5 Reasons Why Nexus 9 Is Not For You

Google Nexus 9


Google has introduced Tablet named Nexus 9 with new Android L, abbreviated as Lollipop v 5.0. Google had work really hard and has come with latest OS. But it has certain limitations which if met can make it more appealing.

See the Features and Specification of Nexus 9.

1. Screen size of 9-inches is not for Movers

With the screen size of 9 inches, tablet will not be handy. As the Nexus 9 punchline says ” For movers and makers“. With 9 inch screen it can be for makers but  for movers it might not as handy as conventional 7 inch tablet.

2. 32 GB internal memory

It come with inbuilt memory of 16 GB and 32 GB. Now a days 16 GB is of no use and with 32 GB memory, transfer 4 HD movies, one high end game like FIFA and half of your memory is done. With no external SD card support and such data consuming media files and games. You must think twice before buying this.

3. Sim Calling

SIM slot is present but calling feature is disable. This might be another let down for many user. Google just want to make sure that you buy both Nexus 6 mobile and Nexus 9 tablet.

4. RAM

9 inch screen will prompt user for multitasking and with 2 GB RAM it will tough to manage process consuming app & games. Tablet will be ultimately slow down if multiple app runs together. Even the mobiles are coming with 3 GB RAM, some extra RAM  would have appreciated.

5. Price

With the starting price of $399 in USA and Rs 25,000 in India for 16GB wifi model, Google is seems to asking too much.

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