A year and half with Penta IS703C

Penta IS703C, one of the oldest tablets, not just in my almirah but also in the Indian budget Tablet PC market. I have been working with this Tablet PC for a year and half now and by jove, it still feels new. I have spared this Tablet in no single way. But hats off! to the robust built of this Tab, it still works the way it should.

Obviously my experience working with and on Penta IS703C has been truly satisfying and so, I would like to share the experience with our readers.

1 year old BSNL Penta IS701C
1 Year & half old BSNL Penta

It was in the year 2011, when we actually thought of starting a website which could cater to all the Tablet PC lovers. We found out that the Tablets were getting very popular every day in and out, especially the Tabs from the no so expensive makers. We had to start rolling out our plans. When we were making up our mind over a quite a number of Tablets, to start with; BSNL Penta 703C caught all our attention. We knew a little about this Tab but it was quite evident that it was being sold like hot cakes. The price was a big factor and maybe the tag BSNL also added a great deal of credibility to this product.

We bought it and reviewed it for our readers. Now, since we started exploring the issues with the Tabs, apart from its normal functioning we had to choose a Tablet which could serve as our subject for all our experiments. We chose Penta 703C as this Tab, by it’s looks and performance had already convinced us that it can do the job for us.

From tweaking the software, adding impossible Apps, game reviews, adding external devices, hardware inspection by opening the Tab more than 10 times and what not, our Penta 703C has seen all. Despite of such a torture this Tab still smiles boisterously, every time we switch it on.

Therefore, the points I would like to make are the simple points below:-

1)  Although the design is not so impressive and bring glitters in our eyes, but at least it looks convincingly tough.

2)  We tested it with all popular internet dongles (viz. Reliance, Airtel, Tata photon, Idea) and it supported them all. You can even have a look at our Youtube channel to see it all for yourselves.

3) This Tablet has gone under the knife a lot of times for our vested reasons. It has been opened inside out numerous times and still it is going good. (Sadly, to be honest, only the home button isn’t responding as nimbly as it used to be. )

4) Gaming is a delight, but with RAM rated just 512 MB, high end games cannot be played. Otherwise the games like temple run, angry birds run seamless.

5) Touch screen is still very responsive and better than many of its competitors.

back of Penta is701c

We have tested the tab in every possible way. Tried with different dongles, different tab software. Tried to modify the software/hardware. Some worked, some didn’t. Long story short, Penta 703C has been “the” tab for us for most of our budget tablet testing and hence has served as a bench mark for all the other peers in its segment.

However now, a lot of days have passed since Penta 703C was launched, there is a good number of other promising Tabs in the market. With higher quality built and design, better screen resolution and many more new features which came riding on the improving technology, Penta 703C is enjoying the same demand. But for us, it has been more than just another Tab.







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