Android Tablets price to Swish in 2015

Android Tablets price to Swish in 2015


Android Tablets will cost you extra amount to your pocket in year 2015. The reason behind it, Intel is going to pull the plug on subsidies provided on Android tablets.

Intel has strategic plan to ship 40 millions tablets with their chip inside in 2014 when compared to past year it is 4 times more.
Now, Intel has announced it will help the tablet manufacturing companies in building tablets with Bay Trail chips inside. As a result of which tablet Manufacturer has to pay for their extra component.

Arm Chip Design:-    
ARM chip design which add an extra cost to the tablets at initial level, could trouble manufacturing companies to bear extra cost and making their tablet away from budgeted range. The Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm and Nvidia use Arm Chip design and it is also popular with other gadgets..

Subsidizing Cost:-
Intel subsidizing $51 per tablet with its chip and now is in no position to bear more.

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New emergence:-
If Intel will not subsidize for its chip in 2015, it is expected that new chip maker company will come in to fill Intel chips and match the requirements.

Intel has partnered with Chinese Rockchip famous for his low-cost chips for the production of budget SoFia Chips.
It will be interesting to watch in future that the Partnership can come with the production of new chips at affordable cost.

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