Month: September 2013

Tablets for Kids: Answer to parent’s concern

We all remember the famous nursery rhyme “Johnny Johnny” from our kindergartens. But do you know the latest version of it??? Here it is, Johnny, Johnny Yes, papa Using computer??? Yes, papa Throw it out!!! What, papa!!! Here is the tablet Ha hahahaaaaa If tablets are exceptionally beneficial to the […]

Lenevo A3000, Dual SIM Tablet

After a new eruption among the tablet computers, lenevo has again shown its spine with the launch of its brand new product i.e Lenevo A3000. The gesture and the features  what it is possessing is beyond  expectation and thus has become the true temptation when it got the Indian super […]

6 Drawbacks of Budget Tablet

John: Oh man! Tablet…!!! Congrats buddy. So, is it promotion or increment??? Neal: What!!! John: New, shiny, latest tablet. It must be expensive. So… promotion or increment? Neal: Haven’t you ever heard anything called “BUDGET  TABLETS”!!! Yes. Today, being techno savvy does not cost you your fortune. Not anymore. Today […]

Micromax Canvas P650 Tab

  In its latest offering Micromax launched its Micromax Canvas P560 Tab under its very successful Canvas range  of  products. As the Micromax canvas smart phone has already been a huge success in Indian market as it was very affordable and has superb features the Micromax canvas P650 carry the […]

Spice Mi-725 Stellar Slatepad Tablet

Market gets heated up when more spice is put into tablet market. And this time the new spice mi-725 is heating up the market. The super attractive and phenomenal tablet is worth to invest due to its awesome look and features. Hold it and taste it then you ‘ll say, […]

iberry CoreX4 Tab with 2GB RAM

  What we call as the superb configuration package in tablets can be seen and felt in iberry Auxus Corex4 which  was launched  in the earlier month of this year in India. Having said that the tablet genre is gonna be changed by this revolutionary tablet, the Auxus corex4 is […]

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