Android Installation on BSNL Petna Tab IS701C

If your BSNL Tablet has got a pattern lock and you forgot the password or your tab hangs frequently then you need to flash ( Android installation) your tab.  The steps mention below will work for all BSNL Penta tabs. But each tablet will needs different firmware, the links for which will be provided below.


The steps to install Android on BSNL Tab IS701C are as follows:

1) Download the IS701C firmware from here. To download firmware for other BSNL Tab see here.

2) Extract the zip file in your system.

3) Keep pressing the volume down button and connect the USB wire to the tablet, wire other end must be connected to the system.  If process is done correctly then a Window named “VDfu” will appear on the screen. This window is the tablet internal memory drive. See the video for details.

4) Now go to extracted zip file folder. Here first click the file “res_packing“. In the appeared menu click on “Convert to Enhance file”.

res packing

5) Now click on “MPTool” file in the same folder. Then a window will appear, in it click on the option ” Download [NAND]” when the option tablet internal drive goes green. As shown in the pic below.

MPTool for BSNL tablet

5) Now the Android installation process will start and will take around 15-20 minutes for completing the process. After the installation finish it will show the option “Download End, click OK and plug out the USB wire from the tablet.

6) Now press reset button by putting a pin in reset hole and switch on the tablet. Now you are ready to use your tablet.

For more details see the video below.

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  • Rajesh Chouhan

    my tab is BSNL Penta is701c i have install latest version please solve problem

  • Rajesh Chouhan

    sir my tab is running condition but its old version i have a new version so plz solve this problume

    • share model no & try to flash the phone

      • Rajesh Chouhan

        sir i have factory reset my tab but tab is hang out in welcome screen and not responding

  • Ravindra A

    How to upgrade using sd card..IS703C Penta tablet..

  • Ravindra A

    need mp tool download link for repairing my bsnl penta tpad IS703C tablet which is stuck in boot loading problem..

    • try to upgrade using sd card

      • Ravindra A

        How to do using sd card

        • turn the phone into recovery mode and select Apply update using SD card

  • Jay

    i got penta 701C … pressing minus sign wont works

    • Try to install driver & check at device manager

  • sagir

    My bsnl panta tab is dead what can i do plz reply

    • Firmware which you have downloaded is like

  • Heera

    Here’s my Bsnl penta 3g tablet board id d i need the firmware for it plz help …..!

    • Send another pic as image you have posted is not clear

      • Heera

        but now the firmware is found and my 3g bsnl penta p03(board ID : inet-86vw-rev06 zeng-gc 2013-06-21) tablet works well.
        but new problem is that camera is not working.
        is u can give some advice?

        • Firmware you are using is not compatible with your Bsnl Tablet

          • Heera

            Can u provide me the correct link of firmware – 3g bsnl penta p03(board ID : inet-86vw-rev06 zeng-gc 2013-06-21) Please.

          • Heera

            thanks for ur reply admin andafter downloading using ur given link and when i try upgrading firmware at 56% with livesuit it shows error which u can see in pic attached nd the tablet is dead now.
            Plz help

          • Send detail description of your tablet like Brand & model no.

          • Heera

            3g bsnl penta p03 tablet (board ID : inet-86vw-rev06 zeng-gc 2013-06-21)
            and i do not know model no.

          • Heera

            But i have allready used it as u provide this link to me earlier and when i try to flash with this firmware the livesuite,phoneixpro both shows error at 56% processing.(see pic for detail of error)

            I think this firmware is not compatable with my tablet.
            So i need new compatable firmware plz provide me.thanks in advance.

          • Heera

            3g bsnl penta p03 tablet (board ID : inet-86vw-rev06 zeng-gc 2013-06-21)
            and i do not know model no.

          • Send detail description of your tablet like Brand & model no.

  • Tushar sardana

    hello sir,
    i have a penta ws802cdc 3g tab. i downloaded the required firmware from the above link. but when i connect my tab with computer it shows failed to install drivers.since my pc is not installing the drivers i am not able to open the vdfu windowplz help

    also, it is stuck at boot screen so i connect it in power off mode but the moment i connect it to my pc it auotmatically starts up and gets stuck at boot logo. pz provide a solution for this also.

    thanx in advance

  • Revanth

    system not displaying “VDfu” folder, download Nand not active with green colour sir, please help me

    • Wire must be lose, try again. It is the only process.

  • anuj singh

    nice job 100%………………………tnx

  • sylar

    how to install android on penta ws100q????? plz plz plz…

  • koko

    penta ws100q firmware plz!!!

  • gaurang rathod

    SAME prblm dude…..u solve it….???
    plz help me….

  • gaurang rathod

    what d hell yaar… not booting up,stuck at the logo….tablet going to R.I.P DO NOT FLASH UR TABLET……..PLZ……

    • Press the reset button using pin. It will start.

  • Visakh Ravi

    sir my VDfu is I/ also then the green colour is not coming please hel me MY TABLET GURU

  • dreamrickz

    can i run mptool on windows 7?

    my system has 4 partition c e f g ( f is my windows drive)

    vdfu is h drive

    am stuck after res pack ,mptool is not getting green {h is showing waiting}

    can u plz tell me how to troubleshoot this problem

  • sunny

    after pressing ‘download nand’ process starts normally but then got a error usb device plugged out , and now my tab is stuck on bsnl penta ,not goin into recover also.
    but used (hauxin) mp tool it formatted it nicely and also installed the old version but now the touch isnt woking.

    • sunny

      thes error comes after showing [0]boot

  • sam

    i did not find mp tool please give me link for mptool

  • mohammed thoufeeq

    sir after completing the process my penta is701c is not booting up,stuck at the logo.please help me

    • Tablet Guru

      Try it again.

      • Rocky

        same problem here!!! what to do ?? cant even switch off the tablet