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Tablet below Rs 5000

Zync Z919

Zync Z919 tablet   Zync Z919 is the latest from the makers in the seemingly never ending race amongst the budget Tabs. In the sub 5k category, this Tablet PC is a usual 7 inch LCD TFT Tab  which runs on Android ICS version. With 1.2 GHz processor and 512 MB DDR3 RAM the Tab is a fair buy, […] Continue reading →

Wespro MC715

Wespro MC715 Wespro MC715 is one of the latest 7” Capacitive Tablet which the budget Tablet PC market has. Wespro has even launched Tabs before MC715 which have picked up good market very soon. This one runs on Android’s previous version, ICS which is the version 4.0. With 512 MB RAM and Cortex A8 1 GHz processor, […] Continue reading →

Go Tech Funtab @ Rs 3499

Go Tech Funtab is here to battle for popularity in the budget tab field. Priced very competitively, the Tablet is able to draw a lot of attention. There are a few more models for Go Tech Tabs, all set to lure various individuals with various preferences. The only difference between Go Tech 7 inch and […] Continue reading →

Go Tech Funtab 7.1 Fit Tab

Go Tech, a new company has joined the not so new budget tablet league with the launch of its Funtab tabs. Riding on one of the least price tags tied to its Tablet PC variants, the company is vying to establish some reputation in the market. Go Tech Funtab 7.1 is a 7.1 inch Tab […] Continue reading →

Byond Mi-Book Mi2 tablet:

Byond Mi-book Mi2 Tablet Byond Mi-Book Mi 2 is one of the better selling Tablets in the lower budget segment of the Tablet PC market. Byond has launched not less than 8 Tabs in the market, under the flag of Mi-Book series zeroing mostly on the mushrooming budget segment. Mi-Book Mi 2 is just a clone of Mi-Book Mi […] Continue reading →

Ambrane A-7 Ultra Slim @Rs3490

Ambrane D77 Ultra Slim Ambrane A-7 Ultra Slim: Ambrane, a near household name now, has come up with one of the cheapest Tablet PCs in the market. But by pricing it at a cheaper value, they don’t mean compromising with the quality. The tablet is no lesser in specs and corresponding features than any of the lower budget segment players. […] Continue reading →

HCL ME Tablet U1: Best in the segment..

HCL ME U1 HCL ME Tablet U1, a tablet which will suit you if you seek reasonable quality assurance at a reasonably lesser troubled price tag. This Tab has the quality check from one of the most reliable Indian company, HCL. With this Tab HCL shows its intent to not pass up the growing opportunity, from the proliferating […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →