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Control your PC through Android Tablet

If you stick away from your home for most of the time and you are in need of your Laptop or PC for any document or files, you can get connected to your PC through your Android tablet  anywhere around the globe. In case if you are wishing to take […]

Steps to use Phoenix USB Pro Flashing Tools

Flashing means to install Operating system to the Tablet. Phoenix USB pro is flashing tools which is required to install OS on tablet. It is required to flash ROM, firmware etc . It is use as a substitute for Livesuit, if you are unable to do flashing with it or […]

How to use Rockchip Android Flashing Tool

Rockchip tool is used for Android OS installation on Tablet. The installation of operating system on Tablet is termed as Flashing. The Possible reasons for OS installation are maybe the OS might get corrupted, Tablet get stuck at boot menu, processing speed has gone up, tablet hang at various operation, […]

Android Tablet WiFi not working. Fix it easily

If your Android tablet Wifi is not working and not detecting or getting connected to any WiFi network. Then the possible reasons for this can be Android OS issue : In this case you have to re-install the Android OS on your tab. Hardware issue :  The issues can be […]

Android Tablet White Screen issue. Quick Solution

Now a day’s its quite common between the Android Tab users is during switching on the tablet , a white display appear on the screen of the tab and it remain so. This generally happen when the tab is quite old or it has fallen on floor. A video has […]

Techniques to Tackle Android Tablet from Boot Stuck

The major problem now a day’s which arise with Android tablet users is getting tablet stuck during startup. In this case the tab remains at the logo screen and does not move forward . There are possible of reasons for this. here we are going to enlist some of the […]

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