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Run Java & C program on Android Tab

 Android : Coding on the terminal Terminal is a command-line interface where the user can give and execute text-based commands. Command Prompt (CMD) and PowerShell on Windows are some examples that will give an idea. It is not as widely used by the average user. In fact, such an interface is preferred only by more […] Continue reading →

Simple guide to Tablet Rooting

 There are times when we feel we could alter the OS or the Apps pre-installed in our Tablet PCs. But the manufacturers keeps any kind of alteration provisions inaccessible normally. They do so to prevent us from hampering the product, say a Tablet PC, from getting exposed to numerous malicious software out there. But an […] Continue reading →

Install Android 4.0 on HP TouchPad

Okay, first things first, HP TouchPad is a discontinued flagship tablet by HP. It runs WebOS which is, to be frank, half-baked cake. It has tiny number of apps (good luck finding useful ones) and very few developers open their hands for it, even though it was a great piece of hardware and software too! […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →