Akash 3| 1GHz | 512MB

Akash 3 to be seen soon…

Akash 3| 1GHz | 512MB
Coming Soon!

The UK tech firm, Datawind has confirmed that the launch of Akask 3, one of the world’s cheapest Tablet PCs, is on the cards. It will be priced wee more than the Akash 2 Tabs which was sold Rs 2,263 apiece. An anticipated price for Akash 3 will be near about Rs 2,500 apiece and about 10 lakh pieces are to be manufactured for the same.

Eyebrows had been raised on the availability of Akash tabs in the past and as a matter of fact not many even considered Akash Tabs being real, all thanks to its limited release. Over this issue, the company spokespersons were found confirming to media lately that the company has successfully delivered 1 lakh pieces of Akash 2 Tabs and is all set to hit much larger target figures now, as large as 10 lakh. The CEO of Datawind, Mr. Suneet Singh Tulli made a statement off late, corroborating that the delivery of the Akash Tab 2 was made at least a month before the stipulated delivery deadlines. And hence, this time they expect no raised hackles what-so-ever about the delivery and availability of the Akash 3 Tabs .

Akash 3 Tablet PCs are supposed to sport Android 4.0 version OS and will be housing Cortex A8 processors clocked at 1GHz. A 512 MB RAM will assist the performance of the least priced Tab in the world. Further at the memory front, the Tab reserves a 4GB internal space and is expandable up to 32GB. Fast internet (3G) is available through the external dongles and much more.

So, this time it’s much likely that we will see Akash 3 Tabs in the open market competing with the other contemporary budget segment Tabs. Even though the official date of release is yet to be decided, sources say that they will make it public, before long!

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