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Tablet with SIM

New LAVA E-TAB with SIM card

LAVA braces up for a slew of tablets to be released this month fall. And the tablet which which is about to hit the stores before any other variant is from the E-TAB range of LAVA. It’s a genuine 7 inch Tab with dual camera! It runs on Android’s penultimate version so far and houses […] Continue reading →

Tablet below Rs 15000 With SIM

tablets with sim card and voice calling With the phenomenal increase in the number of Tablet PCs all over, people now have even started pushing their budgets to buy a better Tablet PC that also includes SIM-calling facility. Earlier buying tablets below Rs 10000 was on top of the trends in the masses even though most of them do not come with […] Continue reading →

Lenovo IdeaTab A2107

Lenovo A2107 tablet Lenevo, the leading multinational brand from the 2012 last quater sales reports, launches it’s first ever tablet. With the launch of Lenevo A2107, the makers cement the public anticipation of more and more international giants hitting the Tablet market with their best shots. Not long ago, Acer has launched 52412 hoping to undercut Micromax’s dominance […] Continue reading →

T-Pad WS802C 3G Tab

Penta WS802C 3G Tablet Penta T-Pad WS802C 3G is a tab which comes with a generous 8 inch screen and cameras on the either sides. With 512 GB DDR 2 and Cortex A8 1 GHZ (GPU) the tablet promises seamless performance and good user experience. Android OS is ‘mention not’ boon to the majority tablets in the market, this […] Continue reading →

Penta T-Pad WS704C

Penta T-Pad WS704C With Penta T-Pad WS704C tablet, the manufacturer finally pays heed to the public demand and comes with Calling and SMS features. The device has dual cameras and impressively fast processor. A SIM card slot is something which is getting more and more sought now-a-days as people are getting reluctant to carry too much in their […] Continue reading →

Zync Z5- First Dual SIM Tab

zync z5 dual SIM tablet Zync Z5 dual sim tablet, yes you read it right, it is a dual sim support tablet. We are not surprised much as with pace tablet world is evolving pushing the limits every day in and out, a dual sim tablet was round the corner quite expectedly. In India Zync is the first company to […] Continue reading →

Huawei Tablet

Huawei Tablet Pad 7 lite Huawei has announced two new tablets for the Indian market. The tablets are added t the MediaPad family of Huawei. The two tablets are 7-inch MediaPad7 Lite and 10-inch MediaPad, 10 FHD (we are guessing FHD stand for Full High Definition or Fats High Definition). The stellar features of the devices are that they both […] Continue reading →

Micromax Funbook Talk P350

Micromax Funbook Talk P350 Micromax is fast becoming a market leader in India in the low cost tablet segment. The Funbook series launched in April has been its prodigal child and with the launch of Funbook Talk P350, it plans to solidify that position further. The Voice calling feature in Funbook Talk is its selling point and will help […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →