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Go Tech Funtab @ Rs 3499

Go Tech Funtab is here to battle for popularity in the budget tab field. Priced very competitively, the Tablet is able to draw a lot of attention. There are a few more models for Go Tech Tabs, all set to lure various individuals with various preferences. The only difference between Go Tech 7 inch and […] Continue reading →

Go Tech Funtab 7.1 Fit Tab

Go Tech, a new company has joined the not so new budget tablet league with the launch of its Funtab tabs. Riding on one of the least price tags tied to its Tablet PC variants, the company is vying to establish some reputation in the market. Go Tech Funtab 7.1 is a 7.1 inch Tab […] Continue reading →

Go Tech Funtab 9.1 class

go tech funtab 9-1 class Another tablet from  Go Tech with a bigger screen, as big as 9.1 inches is the Funtab 9.1 class Tablet PC. Now if you were looking for an affordable and convenient ebook reader, your search shall stop at Go Tech’s stores. With being fully loaded with all the fun and features, this Tab is a […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →