Android Tablet Not Turning ON : 15 Reasons & Solution

Android Tablet Not Turning ON : 15 Reasons & Solution


If your Android tab is not powering / switching on. Then there might be the no of reasons for this. In most of the cases simple DIY method can bring the tab back to life. If the tab has some hardware fault then it can be fixed in repair center only.

Here we are going to state possible reasons which can help you in turning your Android device On.

1- Remove the Battery
It is possible that your Android device may get stuck in power off mode. This situation arise because the Android device get basically frozen.

Solution : Remove the battery from the Android device, wait for a moment, and reinsert the battery and then press Power Key. It remove all power from the Android device and termed as Power Cycle.

 2-  Long press the power button
Long press the power button upto 45 seconds in order to remove all power from the Android device. This might turn your Android device ON. If not proceed to the next step.

3- Charge the Battery
One possible reason if your device is not switching ON from the above steps, might be your device is out of charge.

Solution : First connect it to charger and wait for 5 minutes and then try to switch on the mobile.

4- Perform a Factory reset from Recovery mode
If your device get ON and if it get freeze or boot process fail or it immediately switch off. Then, there may be software problem. In such case holding power button for long time may not work. As, these methods are used when the device does not respond at all.

Solution : This method cost your data. If you have memory card in your device remove it. Otherwise, it will erase all data from it and the device will be set to its default state.
Every Device has different key combination for Factory reset. See different key combination option here or search in Google for the combination. After entering in recovery mode, press wipe data to reset it.

5- Sleep of Death

In this state the device automatically goes to the sleep mode and fails to wake up. In order to recover from this problem we have to use Trial-and-error approach which determine which process works or not.

Solution : The possible solution is to put the device in charging and then press the power button.

6- May be Due to Dust
One possible reason if you are holding power button and it does not work. Maybe it’s time to open the device and clean it up with brush or thinner. After cleaning put it for charging and then press Power key for start. Check the cleaning process in below video.

 7- Power button Broken
In this case you can put your device in charging and then press Volume down button. It will start your device but all the time during starting you have to perform the same operation.

Solution : Go for its replacement for ease of yours.

8- Re-inserting the SIM
One possible solution can be if you take out your Sim card and boot the Device and switch it off and then insert the Sim card. In few cases this method works.

9- Due to carbon
Due to moist in rainy and winter season the carbon occurs very frequently, specially on the connecting jack, i.e. battery connector, Mic connector, speaker connector etc

Solution :  Clean the power jack as shown in above video.

10- Dry soldering
If the tablet is kept for long time and not in use. Then in that case the IC’s or the essential chips, which is attached with the board or the PCB with soldering gets dried.

Solution : Resold the dried part in order to work properly.

11- Corrupt OS
The OS may be corrupted which won’t let the tab switch on.

Solution : See the OS installation method.

12- Faulty charger
If the charger is not supplying the proper or prescribed voltage and amp.

13- Damaged charging connector
The charging of the tablet may be damaged or loose.

Solution : Remove the power jack.

14- Loose Connection
The terminal connecting PCB and Battery wire may be loose, in order to recover check the connecting terminal.

15- Charger Connector Point
Maybe, the Gold plated wire inside the connector point has been misplaced. To sort out, use brush to adjust its position.


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