Asus transformer AIO| All-in-one touchscreen| Rs 86,999

Asus Transformer AiO P1801, A dual OS Tab

Asus transformer AIO| All-in-one touchscreen| Rs 86,999

Asus, the Taiwanese ace in the consumer electronics, a household name all over the world, has come up with an impending 18.4 inch device. As the name itself suggests that the device is able to transform from one use to other, there is no surprise. Asus Transformer AiO P1801 is a full fledged desktop which can be transformed into probably the biggest Tablet PC commercially known so far, in a jiffy. The AIO stands for All In One touchscreen, what the device actually is. This very hybrid is now available on the store shelves with a directed price of Rs 86,999 and Rs 92,999 for its Core i3 and i5 processor variants respectively. Though there are Tablet PCs which follow similar concepts and provide its users dual options from which a user can choose, this one, the Asus Transformer P1801, this is a huge shift. You will learn it shortly how is this Tab wee different from the other hybrid Tablets hitting the stores lately.

This is device which has dual behaviors and it’s up to the users which part they want to play with. Transformer P1801 is essentially a desktop, which when undocked from its portable stand, changes to a Android 4.1 Tablet PC, from the otherwise Windows 8 desktop. The dock, which the makers call the PC station has all the different hardware components from the standalone Tablet PC formed from it, as much as possible to meet the Windows 8 expectations for a high level performance and usability.

ASUS transformer AIO

For your easier reading and understanding, lets have a table here to differentiate both the modes:-

Windows 8 Android 4.1
Dispaly is 18.4 inch full HD 1920×1280 pixels Dispaly is 18.4 inch full HD 1920×1280 pixels
dual/quad core processors, Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs A separate i3/i5 processor
GPU : Nvidia GeForce GT 730M GPU with 2GB of graphics RAM GPU : Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC and 2GB of RAM
2TB of internal space 32GB internal memory space
4 USB 3.0 ports and1 USB 2.0 port microUSB portBluetooth 4.0HDMI output

The target customers, given the price and productivity power is naturally not the general public. Professionals like architects, high level managers, students etc will find this transformable touchscreen a good thing to fit in their daily lives, though not so  easily in their bag-packs.

Before long, this AIO Touchscreen will be available on the major stores for all guys to buy. Till then keep visiting our space to know about the best deals available online for this new Asus transformer AiO P1801.







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