Android Tablet WiFi not working. Fix it easily



If your Android tablet Wifi is not working and not detecting or getting connected to any WiFi network. Then the possible reasons for this can be

  1. Android OS issue : In this case you have to re-install the Android OS on your tab.
  2. Hardware issue :  The issues can be

i)    The WiFi antenna of the tab is loose                                                                                                                                                                                             ii)   Loose connection of  Wi-Fi zone on PCB

The possible solution to get it right-

  1.    Open the back cover
  2.   After the back cover has been removed ,identify the area which has been mentioned in the video i.e. Antenna and Wi-Fi zone
  3. Apply soldering paste at Wi-Fi zone on PCB as instructed in the video and then apply soldering iron over it, which make it free from carbon and repair any loose or short circuit wire
  4.    Now repeat the same process at antenna port .
  5.   As these steps make the connection of  both the point reset
  6.    Now close the back cover of the tab
  7.   After this process, switch on the tab
  8.    Now take a look at Wi-Fi , it must be  identifying the network

This is the best suited method, where you have the probability of 90 percent that your Wi-Fi will work . But if there is hardware problem or the circuit has been damaged physically, it cannot be set. For hardware problem you have to replace it at your nearest service center.

If you have any query in response to this video, feel free to comment belwo. Our team would be happy to help you.

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