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Hp budget Android Tablet

HP to launch budget tab with SIM

Hp budget  Android Tablet
Two HP budget Tablet to be launch soon.

HP has decided to launch two budgets tablets with SIM  and latest Android OS. This is very welcome news for all HP loyal product users. The Hewlett-Packard Company or HP tablet will have all the Android OS  updated features. This move will definitively boost the market of HP as tablets are becoming more and more popular and user friendly.

HP takes over to give it’s bit in the flow by planning to launch 2 affordable Tabs with the top quality assurance, for which they are known for. The putative prices for the two models are Rs 10,000 and Rs 14,000. HP’s timing with the launch couldn’t  have been better since the Tabs will see the stores in the festive seasons where Eid and Diwali is waiting for the people to turn shopaholic.

HP has a lot of hybrid Tablets under it’s belt, which are doing well outside India. But for the Indian market, where majority tends to buy from the economic zones of the products, HP has to surge into for better acceptance and of course for better sales. It is not just HP, other MNCs like Lenevo, Acer, Samsung etc are already got their footing in this segment. So, it’s quite clear from every where that the competition is stiff amongst the makers. This on the healthier side, is good for the consumers as they have good options to choose from.

About the specs of the these two new HP tabs: Nothing is clear yet but it won’t be any lesser than the following:-

  •  Price : Rs 10,000 and Rs 14,000
  • Latest Android OS
  • 3G SIM enabled tablet
  • 7 inch HD display

So just wait and watch and don’t let your excitement down because now it is time for HP users who were just expecting to work on Android OS with HP as a product and soon this dream will come true for the sake of technology. Keep visiting our website for more information.

Aakash 4| Priced Rs 4000| Specs & Features

How should the Aakash 4 Tablet PC be? Government lays some guidelines.

Aakash 4| Priced Rs 4000| Specs & Features
Even Better!

We have already covered about UbiSlate 7C+ being proposed as the Aakash 3 Tablet PC in the celebrated Aakash series. Now people are even talking about the guidelines coming for the Aakash 4 lined up. . You may not marvel at the price as you know a lot of Tabs which cost near about Rs 4000/-. But here is the news which will bring big smiles on your faces and leave you puckered during the complete read. The news is actually the putative specifications of the features which are to be present in the Aakash 4.

Let’s have it all in a form of a table, for your easier reading and understanding. If you’l observe you will find that Aakash has some hardware with rating which have been thought not possible at such a low price. Without any further ado, let’s have a look:-

Operating System
  OS Android
  Version Jelly Bean (latest OS is a must)
  Up-gradable No
Calling Feature
  SIM slots  NO
  Network(s)  NO
  SIM Calling  NO
  Speed  Should surpass the-
  Brand -benchmark mark of-
  Type -3537 in Antutu-
  Core -performance testing
  RAM  1GB
  Internal Memory  4GB
  Expandable Upto  32GB
  Memory Card Type  mSD
  Screen Size  7 inch (at least)
  Display Type  LCD Capacitive Touch Screen 5 point multitouchScratch resistant
  Resolution  800×480 pixels (minimum)
  View Angle  NA
  Primary ( Rear)  2MP
  Secondary ( Front)  0.3MP
  Video Capture (Resolution)  Yes, 1080p
  Average online Video  3hrs
  Average Battery Life (Internet/ offline eReading)  5hrs/6hrs
  Standby Time  30days
  Wi-Fi  Yes
  Wi-Fi Version  802.11b/g/n
  3G  Yes via external dongle
  2G/EDGE  Yes, via external dongle
  Bluetooth  Yes
  Btversion  Version 3
  HDMI  No
  miniHDMI  Yes
  USB2.0  No
  miniUSB  Yes
  Map support  Google Maps
 Dongles Supported  Yes
  Dongle List 2G / 3G(WCDMA):-Huwai E1766, Huwai E230, Huwai E160E, Huwai E182G, Huwai E220, I-230, YE261, Huwai E1750, ZTE MF637U, ZTE MF633BP-1, Huwai E1756, UMG1691, SRT-H800,Huwai E1782CDMA2000 / EVDO:-Huwai EU830,Huwai EC1261, Huwai E150, Huwai EC122,Huwai EC1270, Huwai EC156, ZTE AC2746,ZTE AC590, C820, SEC790, ZTE AC580, ZTE AC2736, SRT H800.
  AudioFiles  MP3, WMA, WAV
  Video Playback  Yes, Full HD
  Pendrive (upto)  Yes, 8GB
  Hard Drive (upto)  No
  Dimensions  0.75x5x0.75 inch (or lesser)
  Weight  not more than 500gms
  Loud Speaker  Yes
  3.5mm Jack  Yes
  Items  Tablet, Battery, User Manual, Warranty Card,Headset, USB Cable, Dongle Connector
What Else?
  These–> ———————–
Best Buys
  Price 1  Less than Rs 4000/-
  Price 2  —
  Price 3  —
Official Page

Further the Aakash 4 must be dual bootable with Ubuntu Operating system ( through external memory card). One of the key points in the government’s notification says that the hardware accelerator should be capable of supporting OpenGL ES 2.00 playing true HD 720 with at least 30fps. It is added some where in the notification that the device should also support 4G through any relevant dongle and NFC based SD card should also work like a charm.

Android 4.3|Coming this July| News leaked

Android Jelly Bean 4.3?

Android 4.3|Coming this July| News leaked
No Android 5.0 soon?

There has been all kind of speculations and a total confusion between the Android 4.3 and Android 5.o; which is going to be the next Android version after the impending update? We came to know about the Android 4.3 to be a misnomer and soon news like Android 4.3 being fared on few of the high-end Samsung and LG phones, flowed on the internet.

If this is true, the wait will be more for the most awaited Android 5.0. Though Google continues to keep mum on the existence of Android 4.3, let alone confirming its release date, the Android 4.3 got confirmed by a Google developer website. Being optimistic, we still hope the Google plays a curve ball this time and manages to keep the Android enthusiast happy with its update over Android 4.2.2 with what seems more likely now, the Android 4.3.

Android 5.0 will be not be supported by the single/dual core processors. This is the reason why Google plays it fair with its manufacturing partners, so that they call phase out their dual core processor devices with ease and with the privilege of being fresh.

Some of the phones which have been spotted sporting Android 4.3 were LG Optimus 7 II and Samsung Galaxy S4. It is highly expected that we will see these updates on a few selected phones, compatible with the new updates, very soon in the coming month of July this year. But still, until it’s officially out, all we can say is, ‘It’s still a mystery’.

Android 5.0|News|Nexus 7 2

Google is soon to serve the hot Key Lime Pie, the Android 5.0

Android 5.0|News|Nexus 7 2
An inkling: The Android Robot eating Lime Pie.

For all those who have had enough of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean off-late, can cheer up for an updated taste of Key Lime Pie. Yes, Google is likely to launch Android update version 5.0 and will give it a moniker, as per the habit, the Key Lime Pie. We have seen as many as 8 Android code-names and its numerous versions from Android Cupcake 1.5 to Jelly Bean 4.2. All getting better than its predecessor in terms of interface, speed and usability. Likewise, the Android Key Lime Pie 5.0 is expected to bring some more features and better performance to the Android portfolio.

Google has announced the Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) in the last year’s Google IO- the developer conference. Hence it was justifiably expected for them to announce Android 5.0 in the this year Google IO held in the month of May. Moreover, in the month January this year, screenshots of a Qualcomm road-map were somehow leaked, understanding from which Android 5.0 was expected to get public in the month of April this year. But, nothing as such happened. When pried, we came to know that Google made this fair delay to give the manufacturing-partners sufficient time window to roll out their Android 4.2 (Updated Jelly Bean)devices  properly into the market, which is the latest Android version launched very recently.

Not just this delay, plausible rumors were also there about Android 4.3 being launched before Android 5.0, which meant pushing the release of the latter even further. Thankfully, this turned to be a false rumor eventually as it got quashed by the company itself.

Later on we expected to see Android 5.0 powering the Google Nexus 4 phone which was made in collaboration with LG. However, it didn’t happen in reality and the Nexus 4 sports the same(updated though) Android Jelly Bean with which it was launched last year, being the launch-pad for the then latest Android OS.  . It is getting all over the internet that LG is not willing to take up the manufacturing of Nexus 5. Hence, Google has sought a tie up with Motorola. And which means the upcoming Android 5.0 will be possibly first featured  in Motorola X phones.

Android 5.0 KLP, in the Tablet PC purview:- 

It is quite simple and forthright here. Google Nexus 7 2nd generation will come up with the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. These Tabs, just like the Nexus 7 original, will be made in collaboration with ASUS. The tentative release dates of the OS and the products are still up in the air, but no sooner they settle down, we make sure we update you. Nevertheless, according to a few humming birds inside Google, we can expect all these to start happening from the September 2013.

Samsung will be blitz-fast bringing the Android 5.0 updates in the Samsung Note 2, Note 8.0 and Note 10.1, says an insider from the company.

What is more with the update?

1) There will be improved Linux 3.8 kernel which means lower usage of RAM leading to a faster and zippier performance with limited RAM support. This also means better multi-tasking.

2) Google Babble(or Babel) may be launched with the Android 5.0. Babble is an app which will be a hub for all sorts of Google tools for communication and sharing. This App will even run on lower versions of Android, for the fact Google would like more and more users for this App called Babble.

3)There may be an iOS Game Centre-like App coming tied to this new version of Android.

There are many more updates, which have still not surfaced properly. We are vigilant and assure you to bring more on this very soon. Please leave comments on what you think about the impending Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and also share if you have some credible news about it. Enjoy your stay here.

Wanna buy Tablets online? starts selling Tablets and accessories

Wanna buy Tablets online? starts selling Tablets and accessories

amazon mtg

Move over Flipkart, Amazon has started its operations in India and Tablets and accessories are on the menu. Yes, the world’s largest online retailer which started its online marketplace this month has listed Tablets as well and its here to stay. Read More “Wanna buy Tablets online? starts selling Tablets and accessories”

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