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Android Tablets price to Swish in 2015

Android Tablets price to Swish in 2015


Android Tablets will cost you extra amount to your pocket in year 2015. The reason behind it, Intel is going to pull the plug on subsidies provided on Android tablets.

Intel has strategic plan to ship 40 millions tablets with their chip inside in 2014 when compared to past year it is 4 times more.
Now, Intel has announced it will help the tablet manufacturing companies in building tablets with Bay Trail chips inside. As a result of which tablet Manufacturer has to pay for their extra component.

Arm Chip Design:-    
ARM chip design which add an extra cost to the tablets at initial level, could trouble manufacturing companies to bear extra cost and making their tablet away from budgeted range. The Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and Nvidia use Arm Chip design and it is also popular with other gadgets..

Subsidizing Cost:-
Intel subsidizing $51 per tablet with its chip and now is in no position to bear more.

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New emergence:-
If Intel will not subsidize for its chip in 2015, it is expected that new chip maker company will come in to fill Intel chips and match the requirements.

Intel has partnered with Chinese Rockchip famous for his low-cost chips for the production of budget SoFia Chips.
It will be interesting to watch in future that the Partnership can come with the production of new chips at affordable cost.

Samsung Bend Tablets: Look at its Best

Samsung Bend Tablets: Look at its Best

Samsung bend technology

Technology trends which is expected in upcoming tablets can shock you. Most of the tablet manufacturing firm are working on flexible display technology. These screens can be bent to be used as keyboard or stand.

Innovative Trend:-
Samsung is all set to work on a project which can bend the screen of tablet to keyboard or stand. LG is also working on rollable display. The main motto behind it, ability to transform lower part of the flexible screen and use it in four different modes.

lg-rollable flexible

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Four different mode:- 
First mode is to adjust display standing straight up and body half bend, which is genuine mode for presentation and multitasking. The bended portion can be used as keyboard.
Another mode is to bend the screen opposite to the direction of our body and vice-versa to use it as tablet stand. In this mode you can watch videos without holding the tablet in your hand.

Last mode is tilt mode as in Lenovo Yoga tablets.

When talking of usability, first mode can entertain us by using the bend part as a virtual keyboard. Another mode can be used in sleeping and standing position. While, tilt mode can help us in using tablets in any position either on the desk, office or market.

Samsung has lose its ground in the past, but in order to maintain its market, Samsung is trying hard to come out with innovative technology.

Tablet Deals in GOSF 2014

GOSF deals

Great Online Shopping Festival abbreviated as GOSF is all set to start its shopping festival from 10th to 12th December, 2014. It is an initiative of Google India . This festival continues every year by Google in the month of December especially for India.

More than 400 Companies are participating in GOSF. The idea behind the GOSF festival was to promote sales through discounts and gain popularity via Internet. The success can be defined with respect to last year GOSF, the site has got crashed several times and the festival was extended for day.

GOSF is celebrated all over the world but with different name. This concept originate from US in 2005 and has been celebrating wide across the world.

Almost all popular e-commerce websites are participating this year also and it is sure that there will be huge discounts on tablets. If you are planning to buy tablets then this is the perfect time to switch.

Here at My Tablet Guru we will be listing the top deals on tablet during 10th to 12th Dec. If you want to buy tablet today, then see the  table below for today deals.

Top Tablet Deals for 5th Dec 2014

1-      Dell Venue 8  @ 50% off, Rs. 8,799 (
2-      HP Slate 6 Voice Tab  @ 57% off, Rs. 10,099 (
3-      Acer Iconia One7  @ 38% off, Rs. 3,999 (
4-      Asus Fonepad 7  @ 26% off, Rs. 6,999 (
5-      Google Nexus 7  @ 33% off, Rs.15,999 (
6-      Digiflip Pro ET701  @ 33% off, Rs.3,999 (
7-      Google Nexus 9  @ 6% off, Rs.28,900 (
ZTE K70 Dual-Sim Tablet Coming soon

ZTE K70 Dual-Sim Tablet Coming soon

k70 dualsim
ZTE K70 leak images

At year end, ZTE is going to launch Dual-Sim Tablet dubbed K70. It will be running Android Kitkat v4.4 and will feature smaller screen. The Tablet with Dual-Sim support is very rare and many comes with no sim slots. ZTE is likely to focus and serve the segment wishing dual-sim tablets with smaller screen which can fit even in pocket.

ZTE has not disclosed the tablet, but it has been enlisted on FCC website.

With K70 tablet, ZTE is all set to compete against Asus Fonepad 7 and Sony Xperia Z3. Though, both the Tablets have worldwide recognition and widely accepted by the users.

It will have Dual-sim slots supporting two networks at a time. It will feature 7-inches of display. It will be running on Android Kitkat v4.4  and connectivity support of  Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

The price against the tablet would be $200 and it has been rumored that K70 will hit the shelves at Year end.

What missing:

ZTE K70 does not have Gorilla glass, now a days almost all tablet and smart-phone are coming with scratch resistant screen. It is surprising to see the key hardware part missing.


There are few tablets with dual-sim and K-70 not only add another tablet to this list but also a brand name to dual sim segment.

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K70 is going to compete against those tablets which have worldwide reach and acceptance. 80 percent of the users using Dual-Sim tablets are satisfied with the product brand. So, it will be very difficult for ZTE to penetrate the market with K70.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Specs. Leaked: Bigger Screen & Lighting Processor

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Specs. Leaked: Bigger Screen & Lighting Processor

xperia z4

Sony at IFA 2014 has just presented its Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet. Breaking its recent family rhythm, it has been designed with display of 8-inches. Now, it has been leaked about Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet which will present bigger screen of 12.9-inches and 2.8 GHz Snapdragon 810  chipset.

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Xperia Z4 will be out-of-box with 12.9-inch LED display with resolution of 3840 * 2400 pixels. Android L OS will be the running platform. It has been added, Sony is researching on 3840 * 2160 panel for Tablets, but it has been covered that the final version will be available with QHD resolution, instead of 4k.

The Bezels will be much thinner as compared to the Xperia Z3. Sporting stereo speaker with enhanced Audio system.
From the past experience, it can be concluded that new Xperia Z4 Tablet would be slimmest and lightest 13-inch Android tablet.
Camera- most buzzing part of Sony products. It will sport 13 MP Rear camera with higher resolution sensor and front facing with 8 MP. Marathon battery of 12,100 mAh will be packed.
The motherboard embedded will be Snapdragon 810 Octa-core coupled with 4 GB of RAM backed with 64 GB of in-built memory.

The competition around 13-inch Tablet will be on its way, which was left behind with the Xperia Z3. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung will be the major part conceding Sony competition.

13-inch Tablet?
Xperia Z4 will sport 12.9-inches of screen. So, it can be concluded that Z5 will come with bigger screen , maybe above 13-inches. Check out the 13 inch tablets that are to be released by this month.

Tablet with Rollable Touchscreen From LG

Tablet with Rollable Touchscreen From LG

lg-rollable flexible

Tablets to be made with the technology which can scrolled to a smaller size in favor of their Touchscreen. It will help the users to hand-pick their tablets on their way i.e. Portability enriched. LG has been working on it, and sooner to come with Tablets with rollable & flexible touchscreen.

LG Tablet last impression:-
LG is not an active player of Tablet manufacturing. The last recognized tablet series launched by LG was G Pad, earlier in 2013. Though, the tablet was recognized by users worldwide. Earlier at 2014 International workshop, LG has presented 18-inch flexible OLED display rolled into tube.

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In order to cut out the Cost involved with rollable touchscreen, LG is trying to blend copper with roll-to-roll technology, reported by LG Display R&D centre. CNET has also quoted, LG already has the possession of rollable flexible Display. In order to generate trend, it will implement this technology in Tablet.

Production process:-
During Production, panels has two go through two rolls. In order to optimize its flexibility.
Aluminum wires in Display will be replaced by copper, which will result in less cost, increase resolution and prevent emission of substances which are harmful to human and nature.

In future, we can see the Tablets which can be rolled into scroll to enhance portability. In reference to it, now tablet can come in much bigger screen.

To separate LG from the crowd, rollable flexible technology will play a vital role. The users can benefit more out of their investment.

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