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Aakash 4:- Ultra Low Cost Tablet Coming Soon

Indian Government Official is all set to review the specification of Aakash 4. It has been reveal that the specification are not meeting its standard. In a report, DEITY has audited and message parliamentary committee that the Vendors are not meeting the promise as stated in tenders which include 3G […]

Aakash 4 @Rs 1500 in January 2014

Mr Kapil Sibal, the telecom minister, announced the news which we all have been waiting for ever since Aakash 3. Very soon, as soon as the new year begins, the production of Aakash will commence with a full-throttle pace. The minister at a school function where he was a guest, […]

How should the Aakash 4 Tablet PC be? Government lays some guidelines.

We have already covered about UbiSlate 7C+ being proposed as the Aakash 3 Tablet PC in the celebrated Aakash series. Now people are even talking about the guidelines coming for the Aakash 4 lined up. . You may not marvel at the price as you know a lot of Tabs […]

Out with Books, In with the Tablets

It is time to wake up to virtual reality. Pages don’t just exist in books but on the Web as well. E books, Web blogs and the nets resources are set to blow away traditional knowledge bit by bit and for good.

Akash 3 to be seen soon…

The UK tech firm, Datawind has confirmed that the launch of Akask 3, one of the world’s cheapest Tablet PCs, is on the cards. It will be priced wee more than the Akash 2 Tabs which was sold Rs 2,263 apiece. An anticipated price for Akash 3 will be near […]

Aakash II tablet to be launched on November 11

The government is finally taking proactive steps in its commitment to modernize education in India. On Education Day, November 11, it plans to introduce the first batch of the new Aakash II tablets to around 20,000 students. 

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