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Flash HCL ME U1 Tablet

 To flash HCL ME U1 tab first you need to download the firmware of the ME U1.The link for which will be provided below. Flashing of HCL ME U1 will delete all the previously  installed apps that are on the internal memory of the tablet, also it will format the SD card so it recommend […] Continue reading →

6 Drawbacks of Budget Tablet

budget tablet John: Oh man! Tablet…!!! Congrats buddy. So, is it promotion or increment??? Neal: What!!! John: New, shiny, latest tablet. It must be expensive. So… promotion or increment? Neal: Haven’t you ever heard anything called “BUDGET  TABLETS”!!! Yes. Today, being techno savvy does not cost you your fortune. Not anymore. Today we have a whole lot […] Continue reading →

Tablet Buying Tips

Looking for a Tab? But are you sure you want a Tab at first place? If yes, how much are you willing to pay to own one? Wondering how many days will your this costly Tab last? Whether an Android OS is better than any other OS? Does iOS beat the Android down at all […] Continue reading →

How to connect an Android Tablet PC to the Internet?

Internet on Tabs If you are one of the many not-so-techie types and are struggling with this thing which they call a “Tablet PC” or simply a Tab, this is a post for you for sure. You know, the best utilization of a Tab is only possible when you are able to use Internet on it. It is […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →