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Run Java & C program on Android Tab

 Android : Coding on the terminal Terminal is a command-line interface where the user can give and execute text-based commands. Command Prompt (CMD) and PowerShell on Windows are some examples that will give an idea. It is not as widely used by the average user. In fact, such an interface is preferred only by more […] Continue reading →

Steps to Root Karbonn Tablet

Rooting a karbonn tablet is easy  and can have your karbonn tab rooted in a few seconds and your world to tab will be fully opened. In this post we have used Karbonn Ta-Fone A34 for demo.  Although the same processes are applicable to all the karbonn Smart Tab also. Before you start check […] Continue reading →

Rooting Google Nexus 7 – 2013 Tablet

root nexus 7 2013 tab Rooting  an android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet,  is aimed at  obtaining administrator access or root access and overcoming protection measures. It facilitates fine-tuning android functionality and running applications that require root access. But rooting may void the warranty of your device. So do not root your device just for the fun of […] Continue reading →

Simple guide to Tablet Rooting

 There are times when we feel we could alter the OS or the Apps pre-installed in our Tablet PCs. But the manufacturers keeps any kind of alteration provisions inaccessible normally. They do so to prevent us from hampering the product, say a Tablet PC, from getting exposed to numerous malicious software out there. But an […] Continue reading →

Top 5 problems faced by tab users

 Operating a Tablet PC is some times not that easy. Different Tabs have different issues which mostly surface out of the blue and then stay to vex their users badly. A lot of visitors on mytabletguru post their pains and problem related to their individual Tabs and seek troubleshooting for the same. Based on all […] Continue reading →

Unlock Android Pattern Lock With Command Line Prompt

unlock tablet commands Here you will be knowing how to unlock an Android tablet pc using command line prompt on a  general Computer PC by accessing the Android shell. To unlock pattern password through your Computer PC, first you need the following software:- 1) Android Developer Tool. ( Only one folder of Android Developer tool is required i.e.  […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →