Aakash 2 : World’s Cheapest Tablet

Aakash 2 Tablet – An initiative by UK based company Datawind Corporation that makes “Ubislate Tablets”, has been recently into news again as its launch date is near. The much hyped Aakash 2 Tablet had to face delay in launch due to the differences between Datawind and IIT Rajasthan. Eventually the project was transferred by Indian Govt. to IIT Bombay for testing. The first phase of the Aakash 2 project was completed successfully as four tablets were handed over to Engineeering College namely VJTI, KJ Somaiya College, PIIT Panvel and COEP Pune Principals who were there in the workshop.


“It would be a Dream Come True”, says Kabil Sibal at the Official meet.


Last year Indian HRD dept. entered into an agreement with Datawind to provide very low cost tablets to all students in Each University, Each College in India. The project was a failure due to many controversies. The Next Generation Aakash 2 Tablets are expected to come with loads of improvements. Below mentioned are some of these:

Features and Specifications:

  1. Priced only at $35 or Rs 2,250. Buy it from here.
  2. Enhanced Speed with 800 MHz (earlier 366 MHz) ARM Cortex-A8 processor.
  3. 256 MB RAM.
  4. 2 GB Internal storage.
  5. Improved Hardware with Google’s Android 2.3 OS upgradable to Android 4.0.
  6. 7-inch Capacitive (earlier Resistive) multi-touch screen for better user experience.
  7. High definition video support.
  8. GPRS, Wi-fi and USB support.
  9. 3200 mAh battery ensuring longer battery life.
  10. Datawind’s UbiSurfer Browser that accelerates browsing speeds upto 10x to 30x.
  11. One of the unique features of Aakash Tablets is that they have got better “Programming capability”, i.e. they can be used to write programs in different programming languages such as Python, C, C++ and Scilab. This move will help Computer and IT students directly as they don’t need to purchase costly PCs or Laptops especially for academic purposes.
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  • sanjay

    i want to purchase a tablet (upto Rs. 12000/-) specially for internet, movie, games & smart class i.e. child education. Tablet in which at least 9″ screen, 1GB RAM & 8GB internal storage, battery 6 hours runs video, internet connection through tata photan plus data card, GPRS, wi-fi. Please advice me a tablet at the earliest so that i can purchase the same.

  • Shiva

    Don’t buy………its simply waste of money…….its like Rasta ka Maal Saaste mein…….

    Be Geniune Buy Geniune products to be hassle free and tension free…..

  • Partho Sekhar Roy Chowdhury

    I want to buy a Akash2 tablet so, please tell me the procedure of how to buy one.

  • Mohini Yende

    Hey Zain really great work and great stuff too…

  • Gopal Reddy

    hi sir where will buy this table please tell me process of buy this one

    • Zain Siddiqui

      it is not for public sale as of now. it is only available for school going children and college students. plans are in place to make it available for public around next year march/april though.

  • Abhay D tigadi

    Please can you guide me through the process to buy a new akash tablet.plz reply to my mail id or else can i buy it from flipkart.waiting for reply.

    • Zain Siddiqui

      u can go to the official website for ubislate that sells this tablet else, i’d recommend you use online website’s like flipkart or saholic

  • Aslam khan aonla

    Please tell me about akash tab

  • Rajesh

    Akash company cheating me. I have paid cash in advance on 2/2012.Not yet received till date 28/10/2012. Rajesh kannur.kerala.9446844886.

  • shubham

    sir kaun sa tablate aacha hoga student ke liye?i am confuse

    • Zain Siddiqui

      HCL ka ME series me accha tablets hai..aur Micromax ke bhi tablets me student feature accha hai..try that out..

  • Ziabolas

    My Tablet Guru is shortly going to open an Online Tablet store of its own, so hope that soon we will be able to provide you with the Aakash Tablets. In the meantime we are trying to solve your queries. Thankyou for your patience…

  • purva agrawal

    What is the procedure 4 buying Aakash tab?
    what is the eligibility criteria to get it?
    what will the mode of payment?
    In how many days I will be getting it after placing the order?

    • Zain Siddiqui

      i think you need to check out the UBIslate website for this..

  • mahendra

    how to buy akash tab

    • hvv

      i want high end akash tablet how & how much ,,

      • Zain Siddiqui

        the price is mentioned in the article…and as for how to get it..check out the official UBIslate website or some online retail store..

  • Aravind

    can u guys please tell me where can i get this tablet in Pondicherry

  • venkatesh

    I want to know is there calling options in aakash 2 tablet. and how to buy tha aakash2 tablet.

  • sajjan sharma

    There is lot uncertainty regarding Aakash tabs. there are three version latest one is ubislate 7c which support phone calls also with all facilities of a tab. everyone should opt for ubislate 7c .
    for any concern call on their official number

  • Bharat Patare

    hi sir… im a IT Branch student and i want to buy Akash tab 2 ,so ..what cn i do.. after what time take you to diliver Tab..reply me…

  • Loknath

    i want a buy BSNL tab but where should i go to buy this i dont know plzz inform me about it

  • sudhir

    sir, plz tell me what the proccess to buy a akash tablet????
    plz rply my email address



    • Ziabolas

      It costs $35 or approximately Rs 2,250

    • Ziabolas

      2500 range

  • s.anand kumar

    we want tablets prices

    • Rajesh Kannur



    I had book Akash tab in Jan 12 but still not delivered order . What could be done.

  • mujammil Hussain

    I want to buy a Akash2 tablet so pl tel me process of how to buy. My contact no is +919561070200

  • rahul dhanoliya

    Aakash tab, sim support hai ya nahi?

    • Ziabolas

      Aakash Tablet 2, UbiSlate7 + which is an upgrade to the Aakash Tablet and was launched in January 2012 offers support to SIM card slots. It is priced at Rs 2,999

    • Ziabolas

      Aakash Tablet 2, UbiSlate + which is an upgrade to the Aakash Tablet and was launched in January 2012 offers support to SIM card slots. It is priced at Rs 2,999

  • sanjib

    sim facility available yes or no, if anybody know plz tel me.

    • Vish

      No Sim support in Akash Tablet

    • satyjeet bhagat




    • Akash



    MY NUMBER IS +919310038815