Aakash 4:- Ultra Low Cost Tablet Coming Soon

Aakash 4

Indian Government Official is all set to review the specification of Aakash 4. It has been reveal that the specification are not meeting its standard. In a report, DEITY has audited and message parliamentary committee that the Vendors are not meeting the promise as stated in tenders which include 3G connectivity via modem, Java Support and the likes. It will be a ultra low cost tablet which is going to be launched in upcoming days. The idea behind the launching of low cost tablets were to bridge the digital gap in the country.

HRD ministry has started the project and it was stated that the budget were fixed and under the allotted budget manufacturer were asked to supply tablets. From the companies side it is said that it is wrong way of planning,  first the specification required has to be submitted to the manufacturer and according to that company will submit the expected cost .

Proposed specification of Aakash 4 features 7-inch LCD display with a pixel resolution of atleast 800 * 480 with 16-bit or above color depth. Minimum brightness proposed were of 290 cd/m2, followed by minimum contrast ratio of 500.

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Government had propose open source applications on it and the platform for OS will be Android . It will be powered by a processor scoring atleast 1469 points in Antutu. It should have RAM of 1 GB followed by 4 GB of ROM. The external support for storage should pack 32 GB of space and also include support for USB storage devices, Keyboard, mouse, 3G/LTE data connectivity. You can check the details here.

Government has asked Stakeholders to share their recommendation on the technical specification of Aakash 4 within 2 weeks.

When talking of series, Aakash 2 is now followed by Aakash 4. It means Aakash 3 is somewhere missing.



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