Android Jelly Bean 4.3?

Android 4.3|Coming this July| News leaked

No Android 5.0 soon?


There has been all kind of speculations and a total confusion between the Android 4.3 and Android 5.o; which is going to be the next Android version after the impending update? We came to know about the Android 4.3 to be a misnomer and soon news like Android 4.3 being fared on few of the high-end Samsung and LG phones, flowed on the internet.

If this is true, the wait will be more for the most awaited Android 5.0. Though Google continues to keep mum on the existence of Android 4.3, let alone confirming its release date, the Android 4.3 got confirmed by a Google developer website. Being optimistic, we still hope the Google plays a curve ball this time and manages to keep the Android enthusiast happy with its update over Android 4.2.2 with what seems more likely now, the Android 4.3.

Android 5.0 will be not be supported by the single/dual core processors. This is the reason why Google plays it fair with its manufacturing partners, so that they call phase out their dual core processor devices with ease and with the privilege of being fresh.

Some of the phones which have been spotted sporting Android 4.3 were LG Optimus 7 II and Samsung Galaxy S4. It is highly expected that we will see these updates on a few selected phones, compatible with the new updates, very soon in the coming month of July this year. But still, until it’s officially out, all we can say is, ‘It’s still a mystery’.

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