Month: January 2014

Top 10 tablets showcased at CES 2014

CES 2014 has clearly set the road for what to expect out of mobile technology in 2014 not forgetting the Mobile World Congress (MWC) due in February. CES 2014 certainly gave us a glimpse of upcoming devices in this year. 2014 is an important year for the tablet market given […]

How to Increase the Internal Memory Storage of an Android Tablet

What do we mean by increasing the internal memory? The external memory will be converted (shown as) into internal memory and internal memory will be converted into external memory Things to consider: This process includes manipulating the system files which might render the warranty of your tablet void. Tablet must […]

ICICI Tab banking; This is called taking care.

ICICI has become the first bank to introduce Tablet PCs in banking, to help their men improve business. It is scheme where one can easily have a bank account from the comfort of his/her house. And that too in just a few minutes. All you got to do is contact […]

Top 5 problems faced by tab users

Operating a Tablet PC is some times not that easy. Different Tabs have different issues which mostly surface out of the blue and then stay to vex their users badly. A lot of visitors on mytabletguru post their pains and problem related to their individual Tabs and seek troubleshooting for […]

Tab in 2014: What to Expect

Just like any other product, Tablet PCs are also ever evolving. We got a lot of news from all the corners about how Tablet PCs being tweaked for better appearance and performance. A few will lead and the rest will follow, rather will have to follow. In this post we […]

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