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Byond Mi Book

Byond Mi-Book Mi2 tablet:

Byond Mi-book Mi2 Tablet Byond Mi-Book Mi 2 is one of the better selling Tablets in the lower budget segment of the Tablet PC market. Byond has launched not less than 8 Tabs in the market, under the flag of Mi-Book series zeroing mostly on the mushrooming budget segment. Mi-Book Mi 2 is just a clone of Mi-Book Mi […] Continue reading →

Byond Mi Book L9+

byond tablet 9+ After the success of Byond L9 tablet, Byond gears up for a new feat by introducing tablets with keyboard and which they fondly call as “Laplets”. Byond L9+ is the tablet we are talking about, which technically is a Byond L9 tablet with an additional tablet to its case. It looks big enough with 9 […] Continue reading →

Byond Mi Book: Mi3

Byond Tech launched its Mi Book series of tablets a fortnight ago in Delhi amid much media attention and the fan reviews of its tablets are still coming in. But it is the Mi3 model priced at Rs 6,090 which manages to grab the attention the most, both in terms of performance as well as […] Continue reading →

Byond Mi Book: Mi1

On the 16th of October, Byond Tech, the Pune based mobile manufacturer company, launched itself into the Indian tablet scene with its low cost Mi series. Its first product the 7 inch Mi1 offers everything a user today wants in terms of design and features. However, it is the 3D feature that is set to […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →