Aakash 4 at RS 1500

Aakash 4 @Rs 1500 in January 2014

Mr Kapil Sibal, the telecom minister, announced the news which we all have been waiting for ever since Aakash 3. Very soon, as soon as the new year begins, the production of Aakash will commence with a full-throttle pace. The minister at a school function where he was a guest, cited the short-comings of previous Aaksh Tabs and brought to our knowledge the improved features we will get to see in the new Aakash version 4.

Aakash 4 at RS 1500
Aakash 4 at Rs 1500

It will cost at least a Rs 1000 less than the previous Aakash, that is now the students can have Aakash by paying just Rs 1500, as earlier it were priced Rs 2500 apiece. Mr. Sibal assured that for Aakash as many as 18 companies are going to participate in the tender, bids for which opens tomorrow. DG Supplies and Disposals are looking after the tender formalities.They have decided to involve several players in the production process to ensure competitive price and quality.

Speaking about the features, Mr. Sibal said that Aakash 4 is planned to have 7″ – scratch resistant screen. An internal memory of 4GB and external as much up to 32GB. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and 4G, connectivity will be no issue at all. The ergonomics will also be better than the ones in the past.

In his speech the minister said, enabling every student with the help of Tablets has been his dream ever since he was HRD minister ¬†and he brought forward his “meta-university” concept he coined back then. He explained that when multiple universities come together for a special radical mixture of courses, we have a meta-university structure. With students with traditional books and modern Tabs, meta-university culture will pick up pace as well.

The minister also said that, in the light of present and future possibilities, he expects every school going child could have his or her own Aakash Tab. And which will mean that teachers will no longer be the sole repository of knowledge, he quipped.

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