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Top 5 Fastest Tablet Processors

In the last few months manufacturers have been pushing their limits till extreme and churning out faster clock speeds and advance graphic processors which deliver unbelievable performance and yet are soft on battery. In the same light, we have to make a list of the fastest tablet processors in the market today. We are going […] Continue reading →

Tablets: cooler than ever!

Apps for dogs to play Change is the only thing which is permanent. This famous adage works just fine even in the Tablet industry. People want to see their Tabs do more and more stuffs than just regular stuffs. Mostly the App-industry should be thanked for coming up with the Apps which are incessantly adding different horizons to the otherwise […] Continue reading →

Tablet PCs, Saving million lives, helping ASHAs

UNICEF ASHA using Tablet PC Jasol, a far flung village in the border district of Rajasthan, is witnessing something unusual and unprecedented. All these days the Asha Sahyojinis used to visit their houses loaded with all types of colorful but heavy files, all to have a check on the population’s health, especially women and children. Asha Sahyojinis, all women, are […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →