what can i do if its too many pattern attempts??
    answer pls

  • Nabil Beno Noussair

    thank you man

  • rav

    what is the TF mean . do we need to use a memory card in order to apply this method … also iam using a power bank giving my 3.7v directly from the charging slot to the tablet . does that affect the basic operation instead of using a battery!

  • kasna

    is there any solution for tablet USB debugging is not ON?

    • Then you have to install Android on it. See the link below the video..

  • Hamza

    both tools say that no device attached please help me

    • Then developer mode is not enable. You have to flash or hard reset the tab.

      • mhfr

        my Chinese tab is got stuck..i did every thing like install drivers..install android tools…hard reset etc nothing give me result….model num is superstar GSSMID-7002S
        ..MY laptop is also not detecting my tab when I connect it to usb wire….in device manager other devices there is not any android option..i think in tab usb debugging is not enabled….what to do now…when I open the tab it opens every time but freezes on android page… pls..

  • brian

    hi there if i try select option 1 on the android multi tool it says “adb is not recognized as an internal or external command…’ what do i do now? pls help me!!!

  • Michał

    how to format tablet alcatel onetouch EV07

  • marvin

    my cousin use all my pattern and i forgot my email and password in google, what should i do!?!?

  • lyndon

    Can i use my s4 smartphone to reset my china tablet