How To Fix Your Android Tablet in Easy Steps

 android tablet not working

There might be the cases that your Android tablet is not turning on even on pressing the power button and even after hours of charging the battery the tab does not boot. Then before taking the tab to the repair center here we have listed the few common issues and their solutions which you can do yourself.

In 90% of cases when the tab does not switch on the issue is related with the battery.  Following are the few common issues related with the battery.

Case 1. Battery wire goes loose

In this case open the back cover of the tablet and see if the battery is properly connected to the circuit board. If it is lose then make the proper connection.

Case 2. Battery completely drain out and it is not taking charge.

This is one the major issue. In this case the battery loose all the charge and even on connecting the charger it does not get charge. Now here you have to boost your battery, i.e to charge the battery.

The steps to do so are as follows:

1. Open the back cover of the tablet by using appropriate tool or screw driver.
2. Now take the battery out form the circuit properly without breaking any wire.
3. Then measure the voltage of the battery by the voltmeter, if the voltage is below from 3.60v then we use battery booster to charge the battery.
5. We need a battery booster and set the voltage of the battery booster between 4.0 to 4.5.
6. Add red connector to red wire and black connector to black wire of the battery.
7. Now leave the the connected for 5 to 10 min.
8. Remove the battery from the connector and now place the battery into the tablet properly.
9. Now switch on the tablet.

Here is the video showing the use of battery booster.

If you do not have the battery booster then you can also use charger for boosting. 

The steps are as follows :

1. Take a mobile charger and cut the end of the charger and separate the red & black wire from it
2. Red wire is positive and black wire is negative of the charger.
3. Now insert the charger into the socket.
4. There After connect the red wire of the charger to the red wire of the battery and do same for the black wire.
5. Made the connection is about 10 to 15 minutes.
6. Now place the battery into the circuit board of the tablet properly.
7. Press the Power button.

Soon more solutions will be published.

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