Month: December 2013

Top 5 Fastest Tablet Processors

In the last few months manufacturers have been pushing their limits till extreme and churning out faster clock speeds and advance graphic processors which deliver unbelievable performance and yet are soft on battery. In the same light, we have to make a list of the fastest tablet processors in the […]

Aakash 4 @Rs 1500 in January 2014

Mr Kapil Sibal, the telecom minister, announced the news which we all have been waiting for ever since Aakash 3. Very soon, as soon as the new year begins, the production of Aakash will commence with a full-throttle pace. The minister at a school function where he was a guest, […]

XOLO Play Tegra Note Tablet, Game on!

XOLO, the larger venture of LAVA International with Intel has brought a new Tab in the market, which they claim to be the fastest of all the available ones. It is the new Tegra processor based-gaming oriented- “XOLO Play Tegra Note”.  The device houses 1.8 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 4 mobile […]

Surprise surprise ! says Datawind to its rivals.

After the third quarterly Tablet PC market report was out, the market started to feel the heat which was developed my the makers of Akash Tablets in India, Datawind. According to the reports issued by the prestigious Cyber Media Research (CMR), there were about 1,204,410 tablet pc pieces sold in […]

All new Nexus 7 (2013)

Google and Asus have done wonders by launching Nexus 7 (2013) which is the ultimate buy for anyone looking for sleekness,lightness and swiftness all at one place. An amazing upgrade from the original Nexus, the Nexus 7(2013) has a mature slab like look with a soft touch plastic back. The only physical buttons […]

Tablets: cooler than ever!

Change is the only thing which is permanent. This famous adage works just fine even in the Tablet industry. People want to see their Tabs do more and more stuffs than just regular stuffs. Mostly the App-industry should be thanked for coming up with the Apps which are incessantly adding […]

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