BSNL WishTel IRA Icon Tablet

BSNL PC IRA Icon tablet

BSNL WishTel IRA Icon Tablet


BSNL, in collaboration with WishTel, an electronic manufacturing company is launching a new tablet,  PC IRA Icon.  Earlier, BSNL had collaborated with Penta to launch tab at just Rs 3250.  But this PC IRA comes at a highly competitive  price of Rs 10,500. It will be interesting to see the response the tab gets as the Indian tablet market is already flooded with budget tablets. This tablet is specially designed for youngsters and people who like to work and keep in touch on the go!

Feature and specification of BSNL PC IRA Icon are:

  • OS : Android 4.0
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 800×480 pixel, TFT LCD capacitive touch screen
  • Connectivity : 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Built in BSNL 3G SIM
  • Built in stereo speakers
  • 0.3 MP front camera and 2.0 MP rear camera
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Internal storage of 4GB,expandable to 32GB – MicroSD card
  • Price Rs 10,500

The IRA Icon tablet comes with BSNL’s 3G SIM and free 3G data of 2GB for two months. The customers can also avail 3G data plans of BSNL or the specially designed Tablet plans according to their needs.
With this tablet, WishTel continues to offer enhanced technologies that is designed to help Android business users experience the performance and productivity offered by tablet PCs. It is manufactured to suit the needs of business users in markets that depend on high performance mobile workforces.

You can book the tab  here.





10 responses to “BSNL PC IRA Icon tablet”

  1. Shreyash churi Avatar
    Shreyash churi

    i dont find option of bluetooth in my tab can anyone help me out to find the bluetooth settings.

  2. Dorris Avatar

    “New BSNL Tablet WishTel PC IRA Icon | My Tablet Guru” Discount Blinds was
    indeed a fantastic blog post. If solely there was even more blogs like this excellent one on the actual
    online world. Anyhow, thank you for ur precious time, Frank

  3. Vivek M Avatar
    Vivek M

    Does the tablet have USB ports? The screen resolution is mentioned.What about the screen size?

  4. utsav Avatar

    this tablet will prove its features it is having many good features it will be better than Earlier, BSNL tab with Penta which was just at Rs 3250. though it is at higher price it wil proof a booster to youngsters.

  5. utsav Avatar

    BSNL PC IRA Icon. this tablet is having many features like wifi, 1gb ram etc but it is not cheaper i think micromax tabs are more cheaper than bsnl tabs though it is providing less features but they are cheaper and good.

  6. Nani Avatar

    Sir i would like to buy this . . How can i buy .? Is there calling feature in this .?

    1. Alok pratap singh Avatar
      Alok pratap singh

      If you want to purchase these nsml penta tabs. . . . . . . . . Then you shuld contact on some home dilevery websites such as , , , etc.

  7. rakesh kasana Avatar
    rakesh kasana

    i wanna a bsnl ira icon tablet

  8. rahul Avatar

    could you say me how would i get the status of my order

  9. anmol Avatar

    gr8 job useful information

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