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Cheapest Tablet! UbiSlate 10Ci & 3G10

Datawind on Tuesday has launched India cheapest  10-inches tablet termed UbiSlate 10Ci and UbiSlate 3G10. Both the tablets has been exclusively launched with leading e-commerce website i.e. Snapdeal. The price against the tablet UbiSlate 10Ci is Rs. 5,999 and UbiSlate 3G10 has asking price of Rs.9,799. Specification:- Similarities:- Both the […]

UbiSlate 7C+ (Recommended Commercial version of Aakash 3) @ Rs 4,999: Sports SIM CARD

It’s all in the heading itself. UbiSlate, the Tablet PC lineage from the company called DATAWIND, has launched the new Tablet PC called the UbiSlate 7C+(Edge), which supports SIM card at an unbelievable low price. Still the price didn’t surprise many of us, because as all know that DATAWIND has […]

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