Android Tablet White Screen issue. Quick Solution

tablet white screen problem


Now a day’s its quite common between the Android Tab users is during switching on the tablet , a white display appear on the screen of the tab and it remain so. This generally happen when the tab is quite old or it has fallen on floor. A video has been posted at the end of this post where a tab with white screen has been fixed and the very same method will work with other Android tablet also.

The possible reasons for white display are:

1. LCD is completely dead : In this case LCD or display replacement has to be done.

2. LCD connector is effected by carbon or dirt particle: If the LCD connector is surrounded by the carbon then it has to be removed.

There are simple steps which can overcome this problem and can help you in getting your Tab ready for the use.

1-     Switch off the tab and open the back cover

2-     Now  unlock the battery and remove it , it’s not a necessary step. Though it is for the convenience

3-     Get to LCD connector as it is locked, firstly unlock it

Removing the Display connector

Removing the Display connector

4-     After unlocking of LCD  connector , with the help of metal tool rub it to remove the carbon and other dirt particles

5-     Then  fix the connector at earlier position and lock it

6-      Place the battery at its position and connect their terminals

7-     Switch on the tab, now it ready to be used

Check the video for detail instruction.

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